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Weekend Project - Photo Essays

Sam Morrill
July 28, 2011 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

Being Thursday and with weekend soon upon us, we thought we'd give all of you a little something to conceptualize, execute and deliver in the next few days. In other words, it's time for another Weekend Project!

Now, we're all well aware of the power of the moving image. Whether it's guys dropping in on thirty foot waves, a family's first trip to Disney World or a plastic bag floating aimlessly against a brick wall, moving images have excited or comforted all of us at some point.

What we're perhaps less accustomed to is the power of still images. More specifically, series of photographs set to sound, used to tell a story. We frequently see this used in online journalism. I suppose you could call these "slideshows," but this time around, we're asking you to leave the corny transitions at the door. That said, it would be more appropriate to call these "photo essays."

Check out these two photo essays if you're looking for some inspiration:


Your photo essay should be non-fiction no longer than 3 minutes and made up entirely of photographs that you take specifically for this project. All submissions are due on Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:59 PM (EST). Also, don't forget to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group.

The winner of this contest will get a free Plus account, or if you're already a Plus member, we're going to let you gift the Plus to whomever you choose (along with an extra 2.5 GB of upload space)! The runner-up will receive an extra 1 GB of upload capacity whether Plus or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!


UPDATE Congratulations to our winner, Ricard Zapata for his video Paraic King and to our runner-up, Danilo Sierra for his video El Chorrillo, Panamá.! The entries overall were outstanding and we received a really good turnout! Hopefully we'll do another Photo Essay Weekend Project in the future. Thanks to all who submitted!



Does it have to be narrated, does music (that I have composed) qualify as non-fiction?

Sam Morrill Staff

It doesn't have to be narrated. Not sure what you mean by music qualifying as non-fiction?


NVM, I figured the music one out. Question about photographs being specific for this project: does that mean they have to have been taken on the weekend (weekend)?

Sam Morrill Staff

Yes. It means that they should be photographs that you took with this specific project in mind.

Danilo Sierra

I wish there was a group just for photo essays... I want to practice more.


Then you should start one.

Danilo Sierra

I'm new here, so I was just checking. I will definitely if there is no groups yet for that. Thanks!


Welcome to Vimeo!

Victor Cruz

A day late! Man this would have been great for me to do on my wife's cake decorating. She just finished a cake last nite. But sounds like fun so will think of a subject. Count me in!

Sam Morrill Staff

Hi Zac, I think that's probably more of a slideshow. I can't really discern a story from it, which is what would make it a photo essay.

Zac C

Thanks, I went ahead and took down the link, but I do think I have some ideas for this. Thanks.

Larry Costales

My cousin is working on a mural in San Diego, I guess I'll pay a visit this weekend.

Super P.

Got a LOT in my hands. So, no.

Tahlia Espenscheid

im definitely in, i think i got a good idea. its for a good cause too

Darryl E. Clarke

Interesting project... I wonder if I can sneak an idea in over this busy weekend!

Juan Giovanni

Great! but can I have classical music as a background? or one of my original songs I've just recorded?

Danilo Sierra

I posted the video and it said "pending", what does that mean?

Sam Morrill Staff

All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff first. Your video has been approved, so no worries!

Victor Cruz

Ok, was all hyped to try this project at start of weekend. Then realized as weekend progressed that I had nothing done. Sunday came around and I just grabbed my camera and shot what my kids were up to. Then I thought I would be a bit vulnerable and narrate something personal to the photos. Think it came out ok for my 1st try. Audio is not great but overall I like how it turned out.

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