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Vimeo Takes NAB: Dispatches from the conference floor (coming soon)

Zach Goodman
April 8, 2013 by Zach Goodman Alum

It’s a special time of year: the sun is shining, birds are singing, and the air is tinged with romance and renewal. Yup, it’s conference season. Soon thousands of media professionals will follow an ancient biological impulse to converge in Las Vegas for the NAB Show, where they will explore new technologies, engage in a mating dance known as “networking,” and then cocoon themselves in promotional pamphlets to enter the chrysalis stage of their lifecycle. And Vimeo will be there.

The NAB Show is the National Association of Broadcasters’ showcase of new products and tech stuff for media and entertainment, and our very own Andrea Allen and Bill Bergen will be getting in on the ground floor… literally! (Unless the entrance is on an upper floor.) You’ll also be seeing dispatches from Vimeo community member and special correspondent Olivia Speranza, whom we’ve kidnapped.

Want to learn more about what you can expect from Vimeo at NAB? Check out this video, which explains, well, not very much.


Oh Yeah Wow PRO

Keen to see if black magic make some new announcements...

Jeff Andrew

Do you know if they will continue to sell the 2.5k version?

The Film Artist PRO

Many are still waiting for their 2.5k but how many will want to remain doing so with these 2 new products.

Jessica Vincent

This is awesome! Just a big request, as I love your text titles!! (The Vimeo Takes NAB) and the way it animates on screen, so sweet :)
Since you are great at teaching could i request a future tutorial on how to achieve this effect?
Or i'd even settle for a link suggestion to someone who has done similar work I can learn from.
Beautiful work, can't wait for the coverage...
ps, please feature the Blackmagic Pocket Cam :p

Nice Guys

Wait I was looking for the "Three's Company" casting video.

Bart van der Gaag Plus

Andrea Allen and Bill Bergen, like, AA and BB, is vimeo sending staff in alphabetical order to the NAB this year?

Bart van der Gaag Plus

The only reason I mentioned it, cause I was reading the obituaries in the local rag this morning (I know, rock 'n' roll lifestyle right?) and I noticed that people are dying in alphabetical order. There's got to be a connection somehow!

Seeker of Guidance

Finally, a video sharing website where I can let kids run loose without worrying.

loonachic this is more like it. hahahahaha

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