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Vote for Vimeo in the Webby Awards!

Andrea Allen
April 21, 2011 by Andrea Allen PRO

Hey everyone,

We have some awesome news! Vimeo is nominated for three Webby Awards and it's up to you, the Vimeo Community, to help us win and show the Internets who's boss.

Please take a moment and vote for us (if you think we deserve it) in the following categories:
Best Visual Design - Function
Best Events Website (for the Vimeo Festival + Awards)
Best Social Media Website

We're very honored to be nominated and hope you're as proud as we are. Without you, there would be no Vimeo!


[Cue orchestra wrap up music]

p.s. Our friends over at College Humor are also nominated for a Webby for best Humor Site so go vote for them too!

Thanks to you guys, we won a Webby for Social Media, and we were the People’s Voice winners for Best Visual Design - Function, and Social Media.

Thank you all so much!


Michael McClean Plus

Still waiting on my Plus Account :/ And my last one just lapsed so any time soon would be nice.

Nathan sam

is that what happens when you unlike a video?

Josh Clarke

Voted on all 3! You look good, Vimeo!

Martyn Randles Plus

voted...fingers crossed for the plant, try singing a nice song or two :)

Carlos Leiva Burotto

done.. you deserve it! you have built a wonderful service & community

BTW, you're losing only on Events.. youtube play it's the leader

Super P.

Everybody should vote on Vimeo F+As. In YT Play, no one's winning.

Best Videos

yessaaaaaaaaa i vote for all!!!

God bless you! ;)

Daniel Ivan

Voted. Must deserved on the three categories.


I have sared this link on tweeter and sure will vote for you guys!

Mike Hutcherson

it would be wrong of me to suggest everyone goes back to the webby site using a different web browser so they can vote for Vimeo again.

Vivian Richards

Voted. Hope Vimeo wins.........


Edit Pictures

fuzheado Plus

I think Vimeo is great, but no vote until uploads work again.

Radhika Morabia

I'm voting anyhow.
Vimeo has much less downtimes and errors than many other video-uploading websites.

Adam Newland

My vote is cast, all the best to you at vimeo!

Now sew on that hat lady.... hahaha!

Julien Léger

Hey I voted! Where is my free Plus Account?! Come on Andrea...I'm sure we could make an arrangement! ;)
Seriously, I wish you good luck for that!

Jhon Eag

I voted for the sure winner... vimeo !


Any link? All links, all voted. Don't care about the PLUS account, although I want to see the plant resurrected. You really deserve this!
Very nice and user-friendly interface, great HD rendering system, and I think everybody here appreciates all.
All the best (=

Marvene Rom Munda

andrea steals the show again haha!...vimeo rules!... you have my vote ^^

Varda Bar-Kar Plus

I voted for you in the best function category. Because you do function very well! Thanks.

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