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Weekend Project- Show the Story

Daniel Hayek
May 14, 2010 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Hi Vimeo Community!

Some of you may have noticed this recent staff pick brought to you by the fine folks at StoryCorps or maybe you've seen this fascinating story by Vimeo Member JoshFlowers.

This weekend we'd like to see a story by you, our wonderful community members, illustrated through the power of video. Find or create an audio recording of an interview that you've made with a friend, family, or anyone with an interesting story. Take that audio and illustrate it whether through animation, abstract imagery, or shoot footage you think best complements and helps show the audio you've found or recently recorded.

Just to be clear the audio portion of this project can be from a recording previously made but the video portion needs to have been made for this weekend project specifically. Try to get creative and experiment with your storytelling, video footage that shows the storyteller talking to the camera or interviewer while potentially compelling isn't what we're looking for with this story. Keep your video under 2 or 3 mins. The video that most creatively shows the story wins!

Make sure to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group. Please note that the Community Staff will approve videos for inclusion into the Group and will also be selecting the winning videos.

The winner gets a Plus account (for Basic members) or 25,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). The runner-up gets an extra 1 GB of upload capacity (for Basic users) or 10,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). Make sure you only submit videos made specifically for this weekend project!

Submissions are due on Tuesday (5/18) at 11:59PM (EST).

Have fun with this project and have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks for the submissions! Here are your weekend champions:

Conversations by Brian Lancaster

A Need for Greed by Greg Crawford

Congratulations guys!

Until next time!


Remyyy Plus

You never miss the best spot, Handstick.

Tobias Blickle Plus

Good idea! :) Can you make a recording exclusively for the project and use it, or does it need to be old?

Mondock Entertainment

Can the audio recording be from a television show or movie? Maybe even an audio recording from a radio show? Please let me know! Also, does the audio recording have to play in the short film?

Blake Whitman Staff

Yes, the audio has to be in the video. but you can use any audio that you have the rights to use.

clint enns

it is worth reviewing your rights under fair use (usa)/fair dealings(canada) as well!


good way to use weekend jobs


Hey, thanks Daniel for linking to Still Life.


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cole anderson

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