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Vimeo Offline Event: Wreck and Salvage

Blake Whitman
May 11, 2009 by Blake Whitman Alum
Hey All, This month's Vimeo Offline will be hosted by none other than Vimeo's own [Wreck & Salvage](! ![WreckandSalvage]( The Wreck & Salvage trio will take you on an exploration of mind and space via the glory of found media. Come bear witness to their frenetic mixmastery. Videos from videos, from computers for computers, of the people, by the people, for the people. Tuesday, May 12 @ 8pm. Monkey Town - 58 n.3rd st. Brooklyn, NY This is going to be a good one folks. [Reservations]( are a good idea. See you there!



Sounds sexy.
Just a question, are there videos of past vimeo events? I'm curious to see what they're like. :)

tom lew

Oh noe this was today =[ too late.


Hi there,

Thank you for uploading one more of my videos. I was just wondering why it doesnt appear any thumbnail for me to choose from... I go on to settings but there isnt anything there, I cant understand why... Could you please check this out? the video is here:

Thank you,
Antonio Aleixo

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