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Vimeo Offline Event: The Single Take

Blake Whitman
April 13, 2009 by Blake Whitman Alum

Howdy all,

Vimeo Offline is back! (cue rock music)

The Single Take

This month's theme: The Single Take
I'll be presenting one-shot videos that have no editing and rely solely on the power of the moment, the camera, and the operator to create a piece of beauty. Come meet the staff and fellow Vimians and enjoy a night of food, drink, and lovely videos.

Vimeo Offline: The Single Take
Wednesday, April 15th at 8pm.
@ Monkey Town, 58 N. 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY.

Reservations are a good idea.

See you there!



to dentro...single take for A1 Filmes

Breanna Granzow

I'm glad to be a Vimian, but I won't be able to make it.


if only it was the following week, i'll be in NYC then :(

Randy Perry

Wish you guys had a Southern California/Los Angeles office so we could be in on these fab screenings.

Chris Enns Plus

I'm with you (not literally... I'm probably quite far away from you) - though I'd guess wherever you are there'd be people that would love a vimeo movie party too!

Eric E. Anderson

We'd love to see Vimeo Offline grace the fine city of San Diego!

Gabriel Shalom Plus

All the action in my short film happens in one take, albeit this was scripted drama. But maybe you will appreciate the interplay of the dialogue and the music anyhow :)

Blake Whitman Staff

scripted videos are fine, the emphasis is just that there is not editing.

Gabriel Shalom Plus

cool! well yes, my video has no editing :)
will there be any map features in vimeo in the future? it would be cool to have such events here in Berlin!

tomas spencer Plus

when you say "one take" does that mean everything in the video..? i mean for example my film "Space and Time on an Italian Train" is all one take, but it has a title sequence and a credit sequence, both of which are edited.... does that fit?


Will you guys validate my airline ticket?

Ronen V Plus

Well, I damn well don't wanna be square. Lookin forward to finally making my first vimeo offline!


heck yes.
79 cents ftw


i will try my best 2 attend

Made For Full Screen Plus

Great! We are fans of one-take-videos, too. If anybody want to join us: you are all welcome!

The Pictures Don't Move

This group is for films without big editing. Everyone is invited to add films that fit these simple rules:

1. No camera movement (zoom, pan)!
2. No editing (cut, time manipulation)!
3. No overvoice!
4. No music!
5. No performance (acting, dancing)!

Capture the life as pure as it's possible. The reality is moving enough.

Would be fun to see you there :)

And once more: When will happen such offline-events in europe (berlin)? We could help you to organize them ;)

Blake Whitman Staff

Cool group. and I may take you up on help in Berlin. Might be there in late summer.

Remyyy Plus

What ? Paris in September ? What ? Amiens in October ?

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