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Vimeo Video School is now in session

Blake Whitman
December 16, 2010 by Blake Whitman Alum

We have a confession to make: for over a year, we've been planning and working on something that we haven't really talked about until right now. We're excited to announce that we're launching a whole new section on Vimeo:>Vimeo Video School.

We realized that one of the best ways we could nurture the incredible range of creativity on the site would be to build a system that easily allows members of all skill levels to learn more about making videos and expand their knowledge base. We're covering everyone, from people picking up a video camera for the first time, to seasoned pros that need info on the newest technology.

Video 101
For the beginners, we've personally created a series of entry-level instructional videos. These are a perfect way to help your friends and relatives who have little experience get started on the path to making great videos. We hope these 101 videos will answer a lot of first time questions and demystify the process of making videos. They're fun, so check them out and share them with your friends.

DSLR Basics with Philip Bloom
For everyone who just bought a DSLR camera and wants to learn about the incredible potential they have, Philip Bloom and Andrea Allen have created a helpful series that covers everything you need to know. Honestly, these videos are worth watching just for the chemistry between these two goofs. Plus, you might even learn a thing or two.

Vimeo Lessons
In addition to this, we'll be crafting a series of Lessons, which are tutorial posts that incorporate some of the amazing instructional videos our members have created. We've designed these to be a super easy way for you to take your skills to the next level. Most Lessons include a challenge at the end that allows you to show off what you've learned and interact with your fellow talented Vimians who have also participated in the challenge.

Tutorial Categories
In order to cover even more ground, we've categorized another 1,000 user-made tutorials into easy-to-browse sections. Jump right in to any category and check out all the helpful videos our members have made on a wide range of topics.

We think that Vimeo Video School has a wealth of information for you right now, but of course we will continue to add to it and further develop this section. Feedback from our members has always played a key part in our development, and we're looking forward to hearing your ideas about how we can make this even better.

One last thing, if you have any content that you think would work well in Vimeo Video School, please submit it to us! You may also find yourself inspired to create brand new tutorials to pass on your video wisdom. We're excited to see what you do.

Everyone have fun exploring and learning from Vimeo Video School and stay tuned for great new content! Go check it out!



Sam Welker Plus

Agreed. I love vimeo for this reason. Youtube should have thought of this, but they didn't because they're not as smart as vimeo :)


3-3=3. You don't have to know math to has make video. Or grammar.

rastAsia Plus

2 goofs involved in the making? Hmm. I'd watch that.

Julian Devos

Finally a good filmmaking learning centre! Love it!


Fadbgnaudbg! First, getting tickets to see Tron then this! Luvin lyf 2k10.

Kevin Plus

This seems like a great idea. It really blows the old staff tutorial videos away. It is going to take a while to check everything out.

Laurent Gauthier

Just what I need!
improve my English and learn to make good videos !

katie rowland

VIMEO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh I'm so excited.


I hope they serve Vimeo Soup for lunch at VVS

MARZ Plus totally acceptable. Completely adequate.

Mr. Brothers Plus

Cool. Is there a way to subscribe and/or join the school, to keep up with it?

katie rowland

I was wondering the same thing. YAY! Thank you Vimeo.


Wow, something that everyone wants .. ... Thanks VIMEO for bringing out the most needed stuff ...



yes !!!!! thanks vimeo


Wow this is great!


Great!!! :)


Wow great initiative, thanks Vimeo!


Oh I LOVE it!
I cant wait!

mike ambs

I am very excited about this :)

Mike Beaumont

Man, this is truly awesome. Vimeo, you guys rock!

Júlio Gouveia-Carvalho

Vimeo and HDSLR's are the corner stones for a revolution in the art of filmmaking! This video school project is going to have a great influence in all the world!

Blake Whitman Staff

Thanks for all the support guys! We're also open to feedback so please let us know what you think we could add/improve.

the hauser export project. Plus

My film club kids are going to plotz over this. Vimeo, you are the celluloid flapping gaily in the wind beneath my wings.


Perfect timing. Great idea! Thank you.


Is turre any browser? When I search for anything, it seachs in all vimeo... The show is a fantastic idea. Thanks vimeo!


I would add. An other option in the browser, everywhe on vimeo. People, vídeos, channels, ... Shool.

Carol M. Burger

Wonderfull idea! Very good timing as I was looking for a place to learn!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.


Thanks! This will help my students a ton!

Sam Krauser

Guys thank you so much...This will help all amateur filmmakers immensely....I spent all last night watch pretty much all the tuts.

Alin Gheorghe

AWESOME! I really need some lessons :X. Thanks VIMEO!!! You're so brilliant

Laurens Neels

This is brilliant. You're going to raise the new generation of filmmakers.. ;)


This is great! Thanks for featuring one of my tutorials :-)

Carleton Torpin Plus

Thrilled to find Vimeo Film School today while browsing. Glad to have been able to contribute!

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