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Weekend Project: Capture the Fall

Alex Dao
October 4, 2012 by Alex Dao Staff


I loved watching all your autumnal creations for this Weekend Project! It was inspiring to see what you could make with your phones and the help of some apps. I hope you all had fun, thanks so much to everyone who participated!

And the winners are...
1st place goes to Marc Emerson:

Marc's playful tilt shift of New Mexico's Balloon Fiesta is just plain fun!

2nd place goes to Tuukka Parkkila with Fall is here (iPhone 4S Video)

Tuukka not only captured the vibrant colors of the fall beautifully, but also made his own music for this video. Way to be, Tuukka!

You can view all the submissions in the Capture the Fall Album.

Big thanks to everyone who submitted a video!


Hey Vimeans,

This weekend your challenge is to get busy with your phone. If you’ll kindly take a moment to stop gazing adoringly into your mobile’s screen and have a look around you, you’ll notice that the times, they are a changin’. More specifically, fall is descending upon those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere and we want you to use your phone to document the arrival of this pumpkin spiced season.

If you’ve been keeping up with your homework, you’ll remember that we told you about some neat apps for making mobile videos with your iPhone and Android phones over at the Vimeo Video School:

10 iPhone Apps to Make Your Mobile Videos Shine

5 Video Apps for Your Android Phone

You’ll need to use at least 1 of these apps (or another video app of your choice) while you’re creating your video. Whether that means taking a time lapse, tilt shifting the leaves, or using some filters to make the season pop, the most important thing is to be creative and have fun!

Need some autumnal inspiration? Take a gander at these vids:

The Rules:
+ Download some video apps on your phone (check out our recommendations for iPhone apps and Android apps)
+ Shoot your fall inspiration
+ Make your video no longer than 1 minute
+ Let us know what app you used in your video's description
+ Upload and post your apptastic creation to the Weekend Project Group by Tuesday, October 9th at 11:59 PM EST

You can shoot anything that makes you think of fall, there’s no need to limit yourself to pumpkins and leaves! Remember that only videos made specifically for this Weekend Project will be considered. Don't forget to check out the Vimeo Music Store for songs to use in your creation!

All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don’t worry if your video doesn’t show up at first; we’ll get to it!

The winner of this Weekend Project will receive a free Vimeo Plus account for one year!

If you're already a Plus member, you can gift the Plus account to whomever you choose, and we'll give you an extra 5GB of upload space for your account. The runner-up will receive an extra 3GB of upload space, Plus account or not.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Robin Ahn

I love fall colors. Makes me wish SF was a bit more colorful at this time of year. :)

Alex Dao Staff

Oh hai Robin! I bet SF looks plenty beautiful, fall colors or not. :)

Luca Tarantini Plus

This project definitely capitalizes on the sexy season... but my iPhone 3G is too slow to use for anything useful :( NO CAN PARTICIPATE :(

Alex Dao Staff

Feel free to show us what it's like in S. America this time of year!


It's called 'Spring' to most people ;)

mauricio diniz

i wish my city had fall too.
but here is summer all year long. I live in Manaus, a brazilian city in the middle of the amazon rain forest, by the amazon river. :P

Alex Dao Staff

That doesn't sound half bad to me, Mauricio. You should make a video and show us what it's like!

Be Fabulous Plus

Don`t worry, you can all come to Romania. Here it is fall ;))

Leon Kuklinski

i dont really like the app factor in this challenge..
But here we go: this is a "challenge" -so lets get stated!
get an Iphone/Android Smartphone

Rich Beach Plus

Erm, it's actually called Autumn, and has been since the 16th century, over here in little ol' England at least. Means reddish colour. I'm being grumpy because my phone isn't good enough and they won't give a good deal on the iPhone 5!!! And I didn't have a green screen last week... But, the next project, I'm there...

Alex Dao Staff

Whoops, sorry for the American slang (we call it fall in Canada, too, for the record). We'll keep an eye out for your submission in the next project!

Rich Beach Plus

Damn it! Now I need to produce the goods next time. Didn't realise you were all Canadian - love you even more now! Best holiday I ever had was in Vancouver (Whistler, mountain bikes, OMG...). How about a project involving pets?! or

Did the rain thing but missed the deadline:

(Thanks for even replying to my grumpy nonsense...)

SteveR Plus

"Fall" isn't American slang; it was used to describe this time of year in Britain in the 16th and 17th centuries. The word was taken to America by early settlers, and it remains in common use there. In Britain it has been supplanted by the more Frenchified "Autumn".

Rich Beach Plus

Ah-hah. Thanks for that. That makes sense. Love a bit of etymology. But you're not helping my grumpiness! And this was yesterday. I've moved on... :)


Yeah Autumn is what I meant to say too :p Ooops! We're all clearly just messing around though. Who cares what it's called. it's beautiful and worth capturing!

Pat Heine

Ah man, my phone doesn't even do video...! :(

Glen Graham II Plus

I am Becoming Increasing disappointed with the weekend project... Lets bring it back to video and editing please... Not every one has a phone that shoots video and your excluding plenty of good talent. It feels as if a corporate sponsor is putting pressure on you guys to come up with these challenges lately.

Alex Dao Staff

Hey Glen, sorry to hear that you're not feeling our challenges lately. No corporate shilling here, just thought it would be neat to incorporate the use of apps into a challenge but we'll make sure our future projects are more accessible for everyone!

Glen Graham II Plus

Thanks Alex, Glad to hear the corporate giants have not inhaled the sole of this amazing group. This is one of the groups that inspired me on a quest to shoot better videos with the talented members and your engaging challenges. One common thread we all share is producing better videos. I thank you for responding to my comment and realizing that it comes form a good place.

Mattia C

Hey Glen, let me tell you, not everybody has an expensive Canon Mark or a full HD camcorder SO sometimes trying to do something different and funny can be an opportunity to involve other vimeans in video project...

Glen Graham II Plus

Hey Mattia, My point was that the challenges should be shot on what ever video recording device you have and not restricted to Canon ,Iphone, Andriod, Nikon or what ever... Keeping the competition open to a broader range of Vimeans. But that's just my opinion and i felt compelled to voice it.

Mattia C

Ah ok, in this case you are right!! But isn't a little bit unfair to run them all together? I mean the quality of my phone cant be the same of a pro-camera...

Glen Graham II Plus

To me in video what is important is the subject matter, your perspective and the edit. I own the canon 7d but two of my favorite videos that get me the most work were shot on a flip camera and the other on the ipad2. The type of equipment used in filming is but one aspect of videos. Showing an engaging story that draws people in usually ranks higher. Below I've included links to the two videos referenced.

Video shot on the flip "Document It "

Star Mountain Media Plus

I agree with the OP completely. When "the Weekend Challenge" was originated, I was getting beat out by guys with a Canon 7D when I had a consumer hand-held camera. So I got a 7D, and then a 5D, and I've put 3 years of work educating myself on editing, lenses, codecs, etc.

And then you go and restrict video shooting to a cell phone? The rules seem designed to cater to the Insta-gram crowd. This is why I haven't participated in a weekend challenge since my first video on Vimeo. :-/

Jon Manning Plus

Is it cool to use a tablet in lieu of a phone? I have an android tablet that might shoot some shnazzy video. My crappy phone at 320x240 resolution, no so much. ;-)

Jon Manning Plus

Nice - it's going to be an interesting experiment in ergonomics at the least!

Julian Huijbregts Plus

Good! I might shoot some video with my old 3Gs but at least I can edit on the iPad without making it crash every minute :)

Fun challenge!

Mert Mayda

I use my Canon 600D as a phone. Can I use it to shoot?

Tbfxtcxzo Plus

My phone does only make video of 176x144 resolution and no apps have got permission to make my phone insecure, I think I have to skip this challenge :(

Klein Mein

still hot and summer in Cyprus...not too many falling leaves unfortunately :(

Alex Dao Staff

Show us what life is like in Cyprus this time of year!

Companhia de Canoagem (CdC) Plus

The most international fall (or autumn) I ever saw!! :) My trees are getting new leaves right now, flowers everywhere, plenty of bees and wasps flying around, 27 degrees and raising..... Guess we need cans of yellow, orange and red spray paint to enter this quest on the other side of the blue ball! :) BTW, one more from Brazil.

Kevin K

Beautiful videos. But yes, like others on this forum, half the planet has to wait 6 months to enter this challenge.

Mattia C

Hi!! I just edited mine but I didn't understand where I should upload it… on my account? or in the week end project blog...

Jonathan Serna

Palm Springs is filled with only one season; Summer!

Alex Dao Staff

That sounds magical! You're still welcome to join this project!

Bartek Jeekoos

does the video need to be edited strictly within the phone to qualify?


No iPhone :-(

The Golden Compass

Sweet! Going out rollerblading in Toronto's Don Valley. The trees out here are just starting to change and it's not yet as colourful as it will be. Hopefully, I can get some good stuff!!!

Alex Dao Staff

Awesome, I'll keep an eye out for your submission! :)

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi, please keep posts here relevant to the topic at hand. Thank you :)


I was out and got this with a GoPro stuck to my forehead while my nieces visited from Ontario :)
Not a phone so doesn't fit the contest, but I thought some might like to see the video anyway.

Gosia Juszczak

Which video app for Android give you tilf shift? I cannot find any...

Alex Dao Staff

Hi Gosia, unfortunately I also couldn't find any Android apps that let you tilt shift a video. :(

Gosia Juszczak

Thanx Alex. At least this means I am not a total idiot :) This time could not make it for the weekend challenge but I am impatiently looking forward to he next one!


really cool video, awesome.

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