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Weekend Challenge: find your center III

Mark Cersosimo
March 16, 2018 by Mark Cersosimo Staff

Oh sheesh, y’all. The find your center challenge is back. We particularly love this challenge because when we first did it three years ago, it spawned a Staff Pick! Will we have another this time? That’s all up to you!

We all know about the rule of thirds, but rules are boring. And, in Wes Anderson’s (okay, and Stanley Kubrick’s) case, breaking those rules can make you rich and very, very famous. This weekend we want you to embrace centering your subjects to create your masterpiece.

Not familiar with Wes Anderson’s fondness of finding the center? Have a look!

If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, have a look at the winning entries from the previous times we’ve run this challenge.

So how should you approach your centered masterpiece? The rules are simple: conceptualize, shoot, and edit a video — no more than one minute in length — exclusively using shots where your subject is centered. Keep in mind, your final video does not need to be symmetrical, only centered! Feel free to play with asymmetry and balance as long as your subject stays in the middle of that frame. Good luck and happy filming!

The Rules:

  • One minute or less in length, please.
  • Your subject must be centered in every shot of the video.
  • Only videos made specifically for this Challenge will be considered.
  • Anything goes for the title, but add this at the end of your video’s description: “Created for the Weekend Challenge: Vimeo Weekend Challenge
  • Upload and post your video to the Weekend Challenge Group by Tuesday, March 20th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). Just follow the screenshots below:

The Prizes:

  • The winner will receive a badge and a free Vimeo Plus membership for one year! If you’re already a Plus member, you’ll get another year tacked on. If you have Vimeo PRO, we’ll give you six more months of PRO added to the end of your current membership.
  • The runner-up will receive a free Vimeo Plus membership for six months. Current Plus members will get six more months added on, and PRO members will earn three additional months of PRO.

All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the group, so don’t worry if your video doesn’t show up at first; we’ll get to it!

Another excellent batch of entries this week, thank you everyone for participating! Our winner is “Centered” by Chad Mahadevan

In second place we have “Stabbed” by Kyle Richard McCarthy


p>Thanks to everyone who participated! See y’all soon!

In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.

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Matt Ma

Was there ever a winner chosen for this one and the Valentine's challenge?

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