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Vimeo World Tour: NYC, Berlin, Paris, London, oh my!

Blake Whitman
July 20, 2009 by Blake Whitman Alum

We're coming to Europe! That's right, we're kicking off a world tour right after the Vimeo Super Meetup in New York. For 11 days, Karen and I will be traveling to Berlin, Paris, and London, hosting Vimeo Offline parties, meeting as many wonderful Vimeo peeps as possible, and interviewing popular Vimeo creators. We'll be making a sweetacular video blog for the whole trip, so if you can't make it to one of these events, or if you live on a different continent, you can follow along!

While we're in each city, we will be hosting a Vimeo Offline screening and afterparty with sets by VJ's on Vimeo. Think of it as as the perfect time to meet fellow Vimians in your city, chat with Karen and I, and watch some great videos made by people from your city. The venues are still being confirmed, but we've got some pretty cool spots lined up, and the events are shaping up to be pretty rad. Here are the dates so far:

BERLIN, August 19th
Venue: Stattbad Gallery - Gerichtstr 65 13347 Berlin, Germany +49 30 86383155 - 9pm screening followed by a kick-ass dance party with VJ performances by Raquel Meyers -

PARIS, August 22nd
Venue: Dune 18, AV. ClAUDE VELLEFAUX 75010 PARIS - 8pm with a screening of videos by Vimeo members followed by dance party and VJ performances by Charlie Mars -

LONDON, August 27 (Tentative)
Our venue for the London event recently fell through. If anyone knows of a cool spot for our screening/party, please let me know.

Dates are subject to change, but we'll keep you posted on all the juicy details.


First, join the Vimeo World Tour Group to get all the updates, watch the video blogs of the trip as we make them, and add any videos you might take at the events.

Second, if you are from any of the cities (or surrounding areas) and you know you are coming, submit your video by posting a link here and maybe we'll screen your video.

We're really excited about the tour and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. Make sure to save the dates and tell all your friends!


Alan Wood

My family live in London - 150 miles from here but will try to make 27th August.

Alan Wood

It's in my diary. Not sure my videos are good enough to screen but you are welcome to look if you find time.


ok just have to books flights to: NYC, Berlin, Le Paris and London


Include Rio!

Lam Thuy Vo Plus

Go to this place and have 2 Euro breakfast buffet, please.

It's called An einem Sonntag im August (on a Sunday in August) and is my favorite cafe in Berlin.

WendyCity Productions Plus

I'm so psyched that you're doing this, y'all! Vimeo has made such a huge difference in my life. I am thankful for the friendships I've made with overseas Vimeons like Bill Newsinger and Steve R. I plug Vimeo whenever I can, and will be running this year's Chicago Marathon wearing a Vimeo pin on my racing singlet.

matthew strong Plus

i'll miss it by a week !

great that you are coming to europe !

maybe next time we can meet.

matthew strong Plus

i got the dates wrong, i'm coming, if the london gig stays on the 27th august. looking forward to it.

Alain R

please quick to Paris

Fabulous Rice

Woo-hoo! Looking forward to the Paris one to meet you guys and all the awesome beret-wearing Vimeans!
How many people do you expect will come? Should I bring candies?


Heyyy big spenders!
This is great. Goodluck :D

Daniel Madaler

Wednesday and Berlin... wrong day and/or wrong side of the country :(

Mike Hutcherson

yes London! will be there.

Big-fat-five-fingered-high-5's allround.

The Golden Bang

oy! TGB want some of that high5 action! see you cats in London.



cool! :)

Ha! Amsterdam is missing? ... Maybe you are not aware, but there will be non-official Vimeo Meetup in Amsterdam (Dam Square) - Saturday 080809 2PM. More info:
Vimeo Meetup Amsterdam 080809 & 090809

Anyways, cya in Paris! :)

Blake Whitman Staff

all meetups are official! yeah, we can't make it to Amsterdam, but maybe next time!

Jennifer Morris

Can't wait for this, will definitely be worth the trek to London for me :D

Cody Nicewarner

i wish you guys would make it down to austin :(. have a safe and fun trip!


Bon Voyage !
sorry can't make it to Berlin. But instead a warm and heartly welcome to Germany.

Remyyy Plus

Mister X will be thrilled (but impressed) to welcome you for your first personal bad lesson.

Anne Sorrentino

No way! I'll probably be on your end of the world at that time :(

Andy Galletly

ooh nice.. I'll do my best to make it to fancypants London.. :)

V.log Lady

ill be in buenos aires, waiting! :D

good luck




Yeah man, sounds great! I'm a stone's throw away from London


You should extend that tour to Chicago. I'll wear a tie.


Hey, where is Spain?

I propose Vimeo Meetup in the most beautiful city of this country, where Alhambra is hosted: Granada (Spain)


I mean, really!!

You guys should make it world-wide! each year different and exotic places. If in 2009 you´re going to Berlin, Paris, and London, in 2010 you should go Tokio, Hong Kong and Sydney. 2011, Rio, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago...
And so on....

Great idea, no? now hire me, vimeo. :-)


Loved the idea =}
If they don't do it, at least I hope they come to South America some year.

Thibault Brock

Oh My God !!! Blake and the Vimeo Crew in Paris ? ^^ This is gonna be Fun : Foie Gras, Coq au VIn, Red Wine ! Let's get this party Started !


You should come to Brazil, we'd like to have that party here!!!

Gian Luca Di Carlo

YO YO YO!!!!! Amazing!!
Where will you be in Berlin, I definitly want to come!!!

Dalmasso Olivier PRO

As far as Paris I wish I could come, but a this time I wil be in India...
Next time.


Count me in for Berlin.


come to Sydney next time!

Curtis Edwards Plus

Paris, Berlin, London, NYC and your not coming to Louisville Kentucky?? What were you thinking :-)

Sounds awesome, safe travel and we'll look forward to the updates.

Scott Coello

Yeah, I'm totally coming to the London meet.

Phil Campbell - England

sweet. all good reasons to head up on the train to london to hang out with the vimeo guys! :)

AdamPellinDeeve Plus

Will probably most definitely be in London and look forward to further details.

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