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Vimeo T-Shirts are now available!

Daniel Hayek
March 18, 2009 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Now you can show your Vimeo love when you're offline. We partnered with our friends at Busted Tees to bring you four stylish t-shirts available in male and female sizes. Also, instead of hiring real models we just used our lovable Vimeo Staff, that's us! To visit the store just click the image below. We hope you like them.



Tim O'Bryan

I second that sticker idea. They'd be EVERYWHERE!


The promo pictures are soo good. That's it worth.
Thanks for making it possible.
Andrea you can wear everything!

Amenon Plus

Vimeo t-shirts... wow! But... I think I need to see a few videos of Busted Tees young ladies wearing the Vimeo t-shirts to better understand the intrinsic awesomeness of these products...

tom lew

I couldn't agree more


t-shirt are nice, i would really like to see the girl in the middle with longer hair

bet you're happy

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Bobo,
I apologize my hair length doesn't hold up to your wishes. I'll grow it out just for you.

Good thing none of the guys have long hair! Bobo would not approve!

Joseph Griffin

I think Andrea's hair is cute.

Sweet shirts guys! I want them all. I promise to get one once my next paycheck is in.


That's just funny ;)

Andrew, how come you know what school am i in ? There are no middle schools in Poland at all.

O gustach sie nie dyskutuje.

Jack Zerby Alum

My wife has short hair too! Short-haired girls are the bestest.


yeah, bestest

Kevin Plus

I bought the shirts an hour ago.

We need more vibrant colored shirts in the future (cranberry, eggplant, grass)

Thank you.

Paul Davis

OMG...I want the first one! I'm ordering =D

Matt Riley

the question is: so how do we get a tshirt for free?? ;-) (says the jobless film graduate)


hahaha! It's on! ;D
Also, is it international shipping?


I will definitely get a shirt or two for three reasons. One, they look cool. Two, it's Vimeo. Three, because of the picture of Andrea with the colorful slinky.

SteveR Plus

I would wear one if I wasn't much too old for that sort of thing.


Your never too old to show your perfect body in a perfect fanshirt!
Aeh, where can I click the like ? ;-)


i'm too far to get one u_u'

Michael Brodner Plus

Dude! Soooooo excited about this. Baby blue??? I'm there! I'd love a nice hoodie at some point. Any plans to do those?

Antoine Bandele

So getting one once I get some more $ ... which will happen after I get a car.


Yeah I need to see these on one of those Busted Tees models, preferably the red head with the big cans.


Everyone that signs up for PLUS should get a T-Shirt. That would be boss.

andrew northrop

mad props to the stickers idea above. would love that!

Adam Shannon

Just got mine today, gotta say its very nice!

Can you give us stats on how popular each style is?

Andreas Hille

Still waiting for mine :}

Went with the size I normally wear, but this is way big :/ Gonna have to shrink it with a hot wash.

Mr Malique

they dont ship international? :(

Mr Malique

but not to Singapore :(


Move to America! Land of Opportunity and Vimeo Shirts.

brian anderson

sooooo...any chance of you guys designing a vimeo "auto-tuning" one? those things would sell out around my office.


You buttheads could sell me anything.


Just got the shirt - it's great. It fits like a shirt.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Somehow, even though we wander around with butts for heads, we managed to make shirts that fit the general public.

Jake Carpenter

I just went to get my drivers license and got my picture taken with my Vimeo t-shirt on!!

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