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Weekend Challenge: Flashlighting

Haley Fine
April 3, 2015 by Haley Fine Alum
For this weekend’s challenge, we’d like you to utilize something you probably haven’t seen since summer camp…the flashlight. This challenge will focus on the lighting effects you can create with one, or many. Feel free to use whatever kind you have access to, whether that be the old-fashioned LED, a helmet-mounted one, or the app on your iPhone! Submissions should be one minute or under. Here’s an example of a video with flashlight lighting: [clip:82435074] And here’s another: [clip:78089073] #### The Rules: **+** Create a video that uses flashlight lighting! Remember that only videos made *specifically* for this [Challenge]( will be considered. **+** If you add music, make sure you use a song you or a buddy created, or something from the [Vimeo Music Store](! If you do choose to use a Music Store song, please throw a link in the description. **+** Anything goes for your title, but add this at the end of your video's description: "Created for the Weekend Challenge: [](//" **+** Upload and post your video to the [Weekend Challenge Group]( by *****Tuesday, April 7th, 2015***** at 11:59 PM (EST). Just follow the screenshots below: ![]( #### The Prizes: **+** The winner will receive a Challenge badge on their video, and **free Vimeo Plus** account for one year! If you're already a Plus member, you'll get another year tacked on to the end of your current subscription. **+** The runner-up will receive an **extra 3GB** of upload space in their weekly quota! *All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show up at first; we'll get to it!* [challenge: Flashlight lighting!,url:] ******UPDATE******* I'm happy to extend a big congratulations to our first place winner, [Derek Mindler]( for his entry **Grandma's House**! [clip:124365319] And, we have a tie for the runner-up! Congrats to [Valentin Farkasch]( for his video [Flash//Light](, and [Issimo]( for their video [Dead Horse Point](! See you all next time!
In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.


Thijs Kern Plus

When will the winners of the last challenge be announced? ^^

Hannah Forman

Cool challenge! I am going to enjoy this one...

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