Something pretty amazing happened this morning, and that amazing thing is this: VHX is now joining the Vimeo family. We’re yahooing and hooraying the day away!

Now, let us answer some of your questions.

What is VHX?

VHX lets you (or any creator or video seller, for that matter) sell subscription channels with the world, straight from the apps and sites you use the most.

Why are we teaming up?

First and foremost, our values are in alignment: both of us are all about giving creators the best tools in the highest quality possible, so they can make, share, and sell videos online — and earn the most money from their work.

Second, under VHX’s two truly cool founders, Jamie Wilkinson and Casey Pugh, an incredible OTT (over-the-top) video distribution platform was built, and we’re thrilled to bring those products to Vimeo creators.

What does this mean for me?

Video sellers, you’ll soon have even more ways to share your videos with the world and grow your business with best-in-class technology — without losing any of the Vimeo On Demand features you and your videos use today. Video watchers, subscription viewing means it’ll be easier than ever to directly support your favorite creators and watch the stuff you most enjoy.

We’ll have more news on our joyous union in the upcoming months. Thanks for coming along for the journey, and welcome to the family, VHX!