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Weekend Challenge: Before and After

Cameron Christopher
March 29, 2013 by Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey there, magnificent makers!

Hopefully you've tried out the new visual side of the Enhancer by now? With just a click, you can preview different filters on your video, instantly. If you haven't tried to find the perfect Look yet, then you're in luck, because I Double Dog Dare you to participate in this weekend's Challenge!

This is a special one thanks to a new incentive. On top of a shiny new Plus account, the winner of this (and future) Weekend Challenge(s) will receive our Weekend Warrior trophy:

I'll let you catch your breath.

To get one of these suckers, you've got to wow us. This weekend, the subject is broad and the rules are simple: use our library of Looks to help you visualize the concept of "Before and After" in one minute.

Maybe you're a literal person who can show us how to spice up some otherwise drab visuals with a zesty Look. Perhaps you'd like to act out your resolutions for the year with a bright color scheme? Or you could use the Enhancer to help tell a dramatic tale of choices and their consequences.

There are so many paths to take, so many Looks! Boy Band Bypass and Bovine Bliss are favorites of mine, if just for the names (who doesn't love a little alliteration?). Try running an enhanced video back through the enhancer to add more Looks!

The Rules:
+ Use the Enhancer to add at least one Look to your video.
+ Keep your video under one minute.
+ If you add music, use a song you've created or something from the Vimeo Music Store -- get that Enhancer on double duty!
+ Upload and post your video to the Weekend Challenge Group by Tuesday, April 2nd at 11:59 PM (EST).

Remember that only videos made specifically for this Challenge will be considered (although you may use old footage).All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show up at first; we'll get to it!

The winner of this Challenge will receive a free Vimeo Plus account for one year, and one of our stunning new trophies!

If you're already a Plus member, you'll get another year! The runner-up will receive an extra 3GB of upload space, Plus account or not.

Ready for a challenge?

Use the Enhancer to show us what Before and After means to you.

Accept this challenge


Great job this week! The most interesting Challenges to judge are the ones that are the most varied, and there was quite a bit of variation this time around. We've got a little message for the winner:

As seen above, the inaugural Weekend Warrior trophy goes to Thibault Grégoire for his video,
CHROMA, that amped us up and introduced us to the full spectrum:

The Runner Up is Andrey Perro with the spooky masterpiece, Pilgrim's Lane.

Shout out to Eric Perrella for Hangover, which was an intense experience.

See you all next time!

In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.



I hate to be a dissenting vote, but as a lady film maker, I don't really want to be "rewarded" with a trophy that depicts me as a muscle-bound-bearded-freak-man...

Surely the Vimeo staff don't think that only boys can hold a camera? Or that this trophy is a gender-neutral symbol of recognition?

Come on guys... It's 2013 already.

Cameron Christopher Staff

Aria, I wouldn't be so quick to label the muscled creature you see before you. This is a being that knows no sex or gender; it only exists to embody the Raw Awesome that is the feverish creativity of our community. "Boy" and "Lady" are so terribly limiting, don't you think?

Zachary Leazer

Yeah Aria, you solved the mystery! I was sure that Vimeo was sexist, now there's proof!


A muscled man with a beard is now just "a being" that has nothing to do with gender, only "raw awesome". Interesting ... all these super-macho features are meant to symbolize pure awesomeness, and if women don't exactly find that flattering or inclusive to them, they are just "limited" in their thinking.

I mean, why stop with the he-man-on-steroids-statue? You could be giving out a giant penis as an award, to symbolize "film making prowess"...right? If it's not bad enough that 99% of Hollywood directors and crew are a boys club, we can extend that mentality to the DIY-indie world.

I love the vimeo community, I really, really do. But this threw me for a loop.

Imagine yourself as a young female film maker seeing stuff like this, and try to empathize with her. Is she going to feel included or welcome? What's the underlying message?

Or, imagine an alternate universe where the film award YOU get is a golden tampon - and you're told it has "nothing" to do with gender. :P

Mark Staff

Hey Aria, it's just meant to be something fun - I wouldn't read into it too much. Cheers!

Molly Joule

Speak for yourself Aria, I think these trophies are brilliant!

Gladys Garcia Plus

Thank you for speaking for me Aria. You hit all the major points I had in my head. The first thing I thought was "Really!? A muscled man tearing out of his clothes? How typical." I know they probably didn't mean it that way and I shouldn't take it so seriously. But it did bother me. Come on, was there at least one person on the team who brought this up? That it might offend some women like Aria and myself?

I"m sure the Vimeo staff would not want to offend anyone and they probably figured everyone will see this as brilliant (btw, it's a little meh) and hilarious. For amateur filmmakers such as myself I would be so proud to win a weekend challenge. For me, it's not the prize, it's the recognition but to also have a trophy? I would be beside myself except that the trophy is a muscled man tearing out of his shirt.

Charlie Huette Plus

For a more theoretically-grounded approach to this topic, I heartily recommend Jan Prestliger's "But I'm Not that Shiny: The American Trophy and Idealized Identity." Cambridge U. Press (2004).

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey guys,

These trophies are just for fun to encourage our community to participate in our Weekend Challenges and have something physical to show they've won. If this is offending to you, we're very sorry, and if you do win a Weekend Challenge, you can opt for us not to send you one.

SteveR Plus

Writing as an old git who has a wobbly belly and man boobs, I'm deeply offended that the statue depicts a powerfully-built young man. He should be depicted as a tubby and non-muscular figure who tries to rip his shirt but fails due to his lack of strength and fitness.

Molly Joule

Wow, are people actually offended by this?! Its just a little bit of fun!
Nice picture Andrea :D

Rob Green

great trophies - I definitely like the comments on the plaques!

Would be great if they could be diverse enough to cover flabby bellies, dodgy tripods, and other parodies of the film community award ceremonies - but a least it's a start ;-)

Julian Huijbregts Plus

So are we supposed to use both unaltered footage and edited footage? If only edited how does it show before and after? Could you give an example vid like usual?

Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey Julian, we don't have an example video this time. You can use whatever you like, but the only stipulations are that you use the Enhancer in some way, and you tackle the theme "Before and After" in whatever way you want!

Russ Anthony 411 Plus

Maybe I am doing something wrong. My :59 video is taking over an hour to be enhanced with one look. Is this normal?

Julian Lojek Plus

Oh bummer, I only read this yesterday. Gave me some ideas, but I won't be able to finish the piece in time... Good luck and have fun, everyone!

Allan Crook Plus

hi there. looks good, how long does the enhancememt take? also, can i upload more than one film into competition?

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Allan, It should take a few minutes for the enhancement at the most, feel free to enter multiple entries.

Allan Crook Plus

Thanks although I tired enhancing mine but seemed to be taking ages. I re uploaded and re enhanced but still no progress. Films only 6 seconds long so figured it shouldn't take so long. Am I jut being impatient?

Ivan Lietaert Plus

Mine also took very long to render. In the end I posted a cry for help in the help forum en then a Vimeo staff member got it processed.

Allan Crook Plus

Sorry I meant to delete this. It eventually worked. Not sure what was wrong. took a fair wee while tho. 30-40 mins

Rachael O'Brien

HELP! My film is taking hours to enhance, i've tried it twice, any help?!

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Rachel, post a link and we'll try giving it a moderator shove from over here.

ESA Plus

Is there something going on with the enhancer? I managed to get it to work once, but take a look at my page. . I've got two "something happened" ,one blank screen, and one that is supposed to be processing and has been for quite a while. Can you please check this out? By the way these are locked private,so you might have trouble I will unlock it if I need to, .I just wanted to see it before it went public. Thanks

ESA Plus

Hey Cameron, Thanks, it worked! You have the magic touch!! thanks again.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Yeah the Enhancer can be grumpy, but it looks like it went through.

Goose Plus

Thank you Vimeo team, nice weekend challenge, all the best


Hi, I have the same enhancer problem as other people, it takes a while to convert. Maybe it possible to do something to make it faster?


Hi, thank you you for response. The video just got processed after few hours, but there is no music in it (the one from vimeo music store that I put during enhancement). Will it appear later or something is wrong?
This is the video:



Should I just put it to weekend challenge group as it is now and hope that the music will appear later?

Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey Andrey,

I'm sending it back through compression to see if that'll bring your music back. If not, you may have to just run it through the enhancer again to add your song.

Cameron Christopher Staff

Andrey, it looks like the music didn't make it. Could you run this video back through the Enhancer just for the audio?


Hi, Cameron, unfortunately I had to to go to work before I got your reply and I added my film to Weekend Challenge group without soundtrack (but it still haven't appeared in a group after 7 hours, can it take so long to be approved?). Can I run Enhancer one more time now to update the soundtrack?

Jon Manning Plus

Hey Staff - I sent to the enhancer about 1hr ago - not sure how long it should take but wanted to make sure it's not stuck - - the video is exactly one minute, should it be done?

Cameron Christopher Staff

It looks like the enhancement failed, so I can look into it tomorrow (I know you made it in before the deadline, so no worries there), or you can try to re-enhance tonight. Sorry for the trouble!

Jon Manning Plus

Thanks for looking into it, just wanted to make sure I made the deadline - I'll try re-enhancing over night and maybe it will be ready for morning coffee! :-)

Jon Manning Plus

Thanks again Cameron - I exported / uploaded a native 720p version from Premiere and it enhanced no problem this time, but the two 1080p attempts I tried failed - not sure if it's related or not. I just submitted the enhanced 720p version. It WAS ready for morning coffee! ;-)

IndieGlow Films Plus

I'm not offended by the trophy, I do think it looks pretty rad, but I do think if I won it, and displayed it on my mantle or my office, people would be like, "Why do you have a trophy of a man ripping his shirt off? As a woman, it would be kind of strange to own that.

Meghan Oretsky PRO

Way to creatively encourage Vimeo filmmakers, guys! Sweet trophies.


Very funny trophy! I really like it. I will accept the next weekend-challenge! (i promise)

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