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Vimeo PSA: Come to the Super Meet Up

Andrea Allen
August 8, 2009 by Andrea Allen Alum

The Vimeo staff care about you! All of you. We care so much, we made public service announcements reminding you to join us for the Vimeo Super Meetup Party.

Watch all our Vimeo PSAs!

Don't forget, if you can't make it to the New York meet up, maybe you can make it to one of the stops on the Vimeo World Tour. Join the Vimeo Meetup Group to see all the videos, and details for upcoming meet ups that could be happening near you.

If you're able to make it to the New York meet up, be sure to introduce yourself! You can officially start getting excited because we have some absolutely amazing things planned including a few surprises...

See you Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.!


edbury Plus

First week in NYC and Brooklyn delivers!


Would love a San Francisco meet up. Sadly can't make it to NY.

Ishmael Islam

I'm a pure Brooklynite, born and raised and pure lover of Vimeo. I will be there! :D

Rosa Jiménez Cano

Although I live in Spain I plan to go to the meeting next Saturday in NYC.
C U soon!

Andrea Allen Staff

Monkeytown has a full bar and will be serving alcohol. Good question!

Arek Barszcz

oh yea? i live in greenpoint. lol
i live like 20 blocks away.
see ya there

Jahaan London

aww i left Ny at wrong time you guys have to come to Atlanta & Florida .... Super Meet at My Place !!!

venkat raman

We'll have a West Coast meet up next year fo sho!

Andrea Allen Staff

Charles, good news, I'm going to have a meet up in my hometown, Wichita, KS sometime soon!

Dennie Bright

Do I drive the hour ride on the LIE or just go into Penn.... Hmmm...

Ricky P

I cant wait to find out what the surprises are!


I just booked the tickets for NYC. I'll see you guys there!


It was awesome, thanks for the beer and the pizza, the music, the party, the guys are... <3

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