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Weekend Project: Bring it back(wards)

Daniel Hayek
April 24, 2009 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Hi Vimeo Community,

This week I want you all to try using reverse filming and editing techniques. You can move the action in reverse sequence during your shooting or choose to reverse the motion in your video editor, it's up to you. So get out there a shoot a scene where your cup of coffee magically refills itself or show your super hero strength by jumping backwards out of a pool with a reversed splash. For an example see this great video by Peika. As always please be safe and use common sense whenever making your videos, we care about you all very much!

The most creative and original video that utilizes reverse action techniques and is submitted to the The Weekend Project Group by next Thursday at midnight will garner 250MB's of extra upload space and/or 2,500 HD embed for Plus users. Please only submit videos that you have created specifically for this project, we know there's a lot of talent on here but we want everyone to have a fair chance.

Have fun :)


You all submitted some great work, I tip my hat to you all. Seriously this was really fun to watch and I'd consider proposing this project again.

The winner of this week's project is Intake Films with their video, Reverse Filming (intake films) . They get 250MB's more of upload capacity each week. Congrats!

Thanks to everyone for their videos, lovely work. Now enjoy a nice relaxing weekend :)



do you remember the movie 'top secret'?

Paul Davis

HAHAHAH awesome reference. Yes, I do.

Andrew Wilson Plus

I'm in on this one! I've always wanted to experiment with reverse filming techniques. :)

Andrea Allen PRO

Peika did this one too!

I want to do one this weekend with Julia... Perhaps a new episode of My Little Julia!!! but backwards.


Ah man, can I enter "ryan in reverse 2?" Or does it have to be fresh?

Andrea Allen PRO

Hey Chrizzle,
It needs to be new! Like Dan said, "Please only submit videos that you have created specifically for this project, we know there's a lot of talent on here but we want everyone to have a fair chance."

Caroline Martin

Ohhh I'm excited. Can't wait to see the results of this.

Theo Jones

I seem to always get double blog posts in the feed, any chance you can fix this?

Theo Jones

Its been happening for months. Normally I get double posts but find 1 post is no longer there. Thats great if its fixed.

214 Studios

Ahh! I wish I had time to do this this weekend. I recently re-discovered an awesome music video from The Pharcyde, and I have been really wanting to try something like it:


by Spike Jonze


remember twin peaks, with the dwarf talking backwards? Anyone got time to learn backwards talking this weekend?


Am I aloud to make a machinima movie (which is what I make), or do I have to use live action?

Also, this reminded me of my friend's awesome video shot backwards, you all should watch it. A great payoff.

Breanna Granzow

A video the comes to mind is the Jack Johnson music video for "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"

It was shot completely backwards, it's very interesting to watch.

The Man Who Cried Wolf

what an awesome concept for my first Vimeo Weekend Project @

Paul Melvin

I have some footage knocking around I can work on.

Tungsteno Films Plus

Coldplay´s The Scientist could be a great example :P

nothing comes to mind right now, if something does I will give it a try.

Mali Woods

oh yeah didn't he sing that backwards so his mouth would line up with the song

Mali Woods

i saw an interview w/ him where he showed how it sounded when he was singing it backwards - and wow- that dude is talented


.og rehtona siht evig ot evah yam i ?mmH

ailatanotos Plus

ailatanotos = Natalia Soto

Well my user nickname is backwards, so i think i have to do something this weekend.

Ill try

Matty Brown PRO

I just uploaded my backwards video a couple days ago! I would've waited!! haha. Can I still enter it even if I'm not eligible to win? I'd love for people to see it.

Daniel Hayek Staff

sure we'll take a look, thanks for being considerate about the rules though.


cool lemmie give it a shot..... heh

Cliff Frost Plus


My cheap (PC) video editing software won't do backwards (or fast forward or slow down either). It's AVS Video Editor.

What sw can I try to do time effects? ;-)

Alex Wiebe

hmmm - I have the same problem (window movie maker). My son (mtracer) has figured out how to use Blender to do some basic editing. He cut together some recent video of me flying my little plane indoors - and reversed it for this project!

So, its my idea and raw footage, but his editing.

Cliff Frost Plus

Hmm, I looked at blender and it's daunting--mainly aimed at cartoon animation and doesn't recognize mp4 format. Any other ideas anyone?

Web Mistress Plus

I suppose it's a bit late, but Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8 lets you right click & reverse.

Maria Bowskill

After effects if you wanna spend the money on it, but not just for making something go backwards


Umm...quick question.When you say next Thursday you mean the 30th?

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