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Weekend Project - SoundCloud Inspiration

Stephen Niebauer
February 24, 2011 by Stephen Niebauer Alum
Hi ho hi ho! It's time to make some more super sweet videos for the Weekend Project! This week, we are particularly excited because we've teamed up with the fine folks over at [SoundCloud]( to get a cool piece of music for you guys to use in a video. This song is by SoundCloud user [Vanchy](, who also has [a Vimeo account]( It's called [Catching The Simple But Happy Days (Electronica road song)]( and it is as good as the title suggests. There is just one simple rule: Use the song below in an original video that you make this weekend. Download the song, at the [SoundCloud song page](, or click the little down-arrow on the right on the song below! Submissions are due Tuesday, March 1st at 11:59PM (EST). Submit your video to the [Weekend Project Group](weekendproject) or you won't be eligible for the contest. **Please remember that only videos made specifically for this project will be considered.** All submitted videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff, so don't worry if your video does not show up at first. The winner of this contest will get a free Plus account and a [SoundCloud Lite]( account! If you're already a Plus member we're going to let you gift the Plus to whomever you choose (along with an extra 2.5 GBs of upload space)! The runner-up will receive an extra 1 GB of upload capacity on Vimeo, whether Plus or not. Good luck, and we can't wait to see what you guys do with this great track! Don't forget to [download it here!]( [Catching The Simple But Happy Days (Electronica road song)]( by [Vanchy]( UPDATE: We have some winners! But to start off, this was the biggest Weekend Project to date! We had over 85 submissions. Thanks so much for participating. It was a blast to watch so many awesome videos, and super hard to choose a winner! Our winner today is [Weldon Byrns]( with his piece [Seven to Eight](weekendproject). It's a nostalgic and endearing tribute to his son growing up. Our runner-up is [Trixie Barretto]( with her video, [Sydney's reactions to Vanchy](weekendproject), where she goes around town to show off Vanchy's sweet tunes! Also [check out the video](weekendproject) that [Vanchy]( made for his song as well. Congrats, guys! And thanks everyone for making this the biggest project Vimeo has seen yet!


Nic Justice Plus

I just discovered soundcloud this week. So this is a pretty awesome weekend project.

is this song under a creative commons license?

AutoLife TV Plus

I could really use that Plus account, very cool little project!

Michael Albritton

haha Brandon you are all over vim. This seems like a cool challenge. Are you gonna do this? I wish I could but im leaving the country.

Vanchy Plus

Thanks Steve, David Noël from Soundcloud and team for choosing my song!

The best of internet music and video join together. Big kudos!


nice!!!, SOCIAL NETWORKS EMERGE!, this is some Combo, good stuff Vimeo! & Soundcloud!, Vanchy good stuff!


I've been making video's for music that I find on Soundcloud and posting them on Vimeo for the last few months. Excited to be officially challenged with such a nice tune!

Eric Wahlforss

this is great. really curious to see the videos!!

Chebeni Plus

Yeah, I want to know how much of it we have to use to be eligible as well.

Greg Thomas

Cool. It looks like it might snow up here in SF, so this should be an interesting weekend.

Ashik Bhuiyan

Submissions are due Tuesday, February 29th!!!!!!

matthew wall

Just thinking the same thing.... 28 days only in Feb.
Music sounds great. I'll see what creative juices I can get going this weekend. Nice weather for it here in Adelaide 35 °C. Might have to head down to the beach...


SoundCloud is the bomb! It is where I'm hosting the free download of my electronic music EP Dark Things. Here is the video for it.

Weldon Byrns

Sound fun!
Do I have to use footage I shot this weekend or can I use footage I already have and do a edit for the song?

i Valentina Foubert

"Please remember that only videos made specifically for this project will be considered."
I think that means yes you should shot for this project this week-end! good luck!

Weldon Byrns

I did see that however, you could make a video specific for this project using new footage or old footage...
I read it that you could not use a finished video you already have done and just lay the track over it. I hope someone from vimeo could clear that up for me.

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hey guys, you have to shoot and edit it all within the project period.

Weldon Byrns

Thanks for the rule!

I'll have to play another day...good luck to those that can!

ARTRIX Studios

Dang it - Daniel just disqualified mine and a number of others that were already uploaded with the new definition of "make = conceptualized, shot, edited and uploaded, - all within the project period" - "Make" a video to me means conceptualized, edited and uploaded. Exactly how are you going to be able tell "when" the video was shot? Honor system?

Stephen Niebauer Staff

Hey guys,

Sorry, but there was a little bit of miscommunication between us about the rules, and we ARE accepting videos that have not been shot in the past weekend. As long as you have edited the video this past weekend, and use the song, you are eligible in the project. Sorry about this!

ARTRIX Studios

Thank you both so much - for me and the others - :-)


thanks guys!!!! definitely good to know and to keep it clear between all of us!!

David Noel

Whoop awesome! Good luck everybody!

Greg Keegan

Really good week-end project! Good luck to you all!

Victor L.

My two prefered websites working together ! Amazing !! The SoundCloud is the BEST music website, as vimeo is the BEST for videos ;)

Elaine Davis Plus

OHHHH, it is so good to see you team up with SoundCloud!! I have an account there and that place is FULL of wonderful music!! Great selection on this one. It's a follow for this artist! Thank you! =)


Cant wait ..... Its a great sound and should bring interesting videos....

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