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Vimeo Takes NAB: Tech News

Daniel Hayek
April 12, 2013 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Well folks, it's that time again. NAB is upon us. Yes, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas! For those of you new to NAB here's a primer: It is the premiere U.S. technology convention and it focuses on all things camera and video-viewing. From the latest high-end cameras and all the clever accessories that support said capture devices, to groundbreaking technological firsts, NAB shows have hosted such notable tech milestones as the first HDTV broadcast. This year we got the scoop from Vimeo Community member Olivia Speranza. See what she highlighted from the 2013 show right here:

The first big takeaway from this year was 4K's continuing spread into cameras and display devices. If you haven't heard yet, 4K is the next level in image resolution. As our hunger for pixels knows no limits, we're seeing more cameras that can shoot at this higher image size that boasts four times the pixels of the 1080HD format. As you can imagine, 4K televisions are now being manufactured, but they remain both expensive and lacking in sufficient 4K content to display.

The other trend this year was the prevalence of accessories to aid with camera movement. This included movement stabilizers and jibs, along with a few other notable items. Below is a summary of what Olivia saw:

MōVI: a handheld gimbal based stabilizer that uses advanced electronics to smooth out your camera movements. Vincent LaForet recently shot a short with the MōVI. Check out the behind the scenes video here:

Pocket Jib Traveler: a lightweight jib with a built-in fluid pan base to help you get those smooth sweeping shots. Here's a quickstart video from Kessler:

Odessey 7/7Q: a 7 inch OLED monitor with built-in dual SSD drives and the unique capability to rent out codecs. Learn more from the folks at Convergent Design:

Blackmagic: In a repeat of last year's buzz Blackmagic Design once again garnered much attention, this time with two new products: A 4K production camera and their new Pocket Cinema Camera. Both are exciting offerings from a company that's shown serious dedication to producing cameras with notable dynamic range.

Blackmagic's Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera, courtesy of

That's a quick roundup of this year's tech buzz at NAB. For more detailed coverage make sure to follow Olivia at




Daniel Hayek Staff

She was there, she has a video in the works. This was for the sake of tech coverage.

Pnn Media Arts PRO

Thanks for the product updates and the news!!! My students loved the posts!!! Hope to see more!

Yourmusic Productions Plus

Blackmagic doing 4K for just under $4K? That's got to be deliberate. At this rate 4k'll be affordable and appearing in things like iphones by the end of the decade.

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