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Watchlist: Future Feature Makers

Jason Sondhi
November 27, 2012 by Jason Sondhi Alum

Hey Vimeans!

It's your friendly neighborhood curation team here. As you may have heard, we introduced Vimeo Movies a couple of weeks ago to great success and fanfare—six awesome feature-length films are available to order right now!

Feature films are a new, exciting part of Vimeo, and the reason they exist is because of creators like you. Vimeo is proud to be the place where you can cut your teeth, build your body of work, and find your audience. Some of you are going to end up making feature films, and you'll need the tools to market and distribute them. To illustrate, we've compiled this Watchlist of Staff Picked videos from Vimeans who are working on their first features right now.

Sean Dunne and California is a Place are riding successful Kickstarter campaigns to feature-film glory with Oxyana and T-Rex, respectively. Look for those films at festivals near you in 2013.

Similarly, keep an eye out for Ayz Waraich and Nick Cross, two distinctive voices that define the individual styles found on Vimeo. Be sure to scope out their shiny teasers for To Our Bright White Hearts and Black Sunrise.

Up-and-coming Vimeo talent is reaching beyond the independent scene as well. Fox is working on a big-budget feature with director Jesús Orellana, while Lionsgate is adapting an amazing horror short from Francesco Calabrese. In other news, Sony has tapped viral-hitmmakers Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp to head up their original production, Giants.

These features aren't ready to be seen just yet, but we're sure they'll make a splash when they arrive at festivals and theaters in the coming months. In the meantime, give Vimeo Movies a try, and stand by for the full launch of our pay-to-view service in 2013. When it comes to helping creators make money by making great video, Vimeo Movies is just the beginning.

Much love,

Vimeo Curation:
Jason, Sam + Jordan


Luca Tarantini

Incredible, I'm so excited for all of these guys

Jake Oleson Plus

Fantastic collection, Vimeo should be more than proud to know they have launched so many filmmaker careers with their site. Keep up the great work guys!

Gerardo LS

Very excited :] working on a feature that I want to release independently next year. PUUUMPED.

Suvera Donaven

Fantastic. It really interesting. Thanks for uploading this.

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