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Vimeo + Ouya = Vimeouya

Nick Alt
October 28, 2013 by Nick Alt Alum

As you can tell by reviewing our dating history on OkCupid, we love getting together with people. And by “people, ” we mean “companies.” Which are usually run by people. So, yeah: people!

The latest company of people to fall under our lecherous gaze (professionally lecherous, OK?) is OUYA, the maker of an open-source gaming console that runs on Android. You might remember OUYA from its wild Kickstarter success: its funding goal was reached in 8 hours and the campaign eventually raised $8.5 million.

One of the coolest things about OUYA, besides the fact that at one point they had over 8 million dollars to spend on candy, is that anyone can make games for it. And when people buy those games, the creator gets paid. It enables anyone to be creative, and be rewarded for it. Genius!

The svelte console is now available to everyone for 99 beans, and we are psyched to announce that you can find Vimeo on OUYA. Our free app enables you to use the console to watch videos on your giant TV. You’ll also find the Vimeo player on OUYA’s game developer pages, where it’s used to showcase trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and other ridiculously cool content made by game creators.

Say it with us now: Booyah, we’re on OUYA!

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Saad Rabia PRO

This will flop so hard. I really was cheering for them at the start but all I see now is a missed opportunity and a problem fixed with many more problems.

Dino Muhic Plus

people are saying "will" like its not already out for months and some have it for over half a year.
They are doing fine, I like it.
Remember they DO NOT want to be a PS3 or a XBOX, it's for INDIES.

@Vimeo: Thanks for the app! Gonna download right now ;)

Dustin Plus

No reason to hate on getting Vimeo on more devices. Regardless if OUYA is a success or not.

Carlos Teran

Have to agree, it's a missed opportunity. A friend got his on a whim and so far has bought 2 games only, most are good for a single try, but that's all. It's underpowered and the control feels cheap, to say the least... no big difference from plugging your phone to the TV. So, he's using his to play content, not gaming.

Larry Baglio Plus

I have one. I was so excited for it! Got one on kickstarter before it all went public. Then they screwed everyone on the shipping. The people that backed them during their kickstarted campaign didn't get there console, but people could go to the store and buy one. I didn't get mine for almost 8 months after it was supposed to be delivered. I STILL haven't received my second controller from them. I think its going to wind up being a one trick pony. Sad to say it. If they can't handle simply getting the gear to the people, its inevitable.

Haz 0

Thank you for supporting open source! OUYA! Haters gunna hate, players gunna play B-)

With Love

Can't seem to find a place to download it... ;(

Chris Diken Staff

Sorry, there were a few issues with availability for some users — a fix is being pushed out today!

Danny Brownlee

what did you say .......................................................don't being mean


One issue that comes up it seems time and again, is that even though people and ideas get funding via Kickstarter, one has to remember, for many, this is the first time round the block. Simple things like getting people their goods, or falling behind of production, or what have you, these are things many large manufacturing houses have sorted out decades ago....and decades ago when you started something you didn't have to suddenly supply $8mil worth of goods. You started small.

The manufacturing market is a shocker to many first time makers especially when they get overwhelmed by orders. This could be your next criteria on Kickstarter - what plans of action do you have to ensure, no matter how big this project gets, I will still get my thing before the public? Growth is usually something most inventors really think about or grasp - hence so many fail at getting brilliant ideas to market - sitting with orders in magnitude larger than dreamed of.


Can't seem to find a place to download it too

Zyrah Plus

great idea ! however seriously iPhone smart phones we have them already. we play games but we play them on the go! and secondly Xbox or Playstation will pick it up and will offer developers on their systems to play so yes great idea but idea is not innovation.


you vimeo guys kick ass!

Chris Diken Staff

OUYA has been upfront about their struggles, and we appreciate that transparency. We also appreciate that they are working to improve ASAP. We put Vimeo on OUYA because we think it's cool, and we believe in it! Positive vibes dudes!

Christopher R. Bernal Plus

Turned ugly real quick.
I believe in the spirit of OUYA, even though mine sits in my car. In a box.
But now I'll have portable VIMEO so time to dust it off ;)

Christopher R. Bernal Plus

I really got interested in Vimeo after using the built in App on my 47" Samsung Tv.
Any platform you use to get Vimeo on a bigger screen is great, congrats!

With Love

I still can't find Vimeo on OUYA

Chris Diken Staff

Replied to your earlier comments, but yeah, try again today. It's getting fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Danny Brownlee

that's really cool......................... /really

With Love

Thanks for adding it to the OUYA Store! Downloaded it, and love it, but may I request a feature? It'd be great if there's another "category" for My Videos. That would be very useful! Thanks once again!

Nick Bruno

Looks like you can add videos to your "Watch Later" list, but can't access ones you've added on other devices via the Ouya Vimeo app. Is that true or am I doing something wrong?

Nick Bruno

I should add that I'm trying to watch password-protected videos via the Ouya app.

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