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Andrew Pile
October 2, 2009 by Andrew Pile Alum

We always try to be as transparent as possible here at Vimeo, so from time to time we like to give you guys a solid update on what we're cooking up. On the menu soon are a few BIG projects that we're very excited about and we think you're going to like them.

Desktop Uploader

You've been asking for it for years, and now it's coming: the Desktop Uploader is a fancy new way to upload your videos without ever launching your web browser. This should be perfect for those of you who sometimes have trouble uploading, and for folks who would like to batch upload a bunch of videos at once. Features include:

• More-stable uploading (no more frustrating browser time-outs!)
• Pause/resume features (Start. Stop. Get a sandwich. Start again. NBD.)
• Upload multiple videos at once (Up to 10 at once!)
• Edit titles, tags, and descriptions (more controls coming in future updates)
• Available for Windows, Macs, and Linux (it uses Adobe AIR)

The uploader will be in public beta soon, but you can get special access now by asking for it here.

Vimeo Desktop Uploader

Advanced Stats

As many of you know, we've been working hard on a new stats feature. It's taken us a while because we want to get it right, and so far it's looking great. The majority of the features will be for Plus users with a few key stats available for Basic members as well, so everyone can join in on the fun. Feature highlights:

• Extensive data on all videos in aggregate and individually
• Daily breakdowns of likes, plays, comments, HD vs SD plays, loads and finishes
• Awesome referrer data (where are your videos being watched?)
• Share and download stats (find out what video people download the most)
• Geo stats (see where people are watching your stuff)
• And more...

We'll be releasing advanced stats before the end of the year, but for now here's a preview:

Vimeo Plus Stats

Vimeo Plus Stats

Vimeo Plus Stats

Vimeo Plus Stats

  • NOTE: We're tweaking these views a lot so what you see will change before it's done.

Larger videos

If you haven't noticed already, the video pages are now larger. For most videos they are 640x480! That means your SD videos are bigger and better than ever. And more often than not, your videos will play in their native resolution. For an example, just check out this video.

Featured Groups and Channels!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these Groups and Channels we've been watching:

The Pictures Don't Move
Sometimes the best videos are ones where not a lot happens. Great for photographers or anyone else looking to celebrate the simple and beautiful side of capturing video, The Pictures Don't Move is a fantastic Group that celebrates the pure experience of capturing life on video.

FilmTools: How To
Not everyone has a couple grand to drop on the latest and greatest film accessories. We sure don't. Film Tools is perfect for you guys to share your DIY skills with step-by-step instructions for making all those fancy new toys everyone seems to be using. Learn how to make lend adapters, steadicams, glide tracks, and all sorts of other cool equipment.

Corkscrew Bootlegs
"Produced coaster videos are OK but, they fall short when you want to get an actual feel for the ride. This channel is dedicated to the true coaster video, when the rider sneaks a camera on board, straps in and hits record." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Enjoy the week, and as always, have fun and be creative!


mike ambs

Oh - and I sent Blake a message suggesting Vimeo add a "uploaded via" link somewhere on the site. Maybe in the date area (when you hover your mouse over a video's date and it expands) you could also say: uploaded with "website, Tumblr, email, cellphone..." and now ;) "uploader"!

Would help spread the word pretty fast... kinda' like Twitter allows to see *how* someone tweeted.

Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts on the idea.

Tanel Teemusk

Good job guys. Can't wait for the advanced stats.

mike ambs

(My 1st comment said) that I've been beta testing the Uploader and it's amazing. I even had CS4 crash my computer the other day really bad...

When I restarted and re-opened Vimeo's Uploader, everything was exactly the way I'd left it. It even picked up where it left off progress-wise (which was really good cause it was a 1GB file that I'd been uploading for 4 hours already).

Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait for Stats! <3


grrrrreat stuff! can't wait! i need to make a video right now so i have something to play with when this stuff comes out. thanks, guys!


Any plans for iPhone support? Of course I don't want to have flash on the iPhone, but some other video sites already found ways to make their videos accessible for this plattform, so it is at least technically possible (also see HTML5 etc.).
So I hope you can give us some info if you have something in the pipeline regarding this :-)

Andrew Pile Staff

We are working on some cool stuff. We're still in the lab but so many people want it, I hope to have more news soon.


Great to hear that, thanks for the reply.
Keep up the good work!

Jedd Goble

Awesome! Can't wait for stats!


Ahhh i can't wait!


how much love is too much love?

txcrew Plus

I love Vimeo. You are my favorite cuisine. Plus

Hi from Spain Andrew.

Why not a playlist?

Vimeo in spanish its possible?


Trond Svendsen

Great job people! I'm so happy I'm a paying member, supporting the great people of Vimeo!

Saulo Valley

Very nice, guys!

I was hoping for changes in the vimeo there is much time behind.
one of the changes what I would like seeing, was that it was easier of a video is shared.

when it opened the window, the form of selecting the person with whom you want to share, it was of the same way that it happens when we want to send a video for a group. In the current way it is weighed and tiring.


debris flying in all directions...what...this wasn't a word association?

Tommy Penner Alum

I was really hoping this blog post involved baked goods. A rare occasion that the Vimeo staff has disappointed me.


This day is almost as majestic August 1, 1986-- The day Bon Jovi's 'SLIPPERY WHEN WET' dropped on yo ass.

Andrew Pile......YOU GIVE LOVE, A BAD NAME.

Tang Zhehao

Love it! Be quick!I cannot wait!


Awesome this looks great! really excited about the stats upgrade, that's the only thing i've always really wanted on this site. that will def be a great thing to have added in =D

Edmond Burnett

Sweeeeet! Really looking forward to the stats update. Good work...


cant wait

geco campos Plus

I'm a pro-vimeo, and I never be so happy with a video broser like I'm with vimeo; so, thank you very much vimeo staff...


Oh man, I want it now :P if only your price it's more accesible.. :)

Pablillo José

Well, definitely this is one more step in the becoming one of the most innovative websites! If only the world knew what could come next with this great tool!

Vimeo, you are just a beginning...

Ok.. back to work...

alexander kempf

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Marlon Núñez

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please plase I can´t wait!!!!.hehehehee... Congratulation Vimeo...

I love Vimeo

ailatanotos Plus

Súper, it is so good to be back and plus to know about this!

vimeo rocks!

Joseph Griffin

This is UBER exciting! I cannot wait for advanced stats. Great job you guys. Vimeo just keeps getting better and better all the time. :)


Very GooooooD, looks fantastic.

Hyperfokal Plus

Nice :-)
What's the difference between Views and Plays?
Views are only for the embedded plays?
Edit: Mhhh, on a second that might be my own views of other videos, right?

Blake Whitman Staff

Views are times the video loads and is viewed, a play is when someone actually pushes the play button.

Hyperfokal Plus

Ahh, thanks, I see (at least I think so). So, when somebody is viewing a video the first time, it counts as a view and play. But if, for example, he or she wants to see it once again, thats a play but no view.
Sorry for my stupid questions :-(

Michael Rissi

Great, love the stats! Will the stats also include the past or will they only cover prospective statistics?

Blake Whitman Staff

They will go back a few months on some of the stats, much further on other stats like plays, likes, comments - stuff we have been recording forever.

Andre Le Roux

Vimeo allowed me to test the 'beta' of the uploader and you guys are in for one heck of a present. I could rest peacefully whilst all my vids uploaded without a hitch.

Article19 PRO

great, more stuff "coming soon" for six months!

der Igel

Any need for Picasa Uploader? Picasa works on Windows, Linux and Mac too. Primary it's Photo Manager, but can handle video too.

Matthew Clark

where's the like button for this blog update?!

rick fiduccia Plus

Just what I need – more data and numbers!!!

Can’t wait to see how many people are watching my videos between 243am and 326am in central Europe using an Apple computer with a 17” flat screen on a wooden table located in the north east corner of their living room plugged into Netware modem on a Linksys router. It would also be great if Vimeo would include data on when the person viewing the video last calibrated their monitor using SMPTE color bars

PLUS membership - unrivalled :-)


supersweet :)


stats stats gimme gimme!!!

Gatis Šļūka

Thank you for these! But I am also waiting for iPhone support...


Where do I sign up? :) I have an upload que waiting


Beautiful stuff. Thanks for keeping us informed with such a big smile, Andrew — enthusiasm shows.

David Mihal

looks awesome, cant wait to try the new stuff. throw in iphone support and i'll upgrade to plus today!

Sam McCready

congrats! thank you!
happy chuck norris day to aLL! heheh

Caspar-Jan Hogerzeil PRO

Sounds great!

As i have problems replacing videos, i hope this will help. Can i be a beta-tester?

Kyle Hofmeyer

I have a warm fuzzy feeling about this one!!! Can't wait...

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