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Win awesome prizes in Canon's Story Beyond the Still contest and watch the latest winning entry!

Blake Whitman
March 18, 2010 by Blake Whitman Alum
Hey Everyone, If for some reason you've been hiding under a rock on Vimeo for the past few months and you still haven't heard about The Story Beyond the Still contest sponsored by Canon, then you should definitely pay attention because it's awesome. Canon and Vimeo have teamed up to offer anyone with an HD camera the ability to enter an incredibly unique and collaborative filmmaking contest for a chance to win some great Canon prizes and have your work seen by a group of top Hollywood producers and cinematographers. Basically, the contest is a continually evolving series of seven total chapters that begin and end on a still photograph, with each round beginning with the still image from the previous chapter winner. If you're a little confused, not to worry, we explain it more in depth on our first [blog post]( including the contest rules. The contest already kicked off with a bang for the first round where user [Runner Runner]( saw beyond the still of the first chapter, Vincent Laforet's film ["The Cabbie"]( The winning entry for the first round can be seen below: Now we're nearing the deadline for chapter three (due March 22nd at midnight) and hopefully lots of you are already working on your entries! If not, that's cool, but you can still participate by watching the entries and voting on your favorites starting March 31st on the [contest page](The Story Beyond The Still). We encourage you all to enter the next round if you aren't already working on your entry right now, and I speak for all the judges when I say we are very excited to watch your interpretations and see where the story goes! Have fun and be creative, Blake


Ozzy Alvarez

wow, the end totally caught me off guard. Excellent work and shots.

Irol Trasmonte

I think this video deserves the price. In terms of continuity, it's way better than the rest of the entries. Just my opinion though.

Sam Tolman

mmmmm i dunno, i dont like the fact it follows the original story line....i figure the winner would have branched out and come up with a completely original plot.


You could get around the original plot making some sort of subplots and explore that, but trying to keep some elements of the original plot.

Tuebor Films PRO

Well done. Some great choice of shots and good suspense at the end.

Justin Berken

It is required that all these videos be created with a Canon consumer camera right?

Luis Palha

I was very excited about this competition but lost all interest when learned that was ONLY for USA residents. Maybe next time there's a competition ONLY for EU residents

AlCors Plus

Same for me. Without wanting to be polemic, I do feel a bit "discriminated". But I guess there has to be a legal motivation behind this decision. Otherwise I wouldn't really see the point to it.


i ran an art contest for a video game company and some EU countries and Quebec Canada had some crazy legal issues to overcome. Probably was too much of a headache to get legal all together in the time span of launching the contest.


Same Here, loads of guys all over want to enter but not able to....

tenemos explosivos

Same here. I would love to participate, but since I'm not from USA, I'm out.

Not fair at all.


The same.. Wanted to play the game but USA only, too bad.. Waiting for EU edition!

Sunny Sawrav

Man! I don't say I could have made something better than that.
But I could have tried. :(

Jeff Price

I love this contest, and I love the first winning entry. Can't wait to watch the 3rd chapter entries!

William Byers PRO

He did a great job, a lot of supense and action. Sound was also great.

Ervz Tia

must be a great experience to join but we're in the Philippines!


this should be open worldwide, not for U.S. residents only


only U.S.????? hmmm boring competition...... Afraid of what's behind the borders of the U.S.?..... why?

Frentzel D.

No matter if i win. The Film was cool.

Alex Everingham

Boo... bies... boobies. :)

Excellent winner, great production value throughout, good stuff.

Doug Lawrence PRO

Very well shot--I particularly like the traveling truck scene with the camera out over the right rear wheel well. It's a detail, in a video filled with detail, that shows a sort of Hitchcockian POV.

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