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Welcome to Version 5 of Vimeo!

Jake Lodwick
June 26, 2007 by Jake Lodwick Alum

Welcome to the new Vimeo. A lot has changed on the surface, but the same philosophy of respect for you and your videos remains. In many ways, we've simplified things, and I encourage you to explore the site for a few hours to digest the differences. One change is that "Your videos" now includes any video you appear in or otherwise have a credit for.

I've built websites for ten years and directed videos for sixteen, and I've never been prouder of anything I've worked on. We've been building this new version ("v5") for over six months and it feels so good to finally release it. But what I'm most excited about is the near future, the next couple months. We have an elite pack of passionate professionals who are going to tear into our development pipeline like wolves into flesh; like prom dates at each others' formalwear. You're sitting right up front; prepare for a lot of blood.

If you'd like to discuss the new version, we created The v5 Forum just for you.


Chris Van Patten

Jakob & Team: congratulations on the release. I'm already impressed at the changes I've seen and I haven't even dug too deeply. This is definitely a huge step forward for Vimeo. Again, congrats!


Jakob & Co., awesome work guys! Just digging into the details right now. This is some seriously cool stuff.

Jake Lodwick Alum

Thank you. Once the dust settles, I'll be sure to finally play with the new Zooomr!

Khamis Hammoudeh

I am excited to get exploring! Congratulations on completing V5 Vimeo Team!

Update: So far, I am impressed! :D

Gus Sacks DP Plus

Nice stuff. I want my pretty photo to work soon. But congrats, either way :)

Ben Plus

Wow, this is fucking awesome.

Ben Plus

i mean i think i literally want to have sex wit the website...god i hope vimeo is a it's really late sorry.

Glenn Wolsey

This looks stunning, congratulations on the new Vimeo guys. I might just start using Vimeo over YouTube now.

Glenn Wolsey

Indeed it will be, I'm planning on starting a technology video show soon. Vimeo will be the place.


This is kind of a weird compliment to make, but as someone who runs websites with advertising, I'm impressed with the Amazon ads integration.

Jake Lodwick Alum

Our new guy Patrick whipped those up, and it was Jonathan's idea to just make matter-of-fact Amazon endorsements in the first place. And yes it's a weird compliment but I like that.

Patrick Moberg Plus

The idea of sharing money you spend online to support a creative website just seems like such a good idea.

Paul McClintock

I thought those were fake at first... like a joke. Bah, at least they're nice LOOKING ads.

Josh Helfferich

I just want to tell you guys thanks. All of you at the Vimeo crew. I feel like I need to shake each and every one of your hands.

This is awesome.


Wow, it's gorgeous! Really an impress redesign ... now if only my uploads weren't giving me a 500 error. :(

Chris Van Patten

I noticed the same thing, specifically with uploading a new picture for myself.

Jake Lodwick Alum

portraits are a little weird at the minute; they're fixing it now.


Thanks Jakob. Currently all videos have bars on them, is this part of the deployment phase?

Andrew Pile Staff

Yeah, we have to regenerate all the images so it will take some time.


@andrew Thanks for the info. Long night for you guys... I'm betting a lot of funny videos are being recorded as I type.

Josh Helfferich

On a second note:

I was about to call it a night. Vimeo ruined my sleep schedule! Sweetly ruined it, so deliciously.

Cameron Christopher PRO

As I said in the new forum, this is brilliant! I joined Vimeo with the intent of being in a community-type atmosphere, but I realize it's more than that. The new design and the new Vimeo are beautiful.


Dope redesign Vimeo team.


I really like it thus far!! Now people will be able to see that I'm on here almost all day with the online now feature!


I wouldn't mind. I also love the "we recommend" ads, every time I see the George Foreman Grills one I laugh and I've seen it multiple times already.


looking nice. I just happened to login tonight to upload a video and was pleased w/ the new design.

John Zimmerman

Looks awesome. The simplicity of the new menu makes me feel like I won't miss out on any features, before you were able to get lost for a second, not anymore. Nice revamp.

eric cwiertny

WooHooooooo! Looks cool. Still searching around. Congrats to the team on the new look and feel. I know you guys have poured your hearts and souls into this new version. Here's to version 5 and to the future of Vimeo!!!

Now I gotta find a new profile image to celebrate!



As a V5-Beta tester I want to congratulate you and the developers on great new version of Vimeo. I feel priveleged to have been a part of the Beta testing and want to says thanks for letting me be a part of it. Stay true to YOUR vision my friend!

Oh and by the way I want to see you running through the streets and alleyways of NYC eating a fish taco.


running and eating a fish taco might be dangerous. but it will be tasty.

Andrew Love

alissa: depending on the situation, NOT running with that fish taco could prove to be more dangerous.

Tommy Smith

I'm only slightly discouraged by the inclusion of prominent ads in the new display. As someone who loves websites that bury their funding sources (so we can appreciate the content without thinking about buying something), I'm going to have to work hard to get used to seeing a Canon or SunDisk ad every time I want to post or look at someone's ad-free material. I suppose advertising is a necessary evil of a company growing, and I was going to hesitate from saying this at all, but given that Vimeo is all about free expression I thought I would voice my concern. (And IS it a necessary evil?)

Jake Lodwick Alum

(yes, presently)

I probably hate advertising (as we know it on the web today) as deeply and fundamentally as anyone you know. But I'm optimistic.

Tommy Smith

I loved Vimeo's Disturbia "ad" -- something that we got to interact with and comment on. But the presence of ads in this new version is the only part of the "community" that I can't communicate with.

(And, by the way, I do love the new interface, and I should be sleeping but am wired awake playing with it.)

Jonathan Marcus

Hey Tommy:

Please be patient with the ads. Fortunately, there are always solutions to problems. And, were good problem solvers ;)


I don't mind the ads, because it's a free site after all, right?

michael galpert

i'm assuming team vimeo will launch a pro account for paid users

Ben Plus

where do i send bugs, view counter is broken

brainopera Plus

Awesomeness. I recently plugged Vimeo as a "creative community centric" video sharing service at a public talk I gave in Singapore about the future of online video. Thumbs up and keep it going! :)

Hilco Klinkert

Didn't know there was a redesign coming and I was positively surprised. No, more than that, it was a WOW experience.
I even like your ads, I clicked four of them already!

Paul McClintock

I just wanna say wowee thanks for letting me beta-test. It was fun.


what a beautiful log page may i say.

needless but lovely.

Matthew Wilcox

Much respect, I absolutely adore the new log-in screen. As a designer myself, I wish I wish I wish I was given time to be as creative as this on the things I work on.

Beautiful redesign guys and gals, congratulations.

Andrew Love

That's actually some good insight, Jakob. Very apt to me right now.

cecile marie

i've never been so excited. you guys spoil me.

Iain Brew

congratulations on the new version - i learnt so much from the beta - thanks to the dedicated team *props*

Makinov Plus

Pretty pretty new site, good work children, good work!


congrats v5 vimeo crew! awesome new look... so fresh & so clean. the full screen feature rocks!

Bobby Braccia

vimeo has never dissapointed me

thank you for making my newest addiction even sweeter

Joao Antunes Plus

The new version is great!

Congratulations to the whole team for all the hard work!


great layout!!


Major, MAJOR props to you Jakob and the vimeo staff v5 is amazing! I love the new player, and the design. Great work!!!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! !

DJ Paine Plus

WOWEE! that was QUICK!

jakob & co - question:
does this mean beta has gone away for good?
{cause i'm missing it already}


Great ! I love it (now I'll go to the forum to write about the few things that bother me...)

Tiago Alves

Saudações em português!
Muito bom, surpreendente o trabalho de todos vocês equipe do Vimeo!


Good work I especially like the tastefulness and seemless integration of the advertisments.I do not like ads but you have struck a really good balance and as usual you are setting the standard.

Mark Schoneveld

I love the new site design, but one HUGE complaint! What happened to the video STATS! If anything I want MORE stats, not NO stats! Please, bring them back!!!


Stats are cool.

Andrew Parker

I'm stoked. The results are even better than I expected

Blake Whitman Alum

Yes, congrats on the launch guys. Sad to see that the testing is over but glad everyone gets to take a stab at it now!

Now everyone at Vimeo... get some sleep!


dude i like the old vemio u changed my backround and i dont know how to search for videos fuck u.


you should of stayed on youtube.


Well done.


its a work of art.

Kevin Ng

'Bah' words cant explain how good this is...ahh...perhaps a vid contest as a tribute to Vimeo v5


Looks great...

...thanks for the hard work.

Abby Plus

this is awesome jakob... i was so giddy last night when i saw the logins were down because i knew i was going to wake up to something great!! thanks to the team for their hard work!

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