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Weekend Project

Blake Whitman
May 31, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

A few weeks ago, I posted a homework assignment for anyone who was interested. I realize that the word "homework" may bring up years of suppressed grade school anxiety, when in fact it should feel more like "fun time".

So, lets just call it the "Weekend Project", and anyone who is interested should give it a try. Then post the link in this thread. Try making a new piece, not just posting something you've already done.

Weekend Project: Edit a video that has a musical rhythm with both sounds and visuals.

Have fun and be creative.


Lisa Kassner PRO

I like it a lot... more than a weekend I think perhaps to edit...the NTSC color bars at the end makes me think you too work in broadcasting?

Well done, great shots, bet you had a great time in Japan!

Lisa J. Kassner
Los Angeles California


well not my coop of te. Good photos and lovely view of japan, but still not big fan of using still images in a slite show in videos....

Levi McCallum

Sorry, Blake. Can't promise anything, clients are asking for work to be done!

Phil Cooper

Hehe, making another video! Thanks for all the support on the video above!

Arnold Kopff Plus

Hi Bertalan -- I've just watched it -- of course it qualifies -- it's marvelous :-)

Dan Burton Photography

Here is mine
This is a test project I did in Egypt. I was asked to test a lens that wasn't designed for underwater usage. You can see in my notes, all the problems I had.

Lisa Kassner PRO


I wanted short!

It works for me!

Lisa J. Kassner
Los Angeles, California

Nabil Kazerouni
I was under the impression that the visuals had to be to the rhythm of the music and do the entries have to literally be this weekend or was the figurative?


yeah and it shouldn't be to a pre-existing song

Blake Whitman Staff

It was a call to make a new video this weekend. And the idea was to edit the sound from the video into a rhythm.

Nabil Kazerouni

I love the idea. Sounds fantastic. Maybe next time you can phrase the project a little more in depth? Or even post an example video

Remyyy Plus

Edit : Oops, reading Blake reply on a post, it seems I misunderstood the weekend project. Didn't get the fact it has to be the sound of the video that was making a rhythm. But thanks for this projects !!! I'm loving it, having constraints.

Mike Hutcherson

only just read about this weekend project a few hours a ago, i'm stuck in the house coz i'm cutting something for someone else. but i am shoting somethin for the weekend project NOW!! even if im ment to be doing something else.

Lisa Kassner PRO

I like videos 3 & 4 the best... Obviously something you did not throw together this weekend!

Keep up the great work!

Lisa J. Kassner
Los Angeles, California


have a weekend project channel!


I was thinking the same thing, but maybe Channel isn't right... perhaps a group - but they won't be ready till June 2008... Oh that's now.... Perhaps this can be one of the 1st groups, showing people what's what!

Mike Hutcherson

Blake. iv shot some stuff and started cutting it but its way past my bedtime here in the uk. its still the "weekend project" if i finish it a bit after the weekend right? ill post it tomorow night.


From 6:20 was F/king Awesome...:)


Maybe this one:

Not exacly done in this weekend, but this weekend I worked a bit on new version of it...

Paul Davis

Damn...I keep missing projects. How often are these weekend projects posted? =(

Paul Davis

Cool. I'll check back often. Thanks!

Clan McCloud

Pulled an all-nighter last night to get it done but had some rendering problems. Didn't have time to rerender and upload this morning before I left for work. I'll post it later today. :-)

Nitwacket Machinima™

Howdy! Just saw this "homework" request at the bottom of my page. Filmed it Saturday in Second Life and posted yesterday. Am I too late to the party?


It's late, but here it is:

If I had a better sense of rhythm it would be much better. It was a fun project nonetheless :) I like experimenting with sounds.

Lisa Kassner PRO

It is a fun video to watch...Good use of fast and normal speed motion. Well done!

Keep it coming. Thanks for posting this.


Lisa Kassner PRO

I like it!

I was going to turn it off at first thinking this was going to be a slide show. I am glad I stayed with it.

In the end I can imagine it as a lot of work and time editing.

Keep it coming!



Jennifer Ruiz

Oh no!! I didnt see this until now, and the weekend is already over : ( Will you assign more weekend projects in the future blake??? I want to take part!


I guess I'll head out to the Madison Street bridge in Chitown and film more footage of Bucketman banging on his "drums". No audio editing necessary, the dude's all rhythm.


Oh crap, I missed the weekend deadline! What's next week's assignment, Professor Whitman?


Oooops! I was out all weekend and missed the project!

Mike Hutcherson

Weekend (and a bit) Project.
I've enjoyed watching all the other films. It's interesting to see how other people have interpreted it. Anyhoo, heres mine.

Clan McCloud

Okay, I finally uploaded the weekend project. I swear I finished this Sunday night. Anyways... here it is. Enjoy! :-)

Nick Kurtz Plus

Here's my weekend project, from Japan:) Some of it matches the music, some of it doesn't, but I thought it went together nicely!

Lisa Kassner PRO

I like it.

It was a bit slow for me at first, and I am glad I stayed with it.

The closeup photography of flowers, insects and animals made it worth while for me to watch. I like your selection of music too.

I look forward to seeing more of your productions.



Lisa Kassner PRO

A lot of great work editing. I like it a lot!

I would like to see this again in a different aspect ratio to see the difference of what you posted here verses what was actually shot.

I can only imagine the amount of time it took to put this together.

I also would consider teasing the open with some music from the actual video.

All in all a great job editing. Thank you for sharing.



gunterblokken Plus

and thanks to you too :)

don't know if I get completely what you mean with different aspect ratio, the images you see in the video are the full-frame images from cam, no changes there

the beginning is kind of empty indeed, although it bothers me less on the dvd (what is was actually made for). But I still might change it.

thanks for your kind comments and advice!

Lisa Kassner PRO

Interesting. I am glad I watched it. Looking forward to viewing the HD version.



Lisa Kassner PRO

I like it. Very nice photography.

Consider a quick dip to black about 1:19 in when the music changes mood.

I like how you flew the credits on at the end.

Keep shooting and producing.




Thnx Lisa. Glad you liked it.
I know it's static, but it was ment to be as a little study :)
Just to mention: I 'm not a big fan of black transitions, but I understand what you mean and respect that. Thank you for watching.

Lisa Kassner PRO

Very Nice. I like it a lot.

Very good transitions and use of effects. A lot of time editing.

Thank you for sharing this with the crew here at Vimeo.

Bet you all had a lot of fun making this?


Los Angeles, California


Yep, that's the answer to Blake's mysterious riddle. Well done Alex.


Hey everyone, I just joined today, finally. i was stuck on that dinosaur google. Anyway, I had a way busy weekend. Check em' out. I know it's Thursday, but time flies when you're sitting in a dark room with the shades pulled.

visualhybrid Plus

not made this weekend.. but was for super8 'straight8' competition a few weeks back. this was behind the scenes timelapse of a
'12 hour/ sunrise to sunset/ 360degree timelapse' to music.. we were in shot all 12 hours and animated ourselves stop motion style:

will post the ACTUAL video very soon..

Das Bluul

so late on but we also want to post smthng here...
coming from the "unknown" trilogy... still workin on the three-set, but this one is just done

feel disturbed by the way of sounds... that�s our way of expression... feel the sound and travel anywhere you like... and... we got MORE ;)

here�s so much good stuff on vimeo... we had to competite too!

Ivan Faerman


Done for a film school project.
We were a group of 5, one of which, sadly dropped out of school...

Music: Arcade Fire - My body is a Cage

Thomas Charbit

Parque de la costa !!
i can't believe i saw this on vimeo...cause i went there 2 weeks ago !
nice video and nice contrast with the song

johnny won

hurray for homework!

i made the video itself in the past few days. the content was shot two weeks ago while i was developing it.

Travis Gosselink

I had to edit this long event for work but when I came to this portion of the video I decided to make it rhythmical :) Not sure entirely what it's about but it's some sort of symbolic dance:

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