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Vimeo is growing fast!

dalas verdugo
April 4, 2008 by dalas verdugo Alum

We have been witnessing extraordinary growth in the recent months. For example, in March we had over 70,000 uploads (9,200 of those were HD) and over two million unique visitors to the website.

We'd like to extend a welcome to all of our new users. Vimeo thrives on community feedback, so remember to let your voice be heard, either in our Forums or in a direct email to your Community Directors, dalas and Blake.

Vimeo is a special community among video sharing websites. To help us keep unoriginal material off the site, use the Flag link on the page where you watch a video. To help us keep the atmosphere pleasant, be respectful and polite with your comments, even when you might disagree with another member.

If we work together, we can keep Vimeo awesome!


Levi McCallum

Rock on guys! Now to just update the Roadmap so I don't pass out with anticipation!


like everyone else, i'm scared by growth, but i think you guys are doing a great job of keeping vimeo a special place. man i hope this place doesn't change too much. reminded of HCE from Finnegan's Wake. ..Here Comes Everybody.


I came to vimeo after stage6 closing


I agree with Bobby, as far as the growth is concerned. The growth is awesome for you guys but doesn't "mainstream" kinda suck?! LOL. I havent been that long of a member, but I really love the website. I literally log on everyday. I'm more hooked on Vimeo than myspace! LOL. Thanks again for the great site, the great community, and awesome possibilities you give....

Keep it up!

Remyyy Plus

All the best !!
Just six days out of the loop, and so much good things to watch. You're managing everything so smoothly guys !! Always really pleasant (more than that) to come here. If I could buy you a drink all, like a glass of water, I would do it, ahah.

Alex Grenier

You have to help slower machines watch HD.


I've been having trouble uploading videos recently. Maybe due to the growth. They take a long time to start encoding, and once they are done, I get a message saying "your video was not found. the Vimeo staff has been notified."

Any ideas on how to fix this? Also, I tried to delete one of the videos this happened to and it still appears in the list of my videos. When I click on it, it says that the video cannot be found.

I love Vimeo, but is it experiencing growing pains?


Andrew Pile Staff

The delay in encoding is something we're working hard to fix!

As for the file not found errors, that's a bug we've been squashing for the past day or so.

Jeroen / BloodyHell_NL

I have no trouble uploading videos.
But I had an experience with 'your video was not found'.

I deleted the video and once I have deleted it, it still was in 'my videos'. After 24 hours or so, the video was also gone in 'my videos'.

Adam Wride

Love this place! Great contact invite process.

When can we go from 500mg to 1gb a week? =)

Marcin Kruk

as videoegg closes user content (and puts vimeo in first as of services that they recommend) - more will come (yeah!)

Karen Abad Plus

i love you guys thank you for all your hard work for us <3

Head Shot

I'm sure many dinosaurs will also thank you


you guys are great. I found you after getting a HD camera and wanting a place to show them. Once I found you it was even better to see such a great community that actually helps, unlike the 12 year old comments on Youtube.

Video Dave

I think Vimeo makes HD camcorders worth owning. I've been having blast uploading my HD camcorder experiments to share with others.

Jon Rawlinson

Keep up the great work Vimeo team! The best video sharing site on the web!

Alex Gollner

I bumped into director Mike Figgis in London a few weeks ago. I immediately told him about Vimeo. He sounded very interested and wrote down the name.

I'm proud to be an ambassador for you (and all of us)!

Glenn (Avene) Plus

Yes, great community here. Glad to know you're all doing your best to keep this site free from any illegal or commercial content. Although that could become an even bigger job the more the site grows. Lets just hope people remember to flag that stuff.

Blake Whitman Staff

keeping crap off of Vimeo is one of our top priorities. Even if we have to hire a "Director of Crap Removal" we will do so ;)

Kevin Plus

Keep the quality coming. I love Vimeo.

Bluebie Fox

Noooo! No vimeo pro! Maybe sell an extra gig of uploads for a buck or something as a once off thing to cover costs, but I really hope Vimeo doesn't go down the road Flickr did by withholding user's content and simple but useful features for subscription payments. I'm learning to hate flickr because of it, now that some of my best photo's have seemingly vanished in to the void unless I pay them a fee I can't really afford.

dalas verdugo Staff

We would certainly never force you to pay to keep your videos from vanishing.


I stumbled upon Vimeo accidentally last October, when my Chicago Marathon charity running team director (American Cancer Society) posted her video here. I've been addicted ever since! So glad that Vimians have been respectful with their comments. Special shout-out to Blake! The advice and suggestions I've received here have really impacted my creativity. Thanks for everything! :)

Jane Adams

Brilliant site. Great customer service and help pages, and amazing quality. Don't ever dumb it down... I'd pay for extra space (if I needed it) it might be a nice idea...

I don't want you to be mainstream... niche is good!

Thanks guys (all the way from the Dorset countryside in the UK!)



I think its awesome you're growing. Decent HD capabilities as well as an awesome tech-support team is a great combination. The only problem is all the new guys are killing the upload times, but im sure youre way ahead of me on that!

Peace x

Attila Malarik

I found the site when I wanted to check out the showreel of an animator a few months ago. Looking around a bit more I found Jake and Amir, some amazing travel videos, the HD channel... Now I'm seriously hooked, it's amazing to see all the fun and creativity that you can find here, very inspirational!

Thank you guys, go vimeo!

Stephane Leonard

great page.

please don´t ever make us pay - I´d rather look at another advert.



Vimeo, the community & it's staff are the best!

Wen Ren

I love your help service!

Eric E. Anderson

Looks like the Vimeo secret is out! Simply, one of the finest online services out there. Kudos.

Nick Brengle Plus

When I found VIMEO! Man Was I happy! Finally a chance to really show off your artistic quality....

I just cant believe youtube has not done anything to compete with the high quality?

Tom Lowe Plus

awesome. i worry, though. having seen stage 6 fold, i wonder what you guys are planning in terms of getting some revenue coming in?

Long Long Honeymoon

You guys are doing a brilliant job. Once you've tried Vimeo, there's no going back!


You guys are starting to take off. Congrats! Vimeo kicks the crap out of youtube.

Rusty Rogers

You-what? I waste my whole evening here! Thanks guys and congratulations!

Nick Rose

I just got an account recently (still have yet to upload any videos :P) and vimeo is already one of my favorites sites that I've ever come across. Thank you for this wonderful site!

Allex Radu

I wonder if you also will buy more transcoding servers to overcome user growth.
I've got a question, why you won't put adsense on the pages instead of that car company?, I really will be sad to see Vimeo shutdown the business because of lack of revenue.


excellent all the way a long....being here does my little scruffy heart a world of if I can ever return the favor, I'm here to be called upon

Mark Jensen Plus

congrats! i can see why vimeo is growing so them all!


that is pretty awesome!

i am planning on to put more videos on this site.

IMAGE 64 Plus

You guys rock.

Best video community by far-hands down. YouTube can not compete. The atmosphere is definitely pleasant here and the technology is wow!

Like with everything else nothing is perfect and I can see you guys know what you are doing.

I had my account with you for a while and just decided this year to start my uploads. I 've learned alot so far from the very knowledgeable and creative people on this site.

Keep up the good work.


Now,the best videosharing site! HD showing is great!


i can only repeat, vimeo is the best site around at the moment. thank you for all your work!

Milk Products Media PRO

ummm. we are new here. but i must say we are loving it. you are the warm orange armchair of the internet and we love sitting.

tuure hd

too bad i dont have hd cam :l love the site anyway

Cyber Shepherd

We dinosaurs are impressed by the swift elegant execution of your site.


I'm more impressed by the day. Known Vimeo from early on, but never actually tried it, until this week. I'm sure you're trying hard to loadbalance your way out of concurring trouble :)
Kudos from another video platform colleague.

Jahkeeli Garnett Plus

Best Website PERIOD. Not only is the community great but so is the talent. Thanks Vimeo crew!


My blog ( just started and we only use vimeo for embedding video content. It looks 100x better than any other service!

Ian Lucero Plus

I've been on here for a little over a year and Vimeo is still pretty sick. I love that the community has grown and so many great users are here. I ultra love how much the site itself has changed in so many good ways.

Keep it up!

Todd Dever

We're adding lots of FUEL TV ID's and animations to Vimeo. The quality looks good. Keep it up!


I've been talking you guys up to friends ever since joining and a few of them are finally catching on. Like everyone else I'm excited to see Vimeo grow as long as it doesn't lose the sense of community that makes it special.

Plus... Growth means more future jobs, which means a greater possibility I will be working for you in a few years. A win-win. =)


super duper suck suck sucking ...nice moves


Thank you, thank you very much.

Chris Garcia Plus

Whenever I tell people about vimeo, one the things I emphasize, other than the HD and the way better image quality on here, is the amazing sense community that just doesn't exist on other sites.

So many innovative, friendly, and talented, users on Vimeo! From the first time user to the incredibly passionate and hands on staff. Vimeo is a really special place that has grown to be near and dear to my heart. No doubt we can keep this up. Let's DO THIS!


I'd like how to post my video on my blog on wordpress it doesn't work. It only creates a link!!!!

Jeff McCord

Vimeo is the best, seriously... but WHY does it take SO LONG!!!!!! Come on guys!!! Fix this, please!

Jeton Aliji

Thank you for the great service.

There's something special about the UI of the videos, especially when you move the mouse from the video, and all the controls go off and you only see the video. Very good!


Finally I find a serious and quality service for video on my professional website. Thanks very much to all staff! I wish you to become a greatest video site of the world.

Allex Radu

tonight I've waited in line 90 minutes, you shouldn't give the extra 500MB to everybody at once, you should give some users Friday some Saturday and some Sunday.

Blake Whitman Staff

we implemented staggered quota a few months ago, but a large majority still reset on Sunday. We are considering giving people the option to change days themselves.


This is the bestest video site ever, period. You are doing a great job guys, I finally managed to join in. I'm pretty sure that vimeo is gonna be one of the big names in this video/content sharing scene, if not bigger!

Daniel Gardner

There are tons of websites that market to the casual videohobbiest, but Vimeo is where the artists go.

Peter Santiago

I noticed that the video player does not show up in google reader. For instance, youtube, and flickr video can be watched from within the reader, whereas vimeo you have to click on the link to go and watch the video. Is there a way to watch vimeo videos from within google reader?

Peter Santiago

That would be great. I think vimeo is by far the best video platform, and the best video community out there. Lot of geeks like myself read stuff in readers, gives an opportunity for new geeks to see how superior the vimeos player and content is to the other

Accent Creative

I am a Vimeo-Religious.
I go around knocking on peoples houses with my laptop under my arm, to see if I can convert them as well.

If they say no, well they will burn in hell!


Klondike Kid

Thanks for the survey opportunity to chime in. Just as man cannot live on bread alone, I'm all for Vimeo offering some sort of "premium" service for those who want to $upport Vimeo and benefit from a few extra frills or features. With the number of extremely talented amateur and professional 'movie makers' on this site growing exponentially, a pay for performance approach...e.g. faster uploading by dedicated servers for premium members would get some serious participants.

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