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Weekend Project - 5 Second Film

Katie Armstrong
March 10, 2011 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Hey party people!

When it comes to videos, bigger is not always better. For this weekend project, we've dusted off an old favorite from the archives, the 5 second video! The rules are thus: video must be 8 seconds in total (2 second intro, 5 second video, 1 second outro) and must contain footage shot this weekend. Other than that, your only limit is your imagination!

Our pals over at 5 Second Films have mastered the art of the mini movie, so peruse their hilarious portfolio if you're in need of a little inspiration. Our apprentices, Ian and Derek have also cooked up an example for you below!

Submissions are due Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59PM (EST). Submit your video to the Weekend Project Group or you won't be eligible for the contest. Please remember that only videos made specifically for this project will be considered. All submitted videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff, so don't worry if your video does not show up at first.

The winner of this contest will get a free Plus account, or if you're already a Plus member, we're going to let you gift the Plus to whomever you choose (along with an extra 2.5 GBs of upload space)! The runner-up will receive an extra 1 GB of upload capacity whether Plus or not.

UPDATE: The results are in, folks! We had a tough time picking a winner, so we've decided to crown not one, but two talented Vimeans! Let's hear it for Adam Danger Smith for his video, Rockstar and Ben Figueiredo with Spark. Our runner up is Anton Luzhkovsky with As usual?

Thanks for playing, everyone. See you next time!


Lunar Le

This is AWESOME!! Another reason to forward to this weekend!

Nathan Irish

I like this idea. Great way to force production.


I'll do it. It won't be pretty, but I'll do it.

Stu Robson

ok...ok...I'm in... I apologise now...great idea though!..

Juve Sandy

video can provide something beyond our expectations, this is an interesting thing, when we try to maximize a recording medium only in a very short time, and we expect something that is formed in this medium into something nice :)

Ryan Corboy

I love making 5 second films, and I will definetly make one this weekend, i know i am a n00b to vimeo, but how do i submit these?


hi, Ryan
I'm a n00b my self but maybe I can help,
basically you just need to join the group here: weekendproject
then add you video or upload it directly to the group..

Katie Armstrong Staff

DURBAN nailed it! That's all it takes, Ryan.
Welcome to Vimeo, you two! We love n00bs.

Radhika Morabia

Awesome, I'll attempt to try, for the sake of having motivation to keep going. :]

Rodrigo de la Mora

Awesome! Hey a little doubt, can we participate with more than one video?
You know, in case we have plenty of ideas, hehe.


heck yes! Me and nate is shootin one of these first thing tomorrow. WONDERTWIN VIDEO POWAR!



Adam Danger Smith

Yippee, gonna rock this one out 4-show. Best of shooting to everyone!

Blackbird Films

Absolutely not get the **** out of here, HILERIOUS xD

Karl Robinson

Feel like getting one of these up in a few hours... first ever attempt... has to be original and funny.

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