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Weekend Project: Glass shouting

Blake Whitman
June 14, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

About a year ago, Si proposed a project called Glass Shouting. The project consists of this: put a glass up to your mouth, and shout as loud as you can into it.

See his example here

Victoria thought it would be a fun Weekend Project and I couldn't agree with her more. So find a good glass, give a good shout, and record it! Then post the links to the videos here.

Have fun and be creative.


Thommy Browne

... remember when Si was going to make an awesome compilation video of all of the "glass shouting" clips? LAZY BUM.


He must be given an ultimatum: make and upload the compilation video, or be forever banished from the Internet!

Simon Panrucker Plus

Oh jeez! Where will I find my daily dose of cat pictures?

I'm thinking of setting up a channel for these, I reckon that'd be cool. At least then everyone's efforts would be displayed. Then I will do a montage too... AT SOME POINT IN TIME.

Nah really I should do the montage. Gimme that ultimatum!


I didn't even do one. I feel like such a failure! :-P

Deannah Robinson

we need to have a weekend project group... I need something to occupy my free time!!!!!!

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