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Weekend Project- They Shoot, You Edit

Daniel Hayek
March 26, 2010 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Hello everyone,

It's time for another sweet, sweet Weekend Project. Here's the challenge-

Have someone you know and trust take a camera of yours and instruct them to shoot what they find to be interesting during the course of an afternoon or so. If they're not familiar with the camera model make sure to instruct them in the basic controls such as on/off, record, zoom, etc. Let them shoot whatever footage they find appealing, try to allow only their perspective to influence the shooting subject matter and technique. Once they're done, your work begins. Take the footage they shoot and try to assemble something worth watching that is no more than 2 or 3 mins in total length. The most interesting video that demonstrates keen editorial choices and technique wins!

Make sure to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group. Please note that the Community Staff will approve videos for inclusion into the Group and will also be selecting the winning videos.

The winner gets a Plus account (for Basic members) or 25,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). The runner-up gets an extra 1 GB of upload capacity (for Basic users) or 10,000 HD Embeds (for Plus members). Make sure you only submit videos made specifically for this weekend project!

Submissions are due on Tuesday (3/30) at 11:59PM (EST).

Have fun with this and make sure to share with your camera buddy the final edited video.

P.S. Big props to Taylor Gillespie, our new Community Apprentice for inspiring this week's project ;)

Update: This week's winner is Lea Amet with her piece Adolescence, a dreamy peak into moments of youth. The runner up is Rob Sargeant who took footage that his wife shot of a domestic home maintenance problem and turned it into a funny medley. Thanks for everyones submissions. Tune in later this week for the latest challenge.



superinteresting idea!

D's EyeZ Productions

Interesting I think I will have my assistant do this while learning the camera. Sweet

Darie Armin Alexandru

and if I don;t have a camera buddy, can I burrow somehow someone else's buddy ? and this is a serious question... I really want to edit some video like, raw footage but... don't have that buddy as I said...


Great! I can edit on my own concept, subtitle & music dubbing.......etc.

Jacek Barcikowski

Hey, cool idea! We made similar project last year on our Video Prototyping classes and it was a lot of fun. The funny part was that the editor didn't know the story behind the shots, only raw footage.

China holidays

Seems like a great idea, but some of us poor souls have to work this weekend. looking forward to seeing the winners though.

Taylor Frye

Keep doing these ideas. Not going to have time for this one but will def. like to complete and submit one here in the near future!

Kyle Inselman Plus

I did this for class a few weeks ago! It's a really great project to improve your skills to work with audio or video that you didn't capture yourself. I may just have to try it again this weekend...

Eduardo Yep

I'll try this one...
It is valid just for afternoon time?
Can it be night, time during a concert maybe?

regine espinosa

Cool, whahah...must find a camera buddy pronto. Whahah!

Jack Brandtman

Awesome i have the best footage where my mate stole my camera and video taped at a party

Naïma Underwood

How long do videos take to get approved? It's passed the deadline but mine hasn't been approved into the group yet, will it still be able to make it in? (I uploaded it a few hours before the deadline)

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