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Vimeo is on FIRE (Amazon Fire TV)

Nick Alt
April 2, 2014 by Nick Alt Alum
One of our primary purposes in life is to make it easy for anyone (and also everyone) to watch and share videos on Vimeo. And by partnering with other companies and services, we’re able to bring Vimeo goodness to all kinds of screens and people. The latest news in this realm is that, as of right this moment, Vimeo is available on the just-launched [Amazon Fire TV.]( Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects to your television, and with the Vimeo app you can use it to seamlessly stream Staff Picks, Vimeo On Demand titles, and other awesome videos right on your big screen (we're assuming you have a big one), in gorgeous 1080p HD. What's that? You're already on the Amazon Fire TV train? You're the conductor? Well, look at you. Then get yourself started by signing up or logging in to your Vimeo account. Once you’re logged in, you'll have access to all your videos and likes, and of course your cherished Watch Later queue. ![]( We worked closely and intimately and discreetly with the Amazon team to make Vimeo and Amazon Fire TV the hottest couple around. Take a gander, please, and send any feedback our way!



sweet, but i dont understand how do use it?


what about a decent android app?...

H. Paul Moon PRO

Exactly. Android. FIRST priority (because first in market share, and broken for over a year).

Rod Tebisx | TD

Guys, Chromecast take only 1 day to implement, as my developer my show me.

Anyway, Vimeo is Wonderful!! Congratulations for this free, and uncensored video platform!

Filip Tegstedt

Very cool!
What about X-Box? Over here in Scandinavia we don't even have access to Amazon's streaming services at all. There's an app for YouTube and Dailymotion, but not Vimeo.

Harlo Wells

almost afraid to continue and love you, vimeo, an' ymore for fear of facebook acquiring.... goobling all things good up.... or to use the term "romneyizing" the world... the mba's war path

Matt Schwarz Staff

We appreciate your concern, however Facebook wouldn't have enough room for the unicorns, so it's a deal breaker.

Gab Ferneiné Plus

Sweet ! How about changing the interface for us old fashioned laptop users ? :)

Joseph Otieno Adamson

This is great news well done Vimeo may be one day we will be able to stream live on Vimeo
Can I tell my viewwrs about Amazon's box?

Ben Estabrook Plus

Great! But considering that the PS3 has been out for seven years and the Amazon Fire TV has been out for one day, I would have hoped that you would put the resources into supporting an install base of 80 million users vs the few folks who just ran out and bought the Fire TV. I do appreciate the support of Fire TV, I'm just saying...

Matt Schwarz Staff

That's really up to Sony to reach out to us. Hopefully we'll get something going one day!


Aha! I was wondering why Vimeo hasn't come to Chromecast yet. Neener neener.

Vimeo's HTML5 wrapper already offers amazing, excellent performance from inside an Android browser (better than the, uh, Vimeo app, sorry) You're 90% of the way there to the blue button of casting goodness. So close.

Keep on being the best.

H. Paul Moon PRO

Vimeo has never apologized for their broken Android app in over a year, so no need for you to apologize first...

Andrys Basten

Am I missing a Search function on the Amazon Fire TV Vimeo app ?? It's the only video app I've used that doesn't have an easily findable Searchbar function.

I can see "Watch Later" category and whatever you put in MyFeed, but I cannot put a Staff Pick I see, on my laptop, onto the Fire TV.

On the Amazon box, the Vimeo Staff Picks don't include older videos like the two Project Yosemite time-lapse videos, but I want to see them on the larger TV.

On my laptop win 8.1 I see no "Watch Later" button (that I could then use on the Fire TV) and when I create an Album on Vimeo, via laptop Windows, that does no good for FireTV.

Am I just missing a searchbar that is actually there? Thanks for any help.

Otherwise, it runs well on the new Amazon settop..


Outstanding. A new in to the Next Gen.

Raul Miranda

I second all calls for a better Android App and a Chromecast button. I know, and understand these things take time, but smaller companies seem to be able to do it quicker than Vimeo. Again, i love vimeo, but voicing my opinion that you are being VERY slow in some areas...And im only annoyed because i want to watch more of your stuff! :)

Johnnie Baker Jr Platinum Kiss Plus

We the independent film directors, producers will have a playing field that will give consumers all over the world to review our hard work .
I love Vimeo for being so creative and affordable keep up the good work.
Platinum Kiss Ent & Baker Films Inc

Mark Janke Plus

Plan to use it. Thanks Vimeo!!!

Now an android app that is worth using.


plan to use it. thanks vimeo!!!

Harry Llama PRO

Can't get any vimeo videos to play on our amazon fire tv. Not sure what the problem is! Tried my own videos, some of the vimeo learning videos - nothing! No problem playing amazon prime movies.

Mike S.

It doesn't seem to have a search function. That makes it useless for me.

Garbear Productions

Change is ok, but I am NOT a fan of I-Tunes. As long as you have a app for mobile devices, it's all good. I don't have pay tv, so this new addition is good for some but not all. Maybe a general app for Win 8? How about adding a app for VIZIO tv menu of their apps?

What Ever

We have Amazon Fire TV, and a problem I've noticed with the Vimeo app is that, if the bandwidth is insufficient to play the video straight through, it pauses while it downloads. Which is fine.

However, normally, a person would pause the video until it's downloaded completely.

But when you pause the video, it stops downloading. So the *only* way to watch videos (in a bandwidth constrained environment) is bit... by.... bit.... and.... it... gets ....

Michael Friedman

It takes an awfully long time for my PC to connect to VIMEO., What Gives?

Stephen Allen

Thanks for working for us to get our movies more available to the world.

Teman Clark-Lindh

Seems to be quite useless. Watch later doesn't appear. Personal videos don't appear.

Steve Pond

No search function. No way to enter a video's # and go to it. Private videos that are on my Watch Later list on the computer won't show up on the TV, and there's no way to get to them. It's not quite useless, but pretty close.

Bill Bruner Plus

Just bought a Fire TV stick - primarily because I wanted the Amazon Prime and Vimeo functionality that Chromecast lacks.

As soon as I got the stick installed, I eagerly downloaded Vimeo and logged in.

Sadly, without a search function, I have to agree with Steve Pond that the Vimeo Fire TV app is close to useless. The Google TV interface was much better, but my GTV box is in the garage due to Google/Logitech's lack of support for the platform.

I have been hoping for a year that Vimeo support for Chromecast would come soon, but I am no longer holding my breath.

I guess I'll have to keep watching Vimeo on this tiny screen while YouTube streams smugly via Chromecast, Fire TV, my Blu Ray player, etc. etc.

Either that, or dig out the stupid GTV box because I love Vimeo so much ...grrr, you guys are killing me :)

Alexis Rupert

I'm so disappointed that my vimeo app stutters and stops and closes on the amazon fire stick. I just got the fire stick for Vimeo and now it does Roku doesn't have this problem with Vimeo.

gerlep Plus

Has anyone from Vimeo bothered to answer any of the above questions about why there is no SEARCH function, renders the app pretty useless to be honest.

Brandon Geiger

I just purchased a Fire TV stick and cannot even log in. I've tried four times with the correct email and password and it repeatedly says "Could not authorize user". Am i missing something?

Dustin A Hauswirth

It's great that it's there, but what happened between you guys and amazon to have left a search button out? It seems like such a universal tool that something specific must have happened to leave it out of the app. Without it I have no use for the app on amazon. I'm eagerly awaiting tho!

Brandon Christensen PRO

Finally installed on my Fire Stick Pro. Works great! But I can't go too far into my available videos. Only about a year or so. Any fix?


Where is the search function?

Makoche Studios PRO

I am having the same issue as Jacob Nelson. I'm logged in correctly, but none of my videos show up.

Pablo Castrillo

I'm having the same problem. I think it was caused by the latest firmware update. I'm guessing vimeo has to update the app to fix the problem.

Mark Fowler

The app was released in October 2014 and here it is January 2016 and there's still no search function. How is it even possible that the app doesn't have a search function?

Matt Heffernan

All I want to do is watch my friend's video that he put up on Vimeo, for some reason. Both the website and this useless app are conspiring against my ability to watch it on my Fire TV. Maybe someday he'll just put it on YouTube so that the civilized world will have a fighting chance of seeing it.

joe blow

All you have to do is log into Vimeo with your phone or tablet and search the video you want. Then like or click watch later . . . now log in on the Fire-stick and the video will be right there.

David Josue

I just don't understand how to use it, I bought a VIMEO video on my laptop and want to see it on the app on my firestick HDMI

joe blow

All you have to do is log into Vimeo with your phone or tablet and search the video you want. Then like or click watch later . . . now log in on the Fire-stick and the video will be right there.

James Miller PRO

Hi Guys, are you going to do any app updates for use on the Fire 4K box? Player has massive loading and playing issues when a video is above 1080. Not talking bandwidth connection this is something else. Would make renting films so much easier. Cheers James

rita kell

How do I access titles? There isn't a search button, and voice doesn't pull up titles


I can't login to my Vimeo account through my amazon fire tv

Jussi Tarvainen

Can you please add a search function? The app is useless without one.

joe blow

All you have to do is log into Vimeo with your phone or tablet and search the video you want. Then like or click watch later . . . now log in on the Fire-stick and the video will be right there.

joe blow

All you have to do is log into Vimeo with your phone or tablet and search the video you want. Then like or click watch later . . . now log in on the Fire-stick and the video will be right there.

joe blow

All you have to do is log into Vimeo with your phone or tablet and search the video you want. Then like or click watch later . . . now log in on the Fire-stick and the video will be right there.

Jussi Tarvainen

That's not a solution. The app should have its own search function.

Mark Stosberg

This is near useless without in-app search. Other video apps like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant video all have in-app search on the Fire TV. There have multiple times where I went to search for something on Vimeo but then discovered that in-app search STILL hasn't been added, so gave up again and used a different video service.

It's hard to understand why this was omitted, since several key competitors have it. The feature is present in the Android app, and the Fire TV app is also an Android app, so it seems there are low technical barriers to adding this.


Paul Ferland

Can't seem to find Closed Captioning on the Vimeo FireTv app?

Joe Macke

Update your app to add closed captions.

Richard Van de Velde

I have installed Vimeo on fire TV now all I get half screen connect your account and the other half a 6 part code to enter, where do i enter this code I get a busy circle spinning and nothing else.

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