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Weekend Project: Magic Hour

Andrea Allen
August 9, 2012 by Andrea Allen PRO

*** UPDATE ***

I was absolutely privileged and overwhelmed when watching all 96 submissions to this Weekend Project. Each and every one of you did a great job and really exceeded my expectations. Your videos are stunning and beautiful and you should be proud. Thank you all for participating!

And now the winners!

Royal Gold | Weekend Project: Magic Hour from Charles Yeager on Vimeo.

The simplicity of his video along with the sounds are really nice, but my favorite moment is towards the end when he holds the marble to the sun. Runner up is Julian Schadler's "Teaser - Magic Hour Weekend Project

Honorable Mentions go to Valerie Francisco for Golden Advice" and An Rong Xu's Golden Hour

Watch all the videos submitted in the Magic Hour Album! Again, congrats to everyone who participated. You made some really wonderful videos.


Hi Vimeans,

I have the wonderful honor of judging the next Weekend Project!

This weekend, your mission is to capture some cinematographic magic. How?
By shooting footage during the "magic hour" (sometimes called the "golden
hour"), that elusive period of time where the world looks especially
beautiful. The magic hour happens twice every day -- the first and last
hour of sunlight. Because the sun is near or just below the horizon, the
natural light is soft, diffuse, and full of warm tones.

Midday, the sun is directly overhead, creating intense light and harsh
shadows. During the magic hour(s), you don't have to worry too much about
overexposing highlights or losing images to shadows. You can capture an
entire scene in gorgeous detail by simply pressing the record button.

Check out this video Ian Ruschel shot during magic hour to see the effect
in action:

Magic Hour from Ian Ruschel on Vimeo.

This Weekend Project's Rules:
+ Hunt down and shoot the magic hour -- with your camera of course.
+ Edit your video down to one minute or less.
+ Upload and post your video to the Weekend Project Group
by Tuesday, August 14th at 11:59 PM (EST)

What you shoot is up to you, but get creative with your shots and subjects
to use the magic hour to its full potential.

Please remember that only videos made specifically for this Weekend
Project will be considered. All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff
before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show
up at first; we'll get to it!

The winner of this Weekend Project will receive a free Vimeo Plus
account for one year!
If you're already a Plus member, you can
gift the Plus account to whomever you choose, and we'll give you an extra
5GB of upload space for your account. The runner-up will receive an extra
3GB of upload space, Plus account or not.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!



Daniel Hayek Staff

Right here- weekendproject, just a note we approve all of them manually, so it 'll take some time for your video to show up in the Group.

Matt Schwarz Staff

It will always upload to your personal account, uploading directly to the group just adds it there automatically.


Damn it! I mean, Paris is an awesome location, but I don't have no equipment :( oh well, next time

Andrea Allen PRO

I'm definitely looking forward to watching all the entries!

Greg Crawford

Some of us work all weekend long, and do not have the ability to shoot this weekend also here in Western Michigan we have alot of cloudy days making it an impossibility to get shoot in the right lighting conditions. (Can't you allow previousley shot footage? Great Weekend Project idea. Keep up the Projects for more advanced people.

Joao de Sa e Pinho

Nice idea, thanks god my city is doing one of the greatest medieval event ever

ByTheSea Plus

does the footage have to be from this weekend, or can it be old footage reedited for this weekend project?

Andrea Allen PRO

I'd like you to shoot new footage. The goal is to really try to push yourself to get creative with how you use magic hour to enhance your shots. Let's see what you can do!

Camille DeBose- SocMedia Films

"I'd like you to shoot new footage. The goal is to really try to push yourself to get creative with how you use magic hour to enhance your shots. Let's see what you can do!"

I'll be picking up new magic hour shots this week-end, but I'd also like to sprinkle in shots from about 10 days ago (same project- everything shot during magic hour). Would this be fine?


I am going to do something special....

Arifin Zainal

I hope, after upload my video, the judge or the staff will be impressed ;)

Andrea Allen PRO

Which part? Are you confused about what a weekend project is, or what magic hour is?

Zia Kalyan Plus

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions.
Mine is up.

Joyce Rodrigues de Azevedo

I have a footage from the last saturday. I didn't shoot it specifically for the project though I thought it would be nice for the weekend project. Can I still use it once the video will be edited and uploaded specifically for this weekend project?

Daniel Hayek Staff

If it fits within the creative challenge, sure, but if it's completely unrelated then no.

Camille DeBose- SocMedia Films

I didn't submit because my question above wasn't responded to. This was the answer, but it came a lot too late. I'm a little bummed.

Rebeca SanLoz

Hi! yesterday I submitted the video
But it's the first time that I do this, and i don't know if it's in the group! So if somebody can confirm it to me...
Thank you!

Rebeca SanLoz

Thank you!! I did the same too, so I hope it's being checked by the judge. Good luck too and good job as camera, nice movements!

Rebeca SanLoz

checked! and comment! thank you!! and good luck too!

Katie Kenyon

Ive tried finding the "add" button on the page but i cant find it and need to add my video to the list! please help!

Julian Lojek Plus

When you go to the "Videos" --> "My videos" section, you should see an overview of all your uploaded clips and a little cogwheel in the upper left corner of each of them. Clicking the cogwheel will take you to the video's settings, and there should be a tab titled "Add to", where you can add the video to any group you are a member of. Maybe this requires that you actually join a group first, have you already done that?

Katie Kenyon

yes i've joined the group, it did allow me to add my video but i don't think it's actually on there, maybe you can't see your own video in the list?! ill have a look. Thanks

Julian Lojek Plus

I think that all videos have to be approved by an admin/moderator. Mine didn't show up yet, either. But I uploaded it close to midnight EST and it's now only 6:30am over there, so I guess we might just have to wait a couple more hours.

Dennis Rubio

it rains in england so not sure about magic hour here :(

Julian Lojek Plus

Whew, that was close. Uploading mine now, I hope it will make it up there in time. :-) It was fun, thanks!


I have probs upload it, now i'm praying so hard to let my vid get uploaded....

Tom B

mine is uploaded! : )

Julian Lojek Plus

By the way, why doesn't this Weekend Project have a post in the group's forum? Just wondering...

Julian Huijbregts

Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to the next challenge.

Cheryl L Plus

Congratulations to the winners. Enjoyed watching the entries.

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