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Vimeo Wants YOU!

Sam Morrill
July 6, 2011 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

As the Vimeo community continues to grow, so too does the Vimeo Staff. When I began as an intern in the Fall of 2009, the Vimeo Staff stood at a whopping 18 people. In less than two years, that number has more than doubled. I'm happy to announce that we will be welcoming a few more people into our ranks in the coming months.

A vital part of our team is our interns, which we like to call apprentices. What does a Content + Community Apprentice do?

· Assists the Community team with daily moderation duties

· Assists managers with site email and management of Community Forums

· Brainstorms ideas for Weekend Projects and Video School lessons

· Assists in testing new features

· Participates in Vimeo Original videos (shooting, editing, acting)

· Assists with onsite research

· Cleans the unicorn cage

At the end of August, we will be needing some new apprentices to help us rock out here at Vimeo HQ in New York City*. This is a paid six-month opportunity and sure to be one of the best work experiences you have ever had. It's also worth noting that several veteran members of the Content + Community Team at Vimeo began as apprentices.

If you are interested and up for the challenge, make a video explaining why you think you're ready to work at Vimeo. Feel free to show off your videomaking skills, but we're primarily interested in finding out who you are and what you like on your Vimeo. We want to stress that you do not have to be an awesome videographer for this position. We're looking for fun, outgoing people who have excellent written communication skills, know how to responsibly interact online and share our love for video.

So, go out there and make a video! Keep it short and sweet (no longer than two minutes) and when you're done, post a link to it in the comments below and we'll be in touch! All submissions are due on Wednesday July 20th.


P.S. Thank you to Jonathan M. Ochmann, a.k.a. Patchflyer, for the amazing score we used in the video!

P.P.S. If the apprenticeship doesn't sound right for you, but you're interested in working at Vimeo, check out our jobs page!

*In order to be eligible you must currently reside or be willing to move to within commuting distance of our New York City headquarters.

UPDATE It was a really, really tough choice, but we're happy to introduce you to our three new Apprentices, Tommy Penner, Riley Hooper, and Champ Ensminger! We also want to thank everyone who applied. It was great getting to see all of your enthusiasm for Vimeo. You guys are the best. Really.



best request for interns ever. must be fun working there with all you crazy guys!

Andy Allen

I'm allergic to unicorns. Would this have a negative effect on my application?

Eduard Taberner Plus

I cant still work at vimeo because im too young and I still need to finish highscool in Barcelona but I'm still going to make the video just for fun!

Janice Y. Perez

thanks for the speedy response. i just might go for it ;) and you guys are at the chelsea market bldg, right?

Janice Y. Perez

even better! that means closer to the hudson, better view. ;) okies, i think i'm convinced all the more. thanks a lot, daniel + sam!

Charlie Didjelirium

I thought intern's 'full-time' mean monday to sunday with one hour break for lunch/dinner on sunday night before monday comes again ? You guys are soft... :p

Daniel Hayek Staff

You can but you'll need to make arrangements to be within commuting distance during the employment period.

Kevin Plus

I want to work with you guys so much. I look at the world around me and see pointless jobs that don't inspire me. Vimeo always reminds me that there is something out there that is interesting and that I could pull off. Now I just need to grow some balls and leave my family and friends behind and move to New York. For that whole eligible part.


well you've already got the shirt so you're pretty much 99.9% there!

Carmi Pearl

If I am from Israel is it relevant ?

Sam Morrill Staff

Hey Carmi, only relevant in that you'd have to make your own work/immigration arrangements, which can be kinda tricky.

Carmi Pearl

You mean get working visa not immigration...cause immigration can take 2 years hhhh

Carmi Pearl

In other word you wont accept someone outside U.S or Canada right ?!

Even if my video is good for you

Sam Morrill Staff

Actually, we would be thrilled to have some international people working here at Vimeo HQ. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange your work visa for you.

Carmi Pearl

I know but if you want me I can say I have a place to work you just approve it or something



Nathan sam



1/2 me
1/2 you
2/2 math
3/3 intern

Deep Field Cinema Plus

My beard heard something about a beard getting threatened. IS there a problem here?

Shaun Pitz Plus

Tim, I feel your beard could qualify for it's own internship.

Joshua Rainwater Plus

I am prepared to lick all of the stamps and "take care" of any security breaches.

i.e. Daniel Hayek's little brother's iguana.

Star Mountain Media Plus

Never put "lick" and "security breach" in the same sentence.

Remember: Vimeo Wants You! ;-)

Greg Thomas

Dear Daniel, Blake, and all the other awesome people of Vimeo,

Please Move to SF.


Mark Staff

Now this is an idea I can get behind.

Greg Thomas

4-2. I like my odds. Vimeo in the Bay area. Yes!


i want to vote for SF Vimeo as well

Ram Training

Maybe in three years time when I finish University. Opportunity of a lifetime right here for someone, best of luck everyone.


I believe that experience of life is the most important part of what makes a good artist and imagination,I have both so when can I come to new york to start my new job.

Tomi Azzola

Mmmm, it would be awesome but I dont feel like, I should gain more experience.

Stefanie Cutrona

Man, this sounds so solid. Too bad I've only just graduated highschool and live in Canada. Maybe in a few years, till then, good luck to all applicants :)

Anna Sylffer

i'm from Brazil... n i dont know nothing about videos.. so.. that oportunit is greeeat! haha Gos Bless:)


Oh crap!!! I'll have to live with my brother in NY for this job...

Griffin Davis

As far as college students living in manhattan would they be able to work out the intern hours around class times? : DDDDDDDDDD

Ethan June

This sounds awesome. Could you at all tell me when the internship would start exactly?

Sam Morrill Staff

Ideally August 29th, although there is some flexibility there, but not much.


I can't wait to see the submissions :)


Beck Kartsounes

Hm. I would indeed LOVE an internship, and it would finally make my parents think that I'm going somewhere in life, but sadly, I don't think I;d be able to relocate from Flint to New York. Guess I'll try in a couple years! haha


I live in Toronto.

Craig Smith

If you supply me with a unicorn, I'll have all the tools to open the first Vimeo 'franchise' office here in Sydney.

Joshua Argueta

It would be for fun cos I'm only 15 and I live in Los Angeles........

Nitin Nigam

VIMEO,oh that is the first thing which inspired me to go for being a motion graphics artist,when i was thinking what to do with my life?what to be in life ?
then suddenly a bulb fell over me and my hands automatically started typing ,and i was like driven in this magical world where artists compete or share or love creativity and mind and thinking of one another,well,so the vimeo wants you competition is great,you asked you want to know who am i ,well i am spiderman,i jump from one building to another,oops ,that is the work of hulk :P,damn can't get the video made for myself because i look like a gangster ,probably don't want to scare people by showing my video , as we all know godfather ,well thanks for everything you have given me vimeo,will always be available at your service ,ATTENTION,left right left ,:P

Charlie Didjelirium

Is it an offer only available to humans or cyborg hybrid are also on the loop for that ? I mean... Just thought i'd ask. I have a program that can grow beards of different lengths everyday, and it's made of sweet candy, as recommended in "Feed your unicorn for dummies" .... Just thought i'd let you know.... Bless !

Simon Herrmann

damn i would give you money to let me work for you ; )


I just envy the new intern :p

Francesco Tortorella

well done!
vimeo every day is a fundamental source of inspiration, a great staff, but especially good creative talents, who upload their work every day!
all the best!

Chris Koelsch Plus

I hear NY is pretty expensive, can I also sleep in the unicorn cage?

katie rowland

damn. Chris, I had the same thought. Sam, what about NEXT to the unicorn cage?

roto Plus

Is "Sitting Down Facing Front" part of the job description as well? I'm not one to brag, but I'm pretty good at that...

katie rowland

This sounds awesomer than awesome, especially the unicorn part, but I don't know if I'm cool enough to be a true Vimean. We shall see.

Joe Simpson

I would love to, but I'm british ;___;


I would luv to work there since it seems like a fun place to work and I live in NYC but I'm still in High school =(

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