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Weekend Project: Your Summer So Far

Cameron Christopher

Hey Vimeans,

If like us you reside within the Earth's Northern Hemisphere, you've probably been enjoying the summer season. Because that's what summer is for, right? And since you are enjoying it, hopefully you've been filming it, too. That's what this Weekend Project is all about: footage of friends sipping lemonade in hammocks, underwater shots from your snorkeling vacation, and SD cards full of fireworks. This week, our challenge to you is to create a short montage of your summer so far. You can use any previously taken footage from this summer, plus whatever warm-weather exploits you capture this weekend. For inspiration, check out this video by Samuel Ebat:

And whether you're using older stuff or taking your camera on a sunny adventure, keep these helpful Vimeo Video School lessons in mind:

5 Summer Vacation Video Tips

Lens Flares

Quick Tips for Capturing Fireworks

The Rules:

  • Use footage from this summer and/or this weekend.
    • Your video must be no more than 1 minute long — make it snappy!
    • You must upload and post your video to the Weekend Project Group by Wednesday, July 11th at 11:59 PM (EST)

Please remember that only videos made specifically for this Weekend Project will be considered. All videos must be approved by the Vimeo Staff before appearing in the Group, so don't worry if your video doesn't show up at first; we'll get to it!

The winner of this Weekend Project will receive a free Vimeo Plus account for one year! If you're already a Plus member, you can gift the Plus account to whomever you choose, and we'll give you an extra 5GB of upload space for your account. The runner-up will receive an extra 3GB of upload space, Plus account or not.

So stay cool and put together some hot shots — we can't wait to see what you create!

We had an amazing turnout this weekend! It was a close call, but our winner this week is Matt Brass, with his video American Summer!
The runner-up is Calvin Keyes with Summer So Far.
You can view the other submissions here.


Richard Baldwin

Rain, rain, rain and guess what, some more bloody rain! - lens's flair - you taking the proverbial!
Still, don't forget us filmmakers int Yorkshire like.

David Koster

Hahaa, same here in the Netherlands mate!

NoellaL PRO

Same in Paris and we're not getting the fireworks until the 14th of July over here :( What a shame!


Great Idea! I've just posted a video of my weekend in La Costa Brava, but why not making a great summer salad and add it to the picnic of this next sunday in the sunny Barcelona :)

Stephen Diaz Plus

do it! check out my video called editbayeditdays for inspiration i just did timelapses with the gopro, but i bet if you put some time into it you could make it way more creative and sweet! definitely make sure you have a clock in the frame, (analogue would be awesome to see it spinning) to show the time passing.

SteveR Plus

"That's what this Weekend Project is all about: footage of friends sipping lemonade in hammocks, underwater shots from your snorkeling vacation, and SD cards full of fireworks."

In Britain, it's not quite been like that.

Dave Mackay

True! Although you could probably go snorkelling in Newcastle and get your underwater shots what with all the floods they've been having.

Venture Films Co

Amazing project idea but would like to see the duration changed so it can be longer than one minute!!, please

Josh Pfaff Plus

Can we title it whatever we want? and do we just need to attach it to the weekend project group? Sorry im a noob (first weekend project).

Cameron Christopher Staff

Yeah, Josh, feel free to call it what you want. In the past, I've included Weekend Project in the title or description, but you just need to add it to the group!


Hello Cameron, I live in Brazil, which is in the Southern Hemisphere .... we are in the winter .. but here the climate is totally different there ... even in winter we have mild temperatures to 19 º C. .. greetings


thank you very much


Hi Tommy, please one question: I have a video made in January this year... can I introduced it here?

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Gera, Sorry but the video must of been edited during the project period.

Gera problem!! big hugs!!!


We have already been thinking and connected with a befriended band. They where giving the song an we our summer footage. Watch here

Cameron Christopher Staff

You must upload and post your video to the Weekend Project Group by Wednesday, July 11th at 11:59 PM

Jonathan Gasca

Can I edit the footage? or does it need to be raw?

Juan Nunez

Sounds fun! I'm thinking of making a shorter version of my vacation in South America.
Right now its 2min 59 sec :(

yacov afuta

cool i love it
when i need to upload it ?

Andrés Arbit Plus

I'm in!
Question: The one minute rule is unbreakable? It can last one minute ten seconds? I'm almost done.

Venture Films Co

I accidentally unchecked the "Weekend Project" group in the "Add to" section of my video, hopefully you guys could please re-add it?

Thank you

Daniel Hayek Staff

Just click to add it again! We'll review the submissions before they are made public.


Nudity okay, yes?

Do Did

i already uploaded my summer video... can i still make a short version and submit it?

Max Bailey

Done !!!

This is my first project, I've checked the box to add it to the weekend project group, so hopefully it will appear before midnight!\

Hope you enjoy!

Jon Wetzel

I added mine to the group but it's not showing up!

Max Bailey

I think as long as you added it on time it will be okay. a vimeo staff member has to watch it first to make sure its appropriate content for the group!



Couldn't find mine also... it is like my summer doesn't exist....


So out of curiosity, as I've not participated before, how/when is the winner announced?


I added my video Sweet Summer yesterday on time, but it doesn't appear! Did you received it?

Rene Massier

Rain Rain and nothing but Rain in Austria. No way to ride the Ninja :-((

where I was one week ago? I haven't read anything about this contest, but I made 2 videos and uploaded the experimental one on vimeo, but the second one on youtube, 'cause I thought "it's just a funny experiment with frames and borders", too fun for vimeo! And vu-ah-laaah - it's something pretty close with these works! Crazy information cosmos .[~ * ~].


Some day we didn't know what to do and then drive to Kamenjak ( Croatia ). We make some funny clips.

Michael Courouleau

Thanks for posting the rules. They are very important specially because I am planning to participate this one.

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