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Weekend Challenge: Convey a (not) Color

Cameron Christopher
November 13, 2014 by Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey there, my monochrome merry-makers!

This week, forget those winter blues! And all other colors, actually. For this weekend’s Challenge, we’d like you to consider the intricacies of a colorless world. What do you notice when color’s not a factor? Play with shadows and lighting, look for texture, pump up those noir vibes, or keep the contrast low and play with gray.

Check out these three very different colorless works of art to get those brain juices flowing:

Interlude by Katie Armstrong.

Cold Front by Daniel Campos.

Karst Country by Silver Dory PRoductions.

The Rules:

+ Create a black and white video in under a minute! Remember that only videos made specifically for this Challenge will be considered. + If you add music, make sure you use a song you or a buddy created, or something from the Vimeo Music Store! If you do choose to use a Music Store song, please throw a link in the description.

+ Anything goes for your title, but add this at the end of your video’s description: “Created for the Weekend Challenge: Vimeo Weekend Challenge

+ Upload and post your video to the Weekend Challenge Group by *****Tuesday, November 18th, 2014***** at 11:59 PM (EST). Just follow the screenshots below:

The Prizes:

+ The winner will receive a Challenge badge on their video, and free Vimeo Plus account for one year! If you’re already a Plus member, you’ll get another year tacked on to the end of your current subscription. + The runner-up will receive an extra 3GB of upload space in their weekly quota!

All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don’t worry if your video doesn’t show up at first; we’ll get to it!


p>[challenge: Show us shades of gray!,url:]

In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.



I want a vimeo jacket!


The poet girl is wearing one in the opening video


Do you want us to shoot in Black and White if my camera is capable of doing so, or do you want us to shoot in color and strip it of color in post?

Cameron Christopher Staff

Either! That's up to you and your camera's capabilities. I like shooting in black and white because you get a sense of what it'll look like in the end.

Amrit Vatsa

by slowing down your 1 minute creation 5 times.

Pablo PRO

hi! my video is 1:17 long. including the credits and title.
but the video in its self it is 50 seconds as you want it to be. should i change it?

Russ Anthony 411

"Spray Vol. 4" video made specifically for this Weekend Challenge. It just happens to be same theme of my "Spray" series of black and white videos.

Sallee Bickford

not sure if I posted it right, if's the link! This is my first go at a Vimeo Weekend Challenge, I was pretty pumped about it! :) Every view and all feedback is welcome, please! Thank you!

Michael Johnsen

Is it possible to get a notification on when these challenges are made? I always find out about them too late. Last time I waited for what seemed like an eternity for a new challenge to appear, and no I'm too late again :)

Kaitlin N. Larson

They send out emails when there's a new challenge. Have you received any of those? I think you just have to join the group and you'll get email notifications about challenges.

Leonardo Torres

My first Weekend Challenge Video too! I don't know that I have what it takes to win, but I sure was challenged and learned a lot about filming, directing and editing... which I guess is the point! Thank you all for putting these challenges together!

Revenge a la carte:

the MACHINE presents

Hope mine was posted correctly, posted it on Saturday! Not seeing any on the actual video challenge page, is this a new thing? Oh well, if not then here it is.

Julian Spillner Plus

Seriously what happend? Are you gonna add the Videos to the Group and announce a winner?

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