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We’re putting our video power behind a new documentary series: Focus Forward

Chris Diken
January 31, 2012 by Chris Diken Alum

If you’re anything like us, you spend hours each day not doing work because you get wrapped up in all the amazing short-form documentaries on Vimeo. It’s incredible what can be captured in just a few minutes: the arc of a life, the growth of a business, the global impact of a simple idea. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with GE and video publisher Cinelan to power Focus ForwardShort Films, Big Ideas, a new documentary series about people using technology and innovative thinking to change the world.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward has asked some of the world’s most celebrated documentary filmmakers ’ including Morgan Spurlock, Jessica Yu, Stanley Nelson, Lixin Fan, Steve James, Joe Berlinger, Lucy Walker, and more ’ to create 30 three-minute stories on everything from gene therapy to wireless technology to waste management. Films from the series will be premiered online and at festivals throughout the year. In fact, the first five Focus Forward films (alliteration is cool) just premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Watch all five of them right now.

If you’ve got documentary chops, you can get involved in Focus Forward, too. The Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge enables anyone to submit a three-minute story that embodies the Focus Forward ethos and compete for $200,000 in cash prizes — including a $100,000 Grand Prize. Submissions (which will be accepted right here on Vimeo) open in April during the Tribeca Film Festival. Learn more about the Challenge.

We’re extremely proud to be involved in this project, and to provide video support for the whole Focus Forward initiative. We’ll keep you updated as more films are released and deadlines draw nearer — until then, focus forward!


Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Tristen, you have to switch back to the old design for that link to work.


cant seem to access the page.... (i am using the new version of

Chris Offner Plus

"Watch all five of them right now." leads to "Page Not Found". :/
This sounds terrific, I want to watch them. :)

Blake Whitman Staff

Are you in the new Vimeo? If so, switch back to the old design and it should work.

Chris Offner Plus

Yes, I am using the new Vimeo. Thanks, I'll try that. But... it's so hard to go back. It's just so sexy! :)


the links are not working !

Oiffy PRO

The "Learn more about the Challenge." leads to a Page Not Found error page, at least when we tried it on the new Vimeo.

Oiffy PRO

Yessir! Your order is our command!

KO Designs


Page Not Found

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Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Kyle, You have to switch back to the old design for that link to work.

KO Designs

Why is the link on the above picture then? Wouldn't no one on this page be able to go to that link?

KO Designs

Why is the link on the above picture then? Wouldn't no one on this page be able to go to that link?

Daniel Hayek Staff

You can just switch back to the old design and it'll work. As we transition from one version to another there are bound to be some roadbumps.

KO Designs

And why do my replys go to Vkey Psycho and not my own thread.

Also, Just say'n. lol

Alvaro S

Wow, this looks awesome. I love Lixin Fan


This is a very good blog just full of useful information. thanks for sharing this post.

Intangible PRO

This is incredible and I'm really hoping I can be a part of this (story and time depending) :)


sonun go

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