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Weekend Project: Multi-frame Madness

Stephen Niebauer
February 12, 2010 by Stephen Niebauer Staff

Hi Guys & Gals,

The weekend is upon us and it's time for a video project. I know it's been a while, but we have a very cool weekend project idea that we really like, and think you will too! We want you to get a little experimental with this one and use multiple video frames! Basically, make a video that has multiple clips playing at once within the same screen, kind of what picture-in-picture on TV looks like.

Maybe you have a bunch of footage from a recent vacation, a ton of b-roll clips to supplement an interview you did, or a series of videos from a night out on the town with your friends. Whatever it is, we want you to show us in a fun multi-frame style. We think you'll find that multi-frames allow your viewer to take in loads of information at once while keeping them engaged in the material and also allowing you to really pick and choose what to highlight vs. what to use as background.

Most editing programs are capable of layered editing like this, although we cannot give you a tutorial for your specific editing program, a quick Google search will help you find many tutorials and guides to get you moving.

A great example is this video Isenseven - TIMES, made by Vincent Urban. There are a ton more to check out in the Split Screen Stuff channel! Here's a fun video tour of our new office! We used Final Cut Pro to edit and experimented with a few different split screen techniques.

A few things:
Try to keep your video under 3 minutes and make sure to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group.

The video with the best integrated multiple frames will get a Plus account (for Basic users) or 25,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). The runner-up gets an extra 1 GB of upload capacity (for Basic users) or 10,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). Make sure you only submit videos made specifically for this weekend project!

Submissions are due on Tuesday (2/16) at 11:59PM (EST).

Have fun, and we really look forward to what you guys put together!


Hey everybody! This past weekend's project videos were some of the best I've seen. It was super hard to choose with such a great variety.

With that being said, we have some multi-framed winners! Ji Won Shin's 3-framed piece called Bittersweet Moments has put her in the runner-up spot and has won her an extra 25,000 HD embeds! Be sure to check it out!

And our winner, with a brand new Plus account, is Travis Tindell for his epicly edited Winter Shots. So nice, I watched it more than twice.

Great job everyone! Have a good week.



mark fingerhut Plus

i may actually do this one! im going to nyc for vacation! although im getting back tuesday night..... damn.

Matty Brown PRO

Wow, it's going to be awesome to see what people come up with! I'm sure there's going to be some very clever ones.

SteveR Plus

I may have to sit this weekend project out as I don't think any of this multi-screen business can be done with iMovie '09.

SteveR Plus

Having researched this a bit, I've found that iMovie '09 can do a very limited version of this sort of thing. So I might just enter, if I get any inspiration.

Horsechicken factory

So intresting project! this is one of few times that i like a picture in picture...very cool!! :D

MadHat Plus

owww yes, that sounds like a great project for all the stuff I shot just an hour ago on a freezing street corner :)!!!

Thomas Valdez

You're really good at this Stephen. Glad you'll be able to see what other Vimeo heads can do. =)

glass popcorn

uuuurgh this frustrates me...i use imovie. they seriously need to add a bunch of effects on the next ilife update or i'll be angry

Brian Kasnick

this makes me think of 500 days of summer and that is a good thing.

Fabiano Waewell

Great idea!

actually I have this video, made a year ago that used this idea.... multiple screens!

take a look and tell me what you think of it!

I'm already thinking hard on a new one!

cheers everybody!


for which both I and my appalling sense of modesty are grateful...

sam spreckley

nice project idea... here's my attempt... its a bit freaky, just the way i like it... added to the weekend group... regards ;) sam


here's mine, by encouragement from a friend:

video for bon iver's blood bank, if anyone knows the song. hope you enjoy it-- lots of great submissions in this thread : ]


For enter to the contest it's just add the video to the weekend project collection, right? In other case, here is my proposal to the multi-frame project>


here's my entry - the footage is of last sunday's annual valentine's day pillow fight in san francisco. . . i tried to keep it chaotic like the fight itself was. . . editing and shot choice could've been better but i was trying to get it done in time for this weekend project. . .

MadHat Plus

hi, tried to add mine to the weekend project grup but it remains 'pending' - am I still on time?? Posted it yesterday!

Andrzej Sosnowski

got the same problem. maybe there's so many submissions it's taking a while.


Is there software to capture a Skype chat as a splitscreen video?


The concept is so 1960's, It was done with the Woodstock footage, It barely worked then. It's just lame, like your office video sample. Be more cutting edge!


Thank you.
I like your eloquence.
No room for critical thinking here?


Tristan Brady-Jacobs

Missed it!! This is my comp too - tho mine have already been made - check my films - they are mostly multiframe

Wesam Nassar

maaan! i missed this. Would have loved to submit. i think i will anyway :)

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