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Weekend Project: Dream Description

Katie Armstrong
February 16, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Hiya Vimeo!

You're a certified creative type, but do you ever think about where your inventiveness originates? This weekend, we ask you to tap into your subconscious genius by exploring your dreams. To make this easier, we're resurrecting a classic Vimeo Project started by ErickC just over four years ago: the Dream Description.

To give this timeless challenge a twist, longtime Vimean Dustin Grella will create a dreamy animation using the audio from the winning video! (If you haven't checked out Dustin's project, the Animation Hotline, you're in for a treat.)

In addition to getting to collaborate with Dustin, the winner of this contest will receive a free Plus account! If you're already a Plus member, you can gift Plus to whomever you choose, and we'll give you an extra 2.5GB of upload space for your account. The runner-up will receive an extra 2.5GB of upload capacity, Plus member or not.

To participate:

  • Go to sleep with your camera next to your bed.

  • As soon as you wake up, grab your camera and record yourself recounting your dream in as much detail as possible. But keep it under 1 minute! You don't want US to fall asleep, do you?

  • When you're finished, upload it and submit your video to the Weekend Project Group.

Remember that only videos made specifically for this project will be considered. All submitted videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show up right away. We'll get to it. Promise!

All submissions are due by Tuesday, February 21st at 11:59 PM (EST).

Happy dreaming!


Christian Lampe

Yay, great project. Will prepare my camera right now :) But can't read the original Dream description as the link doesn't work for me :/

Aaron Khare

Yup, it says it can't find the page - I'm also using the new Vimeo..
Will try and switch to the old one for a sec..

UPDATE: Yup, it works on the old Vimeo =)
UPDATE 2: Thanks for the new linky =)


Now it works! Thank you Katie!


wow - nice idea - will see if I dream something interesting ;)


what if I am not an english native? My mother language or english only?

Katie Armstrong Staff

You can of course use any language you feel comfortable with. If you can provide subtitles in English, that'd be great!


allright - thx ;)

Inet Media

What format can I get this up to u in?

Nicholas Setteducato Plus

great assignment! would it be alright if instead, I put my camera on my pillow, and in my dream I will record myself recounting my day with as much detail as I can remember?

If I cant pull that off, I'll try the other thing ;)

413 Studios

that's hard, a lot times dreams can't be remembered.

Steve Yerian

Oh Boy, you guys are in for a treat...I have the weirdest dreams I lucid dream

Javid Suleyman

I see dreams that even the most successful movie directors cannot make a movie about that :D

Michael Adam Goins

I had a dreamless night, can I post a video about my dream from last night?

Jack Champion

All i dream about is boobs, explosions and zombie apocalypse' =]

Skylar Grant

This looks like so much fun! Cant wait to record tomorrow morning!


Im a dream reader and is great to read the dreams of someone you know, but having a library of dreams is simply Astonishing and historical.

Brian Tom

what about sleep walking, or talking in ur sleep?

Steve Larkin

Seriously JUST got done talking to my friend about possibly making a series of shorts which would be recreations of vivid dreams.

Crazy. Awesome idea.

Kristi Dake

i'm going to try and do this. sometimes i don't have dreams...........


Kudos! We love it! Dreams come true :)

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