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Vimeo now has movies!

Jeremy Boxer
November 13, 2012 by Jeremy Boxer Alum

We’re writing to you from our secret lairs across the city to bring you an exciting announcement about the future of Vimeo. Today we’re releasing six full-length movies as a preview of our new pay-to-view service coming in early 2013.

You can order these movies right here on Vimeo and watch them on any compatible device: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs, and other alien technologies. These films — hand-picked by us and thereby deemed certifiably awesome — are exemplars of a new age of creative sustainability, one in which creators can sell their own work directly to their fans on their own terms. Learn more and watch all the films on

Our mission is to support totally original video and the people who create it, which means providing more than a home. It means creating an environment where creators can access the resources to make their next film, and the one after that. Our new pay-to-view service enables creators to upload and distribute work that they depend on for their livelihood, all with easy setup and affordable rates. In turn, our community gets access to amazing work from the world’s leading filmmakers.

We started the Creator Services party with Tip Jar, and we’re continuing it with our pay-to-view service in order to make Vimeo the perfect place to discover and share exceptional work: for creators, fans, and anyone who loves great film. Stay up to date on all our latest efforts at Vimeo Creator Services, then grab some popcorn, a corndog, and a 64-ounce barrel of your favorite corn-based beverage and go watch these great movies!



Koen Deckers PRO

This is a very nice way to stimulate and support independent filmmaking. Now just don't go all "Apple" on us ;)!

Minhaz Mahmood

A great initiative to support the filmmakers. But make sure you don't become too harsh on viewers :D.

The Film Artist PRO

A great stride forward! The films really look good, 'We are Legion' attracted my attention, not available in our region though, be interesting to see how this develops, niche markets and exclusivity are the key, there is some heavy competition out there such as Lovefilm and Netflix in the UK at least :)

Zachary Starko

When you purchase a movie, is there a time limit on when you have to watch it by?

Andrea Allen PRO

Yes, but we allow the filmmakers to set their own time limits, so each film will have a different viewing period.

Andre Bohrer

Andrea, on that same note, how many times can you watch it during that time limit?

Soxiam Staff

It's unlimited playback during the viewing period.

Chris Ava PRO

Excellent idea I have been waiting for that, but do you also offer some free to air?

Lia Sáile Plus

Fantastic! Will be a way to show art videos in full length and indies and experimental videos after they ran through their first tour of festivals and should be available afterwards. I truly love you for this ! Fantastic idea if anyone can use it. Great! Hope the rates will be good. Looking forward to further information in the future.

You rule, vimeo!

Lia Sáile

Jason Sondhi Staff

What I'm most excited about is just to discover how people will use it. By abandoning control, we're letting all of you unleash your creativity. I definitely think a lot of niche content will come online for the first time, and I think a lot people will find innovative ways we'd never think of on how to promote and offer their content as well.

Derek Lawrey

I am very interested in the quality of these movies. The Quality for movies on iTunes is great. The Art of Flight was amazing. Will you have the ability to match that or do better? How will it look on The new iPad with Retina? Compression is evil.

Soxiam Staff

We are doing dynamic streaming with the highest quality being 1080p or 720p based on the quality of the original films provided by the creators.

Kodiak Productions

Another great idea by the folks at Vimeo! One quick question though. So, filmmakers have the option of setting up the prices for the pay-to-view or is there already a set pricing options?

Bart van der Gaag Plus

From Vimeo to Filmeo, you Vimeans are so full of brilliance I need to squint my eyes.


This is definitely intriguing, but I feel the service currently falls flat on a few details.

If films are going to have a time limit (why?), make it obvious that it is only a rental. Or perhaps allow users to pay for a downloadable, DRM-free digital copy. People aren't always going to have a steady/fast internet connection available for watching films, and it offers a straight-forward option for viewers to take their purchased film virtually anywhere they want.

Viewers appreciate freedom, so why not allow them to be just as independent as the filmmakers they support?

Soxiam Staff

I'm sure you understand that these are terms set by the creators and their distributors. We will continue to work hard to bring our users better films at better terms but, like everything else that's negotiated, it will be a compromise.

Nicole Nguyen

Awesome way to support independent filmmaking. Keep on doin' what you're doin, Vimeo.

Does Vimeo take a cut of the films' revenue? And if so, how much?

stefan anderson

This is a really good question, why has nobody answered this yet?


I was about to ask the same thing myself, any answer here?

Hugo Goudswaard Plus

Great! All full length feature films? This would be awesome for shorts as well.

Chezney Plus

Always ahead of the curve. Love the design for the new rental pages. You guys have such a great vision for distribution, I can not wait to see where it goes.

Myles Thompson Plus

If I get the feeling that everything I'm interested in watching on Vimeo comes with a fee, I'm out of here.

Matt Schwarz Staff

I'd hang in there Myles. We think that most filmmakers will save Pay-to-View for their most special work, leaving the majority of their videos open to the public. After all it would be in their best interest to gain an audience with their content before trying to capitalize on it.


It´s good and all, but the very first movie I just clicked, "Sorry, this film is not available in your region".

That is one of the biggest problems in this business, one that none of the Amazons and Itunes in the world seem capable to fix, hence making a "pirate" download not just completely free, but actually possible, since all these "great" companies don´t even allow me to be a paying customer, the vast majority of times.

If you truly want to do something special for the distribution world, root for the underdog, yes, but try working on the aforementioned problem, "piracy" won´t stop until it´s actually easier and more comfortable for the paying customer to watch what he wants, not the other way around.



The region-locking could be a result of licensed music in the film, meaning it wouldn't be up to Vimeo, but to the filmmaker and the appropriate copyright holders.

I totally agree though. Region-locking is one of the most common reasons for piracy, especially when it comes to content that is primarily available over the internet. The harder something is to acquire legally, the more likely a potential customer will turn to piracy - not because they don't want to pay, but because they simply don't get the opportunity to.

XOXO Wedding Studio PRO

Stoked about this!
But what about 4K support news?
Or what about being able to sell 4k or 1080p downloads?
That would be great.

Blake Whitman Staff

When 4k actually works on the internet, we'll be there ;) Selling downloads is definitely a feature we're considering.

Matt Schwarz Staff

I imagine 4K would be feasible in the near future – but until most monitors can support the 4K resolution it's not totally worth it as most users couldn't enjoy it.

XOXO Wedding Studio PRO

Being able to sell a download the 4K content is what i could really use. The monitors are about to be here though. I'm already selling 4K content but being able to put up clips where people could just buy the downloads right there. That would be awesome. Would save content creators like me so much time. Thx Guys!

Christopher Rudder

Seems like a great idea. I mean, might as well jump on the band wagon right? I just hope Vimeo doesn't lose the reason why we choose Vimeo. iTunes did it, Amazon does it, YouTube is doing it, Playstation does it, Netflix etc... Then you got your local cable company (for me it's Rogers) who has movies to rent. It's all gonna come down to quality, availability, content and price. I saw 'We are Legion' on iTunes today...great doc...checked to see if i can watch it here and I can't...not a great start...but Vimeo still rocks in my books...just don't change too much.

Mark Janke Plus

Love the idea! So long as it isn't a place for film makers with an over-inflated sense of their own genius a place to dupe people. The rating system still applies and comments that can be viewed by those who are "shopping" right?

Will Vimeo continue to have strict guidelines for what is acceptable for sale? I'd hate to see this place sell out.

Chris Simpson

Can I just clarify, is there a distinction between a PRO account, described as "for business" & access to the Pay To View service? It's just I read Matt's reply above about "we think creators will only use the PTV for their special works & leave rest free to the Vimeo community", flys in the face of the PRO user/"no commercial content"community pass to move content inside Vimeo search engine suggestion, & that it's for great art. I thought it was for commerce? I'm not looking to find an audience here, I already have small niche sport audience, I know where they are, I want to embed my original programming where they are (off vimeo) they buy my DVDs (old tech). I need the platform as the people who matter to get my work on tv/broadcast platform don't take me seriously yet, so I'm going to bypass them sell directly to my audience, for now. You wouldnt call my content art, and while it's special to my audience!

Is PRO & PTV for me?

Justin Dickinson Staff

That's a great point Chris. We're working on features for all types of content creators so hopefully you'll like what we come up with. Stay tuned.

Chris Simpson

well that's a relief.

I'm all for the artistic high bar of Vimeo being applied on PTV for content featured on Vimeo.

And I'd love to get paid for more creative works, unfortunately so far what I can get paid for, is a specialised niche, and that content, while well crafted isnt particularly creative, with little artistic merit. But i do have an audience. I know the specialist website(s) It needs to be on. I'm sure there are many, who are in a similar position, looking for an online PTV engine, convergence technology running Internet tv into a tv, my audience will be prepared to move from slow old tech (DVDs in the post) to an online PTV. And that it is the future, its no different to musician dispensing with record labels and selling direct to their fans. Bypassing the middle men (who won't let me get my foot on a broadcast platform.

Will be purchasing a PRO account very shortly, i have a good amount of free content upload to get my audience used to this new paradigm.

Ian Lucero Plus

Glad I saw this question. I too am wondering about videos that aren't necessarily 'art' or full-length features. I just recently completed a lengthy How-To video. A lot of time and effort went into creating it and there is already a community of artist that would like to view it. Aside from old tech like DVD, I would like to distribute it via a paid stream or pay-to-download. I am curious how Vimeo's "hand-picking" will come into play for tutorial/instructional videos. Will those even be a category? I hope so. I think that is what's missing in other sites. Sure you can find an abundance of How-to for free here and Youtube, but usually those are very short, very specific things. I appreciate those videos immensely, but what if I want to sell my 90 minute, 6 Chapter, series of videos? Is there a place for that here?

Blake Whitman Staff

It's great feedback, Ian and we're definitely thinking about how and where that type of content will live on the site. At the very least, you'll be able to use this feature to sell that type of video for sure.

Juan Francisco Pérez Villalba

Great! Vimeo keeps improving! But I think this new service need something that we been wishing for so long, close caption, what about it?

The Film Artist PRO

Close Caption on Youtube is brilliant and I am adding for a few of my films, would love to see this on Vimeo please:)

Theodore Mullings

This is one of the reasons I love and will always support Vimeo. They always strive to democratize filmmakers and make the best strides at the right times. Thank you so much for this.


Great idea! But please, keep Vimeo vimeo, and by that I mean keep a user short film focus. I don't want to change too much!

Matt Schwarz Staff

PTV doesn't change our Guidelines – what is and is not allowed remains the same. This simply allows PRO members to charge for their content. We believe this will increase creativity and encourage users to add to the Vimeo community :)

Aaron Morrell PRO

Very cool.
Leads to a question... let's say you created a 45 min. documentary about southern food culture and sustainability.
How would you submit such a film to see if it could be awesome enough to be hosted for viewing through this venue?

Jared Wright

So I just finished watching "Beauty Is Embarrassing" and the experience was good!
Payment processed quickly, there was no buffering, the movie quality was good, and the audio quality was good too. First impressions of the new vimeo movies - LIKE.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Awesome, happy to hear that. I love "Beauty is Embarassing", I watched it last night on my AppleTV via Vimeo :)

Jared Wright

Now watching it again on the Christmas-present AppleTV on a big screen. Looks great. Works perfectly. Is it supposed to be available this long??


When moble is up to speed it be worth the watch, other than that it is a waste of time

Emil Lendof

What would happen if every content creator decides to charge for all of their material? Won't Vimeo eventually become just a pay to view site? Is there restrictions on how many videos a content creator can have as pay to view in order to still promote free video content?

Matt Schwarz Staff

It's highly unlikely that every PRO member would charge for access to all of their content. There will always be Vimeo members who want to share work without charging for it – it's what engages users to eventually pay to view the work they want to charge for :)


I’m interested if it’s possible to sell sub-videos as one full video through your Pay-to-view service. For example, I am ready to sell video tutorial, which consists of 17 sub-videos, but it must have one total price, and all 17 sub-videos may be viewed after paying a one-time, or create a play list and set one price for all of them. Thanks in advance

CoryTrepanier PRO

Will I be able to embed the my PTV films into my own website, as with my other videos? While I would love to have the films be viewed here as well, I would really like my website visitors, who are during a visit, to be able to view my films there too. I would set up a unique film viewing section.

Suvera Donaven

I love this video and i like Vimeo. Thanks for uploading this.

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