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Why charity: water creates immersive 360 videos

March 8, 2017 by derickrhodes Staff

Jamie Pent is an incredible videographer and editor, and she’s been part of the Vimeo community for over eight years. That’s a lot of video memories we’ve shared together. But Jamie’s been up to some particularly awesome things the last few years; she’s the in-house video producer for charity: water, a non-profit focused on bringing clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

An early adopter of 360 video, Jamie and the production company Here Be Dragons shot “The Source” in 2015. The film documents the struggle to obtain clean water in an Ethiopian village over a 13-day period, and continues to bring a new awareness to the mission of the organization. Jamie was kind enough to walk us through this project: from why 360 video helps brands meet their goals, to how creators can tell a compelling story through 360 video.

Seeking more 360 filmmaker insight? We hear you: head to 360 Video School, built to house our (growing!) list of lessons, tutorials, and advice.


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