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Vimeo Weekend Project - Poetry Visualized

Julia Quinn
April 16, 2010 by Julia Quinn Alum
Hey video makers! This weekend's challenge is to pick a poem you enjoy and make a video to go along with it. It can be live action, animated, interpretive, literal, be creative! As long as the footage is made for this project you may submit your video. We've found a couple of examples of videos on Vimeo that do this pretty well. For example [this]( You can either have the poem audio narrated over the video or include the text of the poem in the description field on the video page. Try to keep the video to 2-3 minutes in length and allow your creative side to shine! Make sure to submit your video to the [Weekend Project Group](weekendproject). Please note that the Community Staff will approve videos for inclusion into the Group and will also be selecting the winning videos. The winner gets a Plus account (for Basic members) or 25,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). The runner-up gets an extra 1 GB of upload capacity (for Basic users) or 10,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). Make sure you only submit videos made specifically for this weekend project! Submissions are due on Tuesday (4/20) at 11:59PM (EST). Have fun with this project and have a great weekend everyone! UPDATE- Thanks for all the cool submissions, below are the winners! Winner- [tell it slant](weekendproject) by reel aesthete. Runner-up [What Goes Around...](weekendproject) by Willem Serné


Dubi Kaufmann

I found to be a good place to start.

ecoartnet editor

Submitted to Vimeo Weekend Project-Poetry Visualized the visual poem: "SEARCH!" Homage to Otis Redding' song "SHAKE" by artist Nohra Corredor at

Phil Cooper

I finally have a chance to get creative!

Lorene Amet Plus

Very nice idea, a similar one possibly for another weekend project- make your own poetry- use of narrative and add images to your own words.

Blake Whitman Staff

" Make sure you only submit videos made specifically for this weekend project!"


Tobias Blickle Plus

can I make a video for this, and also submit it to the eye candy for strangers group?

Kevin Gilmore

I swear I had been meaning to send a message to you guys suggesting this very weekend project proposal after I wrote a poem for the they shoot you edit project. It's been a busy week, and I'm just now seeing this project...can I come up with's on the fence...

Open Lens Productions PRO

I made this one based on a Wallace Stevens poem
before I heard about the contest, so I'm not entering
it officially. But maybe it could spark some ideas for

Nik Skavinsky

I illustrated a rude short poem by Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (included translation). Hope you enjoy it, or, at least, allow it to be on the contest )

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