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Weekend Project: Video Haiku

Andrea Allen
August 21, 2009 by Andrea Allen Staff

Weekend project time
make a video haiku
and add to the Group

Here are the rules:
Structure - 5 seconds, 7 seconds, 5 seconds

Write your own Haiku, or you can use someone else's (be sure to credit the author!)

Either read the Haiku or title it into the video (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables)

Tag with 'Vid Haiku' and be sure to add it to the Weekend Project Group!

The videos are due Tuesday, August 25, at midnight EST.

Here's a great example by Taylor Gillespie called Dusk.


All of you did great.
We had to pick a winner.
Andy Mellon wins.

Andy wins for his video: Visual:Haiku. Andy gets 250mb more upload space.

Our runner-up is Jesse Larson for her video Haiku: Bashō. She will be receiving 100mb more of upload space.

Thanks for making this a great project, everybody. All of your haikus were awesome. Check out all the videos here - Video Haikus.



This one sounds like fun
Which video will win this
I am starting now !

Chris Wells Plus

Hope the staff will keep to the original elements influencing the traditional haiku form:

1. Seasonal Reference
2. 5 7 5 syllables (seconds an interesting twist)
3. Influence of zen meditation
4. Last 5 syllables evoke a surprise observation or intent insight
5. Relationship among the 3 segments

Enjoy everyone.

Lam Thuy Vo Plus

just read that but i think i almost kept to it. thanks for posting!


This is a fantastic idea but unfortunately I'm going away for the weekend so I've knocked up a quick pair -

which I just need to wait to convert...

if I get back early enough I'll try and do a proper one.


what you doing next weekend? feel like helping me out with some filming?


I'd love to, Harry, but I'm away next weekend as well. I know, I'm a dirty stop out...



jesse young

(If you want to be technical)
From the Haiku Hotel:

A haiku is a short poem that uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition. though Japanese haiku consist of 17 "on" sound units, english haiku use syllables which are longer than "on," so english haiku translate best at about 12 syllables. due to the misunderstanding of this, many grade school teachers mistakenly taught that haiku should be three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. modern poets now agree that was flawed logic, and english haiku should be shorter - anything 17 syllabes or less is acceptable. but more important than syllable counting is the construct. though often written in three lines, haiku consist of two sentence fragments - the setup, the pause, and then the aha! moment, or the punchline. haiku should include a "kigo" word that alludes to the season, and it should be written as an observation.

Andrea Allen Staff

I shall never forgive my grade school teachers' misunderstandings. Thank you for clearing up the Haiku technicalities. ;)


haiku & vimeo, two of my favorite things!

sophie pasqualetti

To make a nice haiku is not really a weekend project,- once I have made a haiku diary,- it is need a lot of time to crystallise the things You want to describe at that particular "language" ! But it is a really really nice project anyway!=)

Florence Artur Plus

On the other hand it could also be a different take on the same thing - to try for something less refined and more spontaneous. Come on, give it a try :-)


Awesome project. I'll see what I can come up with!


Mine is still rendering, I don't think I am going to make it in time . 3d BGs slowin me down I'll have to think of something else.

Andrea Allen Staff

Your vid haikus are awesome, Taylor. It was a no-brainer to feature you! Thanks for making some of the coolest vids on vimeo!

Dan Young

This project was so much fun. I can't believe I have waited this long to actually do a weekend project! - Uploaded mine to my accnt - added to group - until it's added check it out at:

Joseph Neigh

Why isn't my Haiku showing up in the group? I checked the "add to group" option...


Wow right at the Buzzer!
I thought I wasn't going to make it in time , but Arg.. my vid isn't showing up!!
Just checked.... I'm waiting in line :( Upgrade! :)

30FiveMM Plus

Please watch my video. Its my first one on the website and im really excited

Alan Natale

A lot of these are impressive! Great idea for a weekend vid project!

Chris Wells Plus

Gotta differ with Jesse on the form. It is part of the challenge to meet the required form and English is as easy for this as is Japanese (especially if you only use On-yomi (no kun pronunciations). Variations allowed by English high school teachers to help students understand the concept don't do justice to the original poetic form. A true "on" form Haiku in Japanese would in English be like saying, OK, you can vary the form, but only use English words in use before the Norman Invasion (200 years after "On" were brought into Japanese in the 7th Century). Now that would be a challenge! So, vimeons should stay on form and judges should follow the weekend project as stated, not "modernized".

There are some great examples on this post. Still cruising for the most insightful one .......:)

Martti Ekstrand

Hmm... I didn't read it as a 17 second total limit. Only that the segments for the lines should be 5, 7 & 5 seconds.

Alan Natale

This is what I love about Vimeo; doable weekend films and then seeing, not only what you yourself come up with, but the creative, different approaches by everyone else- very cool. Thanks Andrea.

Greg L

OK the runner up is cool and all, but it is not a haiku! The first line is 4 syllables, not 5.

Nick Kurtz Plus

Well, it was translated from the original Japanese, which did fit the format.

Just Victoria

The original fit the format, but the "translated" version did not. This leads me to believe that we don't need to follow the "rules" to win these competitions. Are these rules, or guidelines? It would be great if a staff member could clarify this...

Congrats to Andy, his Haiku was stunning in every aspect!


i need mroe time in my life to do weekend projects. :-/ i miss doing them!!!

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