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Weekend Challenge: Something Worth Noticing

Cameron Christopher
April 18, 2014 by Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey there, my observational optimists,

I'm the kind of person who's so hyper-vigilant that there's a chance I'll catch the thing that was falling from your desk before it hits the ground because I've been watching it teeter for a few minutes. But you know, that's me. There are healthier ways to be aware of your surroundings, and that's what this weekend is about!

Your Challenge is to be an active noticer. To notice things, actively. You get what I'm trying to say. Keeping your eyes peeled and your wits about you is just as important a skill as smooth camerawork when it comes to capturing small aspects of everyday life.

There's so much happening in NYC that plenty of things go unnoticed until they are documented, like this single stair at Dean Peterson's Subway station:

Maybe you're the kind of person who notices all kinds of things? Check out FUTURE MACHINE's observant walk from Bushwick to Manhattan for a whole lotta noticing:

Have you noticed repetitive details or patterns out in the world? This is the time to collect them like beautiful butterflies. One of my favorite examples of this is Callum Cooper's collection of residential facades from East to West London:

+ Set aside some time for noticing — create a video around this theme.
+ Keep it under 3 minutes.
+ If you add music, make sure you use a song you or a buddy created, or something from the Vimeo Music Store! If you do choose to use a Music Store song, please throw a link in the description. 
+ Anything goes for your video's title, but add this line at the end of your video's description: "Created for the Weekend Challenge:"
+ Upload and post your video to the Weekend Challenge Group by *****Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014***** at 11:59 PM (EST).

Only videos made specifically for this Challenge will be considered.

+ The winner will receive a badge on their video, and free Vimeo Plus account for one year! If you're already a Plus member, you'll get another year.
+ The runner-up will receive an extra 3GB of upload space!

All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show up at first; we'll get to it!

Ready for a challenge?

Keep those eye peeled and share something worth noticing!

Accept this challenge

SNEAK PEEK: Next weekend, we'll have a Challenge inspired by this year's One Day on Earth initiative! If you live in one of the 11 US cities, keep next Saturday open to participate in their project! More info to come :)

In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.



Love the video Russ the use of numbers was really creative!

nikohl vandel

oh jimminy ... if i videoed everything i noticed .... i'd never get anywhere in life!

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