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We now accept PayPal!

Andrew Pile
October 4, 2011 by Andrew Pile Alum

Hey folks,

We have both a big announcement and a big apology to make. Since we launched Vimeo Plus back in October of 2008, the number one feature request has been PayPal support. And we thought, sure, that can't be that hard, let's totally add PayPal. Well, it turns out it was slightly more complicated than we thought, and without going into the juicy details (which are nice and juicy I will tell you) we have finally integrated PayPal, finally.

First, we are VERY SORRY it took so long. But second, we are VERY EXCITED to finally offer our members PayPal support for both Plus and PRO accounts as well as Music Store purchases. We know not everyone has a credit card and we apologize for not offering an option for those members for so long. So if you were waiting to purchase Plus or PRO until this clandestine day, your wait is now over!

Some questions you may have:

Wait, is this really happening? This isn't a cruel joke, is it?
Nope, this is real life, people.

Can I switch to PayPal if I have already made a purchase using a credit card?
No, if you have already made a purchase of Plus or PRO then you cannot switch to PayPal until you renew your yearly membership. At that time you can edit your account and enter your PayPal information.

Thanks for your patience.





T´was about time! Defenetly going plus next week.

Tonya Jones Reynolds

Thanks for being so understanding.

Vimeo + Paypal = epic awesomeness!!!


paypal stinks but its painfully easy so... woohoo!


what do you dislike abt Paypal?



their customer service is almost impossible to deal with myself and friends have had troubles in the past. pray they never freeze your account for transferring any monetary amount too high because when you try to get the problem solved they wont even help you and your account will essentially remain locked forever but that is just one of the problems. problem is, is that there is really no other option for widespread ease of use with merchants and sellers so its kind of a necessary evil

Eliu Cornielle PRO

Do you have any incentives for PLUS members that want to go PRO?

$199 sounds easy for a company but is a little stiff for a individual!

Daniel Hayek Staff

PRO is intended for businesses and organizations more so than individuals.

Shay Stewart

Right on! It's about time (snicker, snicker).

Ben Dahl

As web developer (with online store experience) im interested in the juicy details. What was the hang up?

Marc M

It's well known that paypal is not the best option in order to receive payments online. However, I'm also interested in the details.

Ben Planz Plus

F i n a l l y

I was about to get a credit card just for vimeo ;) THANK GOD


Good work, guys !!!


well done, it's a good news.

Kris Haamer

Awesome. I want the juicy details!

Joseph Valentinetti

Paypal is the best, easiest and safest online pay method, bar none. Thanks.


was about bloody time!



Brian White

Finally I had a chance to go plus! And I Did!:)

Wedding Story

Little help please. Wen i try to buy Plus it asks me to add a credit card.... witch i don't have. what can i do?


This is what I was talking about.This is what I was talking about. THANKS

GetMe DaQuis

great idea...but i still can't afford $199. you're talking of taking away 2 months of my salary...not unless there's an ROI program around here.


Well done, just renewed via PayPal.
Very quick and easy, thanks Vimeo!!


And what about FLATTR (
It's a great way to support artists!


When are you going to start accepting Bitcoins?


Woho , shortly we will join plus.... Vimeo rules !
have a nice day !


I am an old user here. I am hungarian "looser". I do not have an opportunity to pay unfortunately. I experience that you do not allow it to work because of this sadly my uploaded video. This site say: "This video start converting in a moment"... "Just": 9 hours(!) ago this uploading..:( Too bad. This far liked to upload. This is a Middle Eastern business method.... Shit! Shalom!

Andy Brinkley

I've tried to buy a track on the music store, but I can't find the option to pay with paypal, as you say I can on this post. Can you help?

Pepijn Fens

Yeah, I like the promise and all, but I can't find Paypal in the Music Store :( ...

Macula Films Plus

Same problem here (plus account) - can't find the PayPal option

Gábor Kun Plus

Same here; missing PayPal or Maestro card option for Music Store.

Nikolay Ivanov Plus

Hey Guys, Urgent, I cant pay with PayPal, I don't find the option in billing options. Please help, because in 2 days my account expires! : )


No, if you have already made a purchase of Plus or PRO then you cannot switch to PayPal until you renew your yearly membership - THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL!


So i have to w8 for my acc to expire to switch to PayPal. LoL

Hufan Plus

I will have to renew my account at the end of this month, but also still cant find paypal option. So when and how will I be able to do it?

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