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Vimeo Offline Event: Under the Influence

Casey Pugh
March 16, 2009 by Casey Pugh Staff

Do you like amazing videos? Sure, we all do. Come to the next Vimeo Offline event to watch some videos that will blow your mind!

Under the Influence

I will be presenting select videos from my personally curated Vimeo Channel, Under the Influence (spoiler alert). Prepare yourself for some aurally and visually stimulating works created by our amazing community.

Vimeo Offline: Under the Influence
Wednesday, March 18th at 8pm.
@ Monkey Town, 58 N. 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY.

See you there!


Chad Pugh PRO

This sounds like poopoo. I'll be there just so I can prove that this is all poopoo.

zak long

if this was april 18th i would be there, oh well


I hope to see the day where this hits England :)


i was excited cause i thought this was going to be at SXSW. :[

Robin Waarts

hmm, just to far a way on this short notice..

But if there is England and Spain, The Netherlands is just around the corner ;-)

James Schneider

Sounds awesome, but I'll be a few hours away in L.A.

ana carolina zeri

you should show them on big walls, with carpets on the floor!

Paul Davis

God...I wish I could be there. :(

Luke Pygman

Ahhhhhh, Vimeo needs to have an event in the Midwest, like in Chicago.

Lam Thuy Vo Plus

you gonna do another one soon? Not sure if I can make it on time. Otherwise, how long you guys doing it for tomorrow?

carlton bright Plus

Wow, thanks for posting this, I live a few blocks away
so will be attending the event tonight-
Maybe we can touch base?

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