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Weekend Project: Make Some Noise

Andrea Allen
March 5, 2009 by Andrea Allen PRO

UPDATE: This Weekend Project was downright amazing. You all produced some of the coolest videos I have seen on Vimeo!

Because there were so many great videos, I've decided to change the rules a bit. I'm making the winning video a Staff Pick and giving them extra HD embeds and megs for uploading. Two runners up get extra megs and embeds, too.

The winner this week is OOgle Flix with this video: Light Guitar Rock.

Runners up are suzenako with Vals mecánico.
and Paul Higham with Chow Mean - Timeline Music.

Like I said, all the videos submitted were a joy to watch. It made my Friday morning rock. Thanks to everyone.

Hey everyone,

Weekend Project time is here again. I was thinking we should spark some interest in creating your own music.

You can make a beautiful orchestra out of everyday, seemingly boring sounds! Check out this video by Adam Pelling-Deeves.

Because this Weekend Project requires labor-intensive editing, I'm giving you a deadline extension to next Thursday. That's one week. The winner will be announced next Friday.
Please remember to add your video to The Weekend Project Group.

Have fun!


Justin Noel

That's unique. I will try that. Good blog

Andrea Allen PRO

Awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing what you come up with!

Aaron Talbot

love it..time for a new tweet. what a great excuse to video my weekend.

Andrea Allen PRO

Yeah, I think this is going to make me really pay attention and want to capture all the sounds I encounter this weekend.


this is gonna be my first weekend project

Andrew Wilson Plus

Great idea! I'm in! :D

The video you provided is REALLY cool, too! XD

Matt Riley

I'm on board. and going to start right now.

Andrew Wilson Plus

I have a couple questions:

1: Is a user able to submit more than one video to the weekend project?
2: Can the video we produce be musical in nature? Ex using a musical instrument, but edited and not played in real time.

Andrea Allen PRO

I am going to make an executive decision and say you can upload more than one vid, but you should specify which one you'd like to have considered for the judging -- meaning, it wouldn't be fair to "stuff the ballot box" with more than one of your videos. But certainly upload and add as many as you want!

And you can produce and use any sound you want. No restrictions on that end. :-)

Andrew Wilson Plus

Thanks for the clarification. It's just that I had one idea I know I wanted to work with, but there is also the possibility that I'm soon going to be creating a sound-related project for one of my classes that I'd like to submit as well. I'll probably just submit the first idea and not my class project.

Paul Higham PRO

Great video that, I'm actually halfway through a project that fits perfectly into this one although it does use actual instruments. I'll get it finished this weekend!


Awesomeness! Will try it :)

AdamPellinDeeve Plus

How nice. I'm proud to be an example of something. There's lots of other great videos on Vimeo using this technique. I should be working at the moment but later on I'll add a few links.

dalas verdugo Staff

Timber by Coldcut blew my mind in like 1996. I couldn't believe that they had a computer powerful enough to edit like that, since up to that point I had only used tape decks with an edit controller.

Trak Plus

Nice idea, i'll try to make sing my cat and more.... Excellent video Adam by the way, and funny ending


This is a great project idea! As its gonna be the first I'll participate in, are there any rules, other than one video per person that I should know of? (Eg is there a time limit?) Thanks!
Btw cool video Adam!

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Dementia,
No time limits, no restrictions on sounds. Go for it!


A plastic tube orchestra? I'm on it!


lol, this is gonna be fun to watch and listen to!

Ira D. Paradigm

I will try, probably will suck at it though. should be interesting.


this weekend may good for every one


Sorry, i don't have time this week... :-(

Gil Mortio

I did it yesterday. thanx for the tip.
I'm afraid I did'nt understand anything about the theme but... bof! Hope you'll enjoy anyway!


Hi, just a suggestion, in my opinion the weekend project should be a week long project.

Andrew Wilson Plus

Excellent! I should have mine up Thursday morning before I go to SPAIN! :D I'm so excited, about that, and my submission!!!! :D It's going to blow some minds! Into little chunks of awesomeness! All over the walls! Gnarly! Hehe


i'm from spain, where do you go? (or come?)

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