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Weekend Project - Short Biographical Documentary

November 18, 2010 by Mark Staff

Greetings, people of Vimeo!

How's everybody feeling this week? If your week was awesome, I hope your weekend is even awesomer! If you didn't have such a great week, well that's okay! It's the weekend now! And since it's the weekend, you know what the means, right? Do ya? Do ya? WEEKEND PROJECT, AHOY!

Have you ever seen someone and think to yourself "Wow, I bet this person has some pretty cool stories to tell"? This weekend we'd like to give you the opportunity to capture these stories on video. Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your mailman is like? Have you ever wondered why that really tall guy stands on the same corner every day holding an iron? What about that security guard who works the midnight shift at the bank? What does he do all night? How about the war veteran you pass by on your way to work everyday collecting donations? Surely he's got some interesting things to say.

I've been working on a series of videos called "Playing for Pocket Change" where I interview musicians playing in the streets and subways of NYC. I'm going to show you my most recent episode, released today, as an example for you to use.

The main goal here is for you to get to know somebody better. I love when I see a musician playing in the subway that I've filmed in the past and go over to say hello. I've made new friends! Try to interview somebody you're not related to and get out of your comfort zone a little bit. We won't deduct any points if you don't, but give it a shot! Escape the confines of your social circle.

The winner of this contest will get a free Plus account or if you're already a Plus member we're going to let you gift the Plus to whomever you choose (along with an extra 2.5 GBs of upload space)! The runner-up will receive an extra 1 GB of upload capacity whether Plus or not.

Your video should be under 6 minutes in length. Submissions are due Tuesday, Nov. 23rd at 11:59PM (EST). Submit your video to the Weekend Project Group or you won't be eligible for the contest. Only videos made specifically for this project will be considered. All submitted videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff, so don't fret if your video does not show up at first, we'll go through all the submissions early next week.


You guys totally rocked it this weekend and made it nearly impossible to choose a winner. Y'all shared so many great stories that we enjoyed watching so much. But the fact of the matter is A WINNER AND RUNNER UP MUST BE CHOSEN!! Hey, we didn't make the rules (okay, we did). So without further ado...

The winner is Taylor Kyles with his video Little 5 Poetry Guy!

This week's runner up is Counterbugs' video titled Long Time Gone - A Portrait

Congratulations you two! And thanks to everybody else for participating!


Dylan Mercer

No Promises, but i will be carrying my camera around this weekend with this in mind...

Jan Borst

wow, brilliant clip!!! loved it!

Vikram D'Mello

stellar example of quality documentary work. well constructed, interestingly pieced together, start-to-finish narrative, and visually lush as well, that too in some of the worst natural light possibly available! kudos.


totally dig the vibe

Juan Ice

Really like the concept. How great would it be if because of this video, Erik Meier got a record deal, or sold a lot on iTunes. Or even became a graphic designer.

Dana Spielmann

Elegant. You really learn something new.

Marco Olofsson

Really well done, i am amazed!

Having his own song in the background while he's being interviewed by you creates a feeling. It's hard to explain but you can't help but to feel bad for the guy, i am totally blown away. Amazingly well don!

Castaway Films

Great video, I've always wondered about the buskers' stories, I'll ask them next time, maybe even film it. Great idea, really well executed.

Lorene Amet

I would like to submit an entry to this weekend project- it is a short story that tells a lot about someone, but it is not in an interview format, more so in images, picture, with some voice over. I'll try anyway even if this does not fit fully the criteria.

Michiel Pruijssers

ow...just discovered this contest! So cool, I will definitely participate next time! :D

Lexx Films (Be Creative)

i think this is great piece of work and the story is really touching. well put together

zlatko pančić

Very nice doc. video. Concept is very strong very human. Love it.


This is awesome. I am actually planning on spending next year doing this. I picked out 12 people I work with at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Miss. These are people that really have a passion and care for other people. I thought they would have an interesting story to tell. I was actually trying to write some grants to get a little funding to help me with the project ... anybody have any pointers or where to seek grants for this kind of stuff?

Fabrício Belzoff Plus

this is very interesting. Since i have been a vimeo's member i have seen a lot of people making films about untold stories. And that became a subject for me. I'm editing a short movie that would have a lot to do with this project, but i'm afraid i won't finish until tuesday. However, congratulations.

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