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Weekend Project: Get Cooking

Andrea Allen
October 24, 2008 by Andrea Allen PRO

This weekend project is going to be delicious.

Do you have a unique recipe or a special type of food you love? Don’t keep it to yourself — share it! Film yourself or a friend making your favorite food and eating it if you want. Drink recipes are game as well. Just think, if we get enough, we can start a Vimeo cookbook.

Check out the Vimeo Food Channel for good examples.

Be sure to add your video to the Weekend Project Group.

Please, only add videos that you make specifically for this project. No old, stale videos you’ve already made or uploaded before — those are moldy by now anyway.

The staff will give a yummy 100MB of upload space to the video we think is the tastiest. We will accept submissions till Monday night, and my stomach is growling, so get cookin’!

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys in the kitchen, slaving away over your hot stoves. Don’t forget your hairnet and oven mitts!

UPDATE: The winner of this week’s project is nooneimportant, with the video “How Not to Make Candy Apples.” Thanks to everyone for sharing their awesome cooking vids.


Matt Schwarz Alum

I love the enthusiasm, if I could make anything besides cereal I would be on it, wait, I'll make the best cereal known to man :)

Mark PRO

Does ice count? (not in the mathematical sense)

rg lacandola

I posted my adventures in Tilapia! check it out.


PBJ! with hot melted butter


The answer to my question :)

I was working on that idea here in Paris
and looking for volunteers [do not know how to film yet :o) ]...


OH man! Just saw this as tonight's dinner is in the oven! Tomorrow...


I'm psyched!!!


My submission will be "How not to make candy apples".

Phantom Moose Films

I'd show my favorite guacamole recipe, but alas, I have no avocados to speak of.

Thomas Valdez

I made tea. YES, cop out. Still, fun though.

Blake Whitman Staff

Great entries everyone, we'll announce the winner later this afternoon!

Mister X

Un peu tard mais la mienne devrait être prête demain.
A bit late but mine should be ready tomorrow.
Rush are made (hopefully), just missing some editing.


The flavor of the chicken is controlled by the aromatic ingredients you put in the pot with it. In my case I always use onion, celery, ginger, bay leaf, parsley, and lemon: this gives a very clean and fairly neutral tasting chicken and stock that can be used for any dish that calls for cold chicken. Note that no salt is used, because salt can toughen up the meat. The good thing is that you don't have to watch the pot after the first few minutes, thus getting you out of your hot kitchen. Don't forget to set the timer so you go and do what you have to do to the pot when called upon.The one messy part of the process is de-skinning and de-boning the chicken, which is most easily accomplished with your hands. Other than that it's very simple to do. And once it's done you have enough meat ready to go for several meals, depending on the size or quantity of the birds you cooked.

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