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Vote for Vimeo in the Webby awards!

Blake Whitman
April 20, 2010 by Blake Whitman Alum

Howdy folks,

Big news! The Webby Awards have nominated you - the Vimeo Community - for a "Best Online Community" Award. Of course, we already know we have the best online community, but we might as well win an award and let the rest of the world know too!

As a nominee, we are also eligible to win a Webby People's Voice Award! However, we need your votes to do it! From now until April 29th, people can cast their votes in The Webby People's Voice Awards at

It would be super sweet if you could vote for us and tell all your friends to vote too :)

Let's win this thing!



p.s. Our little video Auto Tuning was also an official honoree in the Individual Short Comedy category!


carmen ventura

lets do diz webby hit me up u da 1 u can do it


wat u mean tick hit me up lol

The Book of Jer3miah

FYI: Our Vimeo webseries, The Book of Jer3miah was selected as an Official Honoree for Drama in the Webby Awards as well.


yall better vote 4 him im just playin lol hit me up yeaaaaahhh


youve got my vote!!! voted!


va va va vote lol u funny

Sea Chant PRO

dude that autotune video is off the chain. i laughed so hard.

Mark PRO

What's the point of them even listing other nominees? Everybody knows that this is the most totes chill o to the n to the line communitizzle in all of the- okay, I just ruined it. Sorry guys, better luck next year?


it's ok for me :) done :p Viméo i love it:)


Voted, you are the best anyway :)


done and done u funny lata


You've got my vote. Btw our web series 'The Specials' which Vimeo hosts has been nominated for Best Documentary Series & Best Reality!

Enrique Pizarro

¡YEAH! I already vote for Vimeo. Currently, in the first position is Flickr. Vimeo is in the third position.


yea u kno it i voted 4 dem 2

Ethan Knight Plus

I'll only vote..if you get jack to sing "Vimeo is in da house tonnnnight.." :-)

Mike McHale

Voted - We are currently in 3rd in the Connections \ Community Section.


by the way im talkin 2 tesa kaban wat kind of name is dat and im hood so i talk different

Nick Kurtz Plus

Voted and tweeted about it to all 7 of my followers! Flickr's goin' DOWN.

Alex Barker

awesome. If we win it, we should have a celebration!

Dávid Gajdics

Voted! But only the third yet! Come on dudees!!!! We've got to win! :P

Breanna Granzow Plus

Vimeo has the best online community hands down. filled with so much talent and just plain freaking awesome, kind people. I don't think I've encountered a "bad" person on here.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Thanks, with everyones help we'll continue to work on making it a great place now and for many years to come.

Mariah Williams

Such a awesome site i come to meet...
Mariah Williams
Computer Novice
Datarecoverysoftware successful resolution

Lorene Amet

Done! Vimeo is the best site EVER!!!!


Vimeo is the best video site I ever used
thank you vimeo


u kno wat it iz i voted on da real u feel me yea holl@ @ me jucie gang !!!!!!!@@@!!!!


u look like a girl yup holla

The Film Artist PRO

Thank's for your link, voting galore, tough competition, worthy competitors, I voted for the best, vimeo :))

Oscar Sharp Plus

Clicked and done. I sure owe ya Blake - the votes you helped get me helped win 10 grand with this film yesterday.
Every penny goes on the next one, so watch this space...


You want a community member to vote for his own community? This is like saying "I am the best". What is the point in voting then?

Daniel Hayek Staff

I think the point is to celebrate what we've managed to create here which is a supportive, creative community where a huge variety of people can interact in a civilized and fun environment.

I don't see anything wrong about acknowledging and commending an organization of people who have made each other happier while still being welcome to adding new members.

Enrique Pizarro

¡HEY! Really, I love Vimeo.
Always I liked that Vimeo that is a exclusive comunity, is to selective group of filmmakers, is a elite page and I feel always proud to be here.
But, I'm seeing that now this is being become a little more popular. I don't like it.
I think that this page not should become in a page popular to 'all the village', like Youtube (low profile). Should be to continue on the 'underground' and exclusive to selective people.
I hope that this bad don't continue and don't do it more big. I think that if this site would become in very popular thing, many people would let this site and would can go to other page similar (maybe I would do it).
I hope that this comment be very useful.



I agree Enriqe, I think vimeo is not the best community... it's just the coolest... I hope it'll keep going like that too...

Mo•Graph Plus

I agree with enrique.
i spend a loot of hours here in vimeo. and i love it. I follow the recomendations without a doubt of wasting my time. As a matter of fact, as i work in motion graphics , and i don LOVE all the work that i do, i upload here just my favourites (you may or may not agree with my selection LOL )

i voted anyway. becouse i don't see why this should become "popular" (in the bad sense of the word) as we keep showing good staff... the "out of place" material will just feel that... out of place!

Alan Wood

Voted. Vimeo is a great community!

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