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Win Up to $100,000 in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge

Chris Diken
April 25, 2012 by Chris Diken Alum

A little while back, we expressed our unbridled enthusiasm about Focus Forward, the cool documentary series we're powering for our pals at Cinelan and GE. The series brings together three-minute stories of innovation from 30 of the world's most celebrated documentary filmmakers (Morgan Spurlock, Lucy Walker, Jessica Yu, and more), and now you can get involved through the Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge.

If you're a filmmaker with an idea for a three-minute nonfiction film that pertains to the themes of invention and/or innovation, you can enter the Filmmaker Challenge for a chance to win $200,000 in cash prizes, with $100,000 going to the Grand Jury Prize Winner. The contest is hosted on Vimeo, so if you are a creative genius with great ideas and an exceptional eye for visual detail, now's the time to submit your work.

Focus Forward is looking for pro-quality films that highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas. Anyone can enter, and all formats are welcome: HD, animation, film, or any other mode that captures the humanity-improving impact of your subject. Submissions are open right now through August 23. Learn more about the challenge and submit your film >

In related news, the next four Focus Forward stories just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Watch them now!


James Ricker

Very exciting contest! My brain is abuzz with ideas


without story!not interestet

Gnarkansas Plus

would love to move myself out of the standard definition days :)

Mickey Miller Plus

Should get a lot of interesting submissions. Does it say criteria for judging? Or is it a popularity contest?

Storyhunter PRO

This is a great contest. Also, feel free to submit short story ideas to for the chance to get paid and get your film out to the world.

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