Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when Vimeo makes videos? In this episode of Working Lunch, we picked the brain of Vimeo’s video producer, Ian Blau, to better understand what happens in our own production studio to bring creator stories and product launches to life.

Bringing experience from Adult Swim, Conan, and the rowdy world of reality TV, Ian has plenty of advice to help businesses with any level of video experience — even if it’s no experience at all — with creating flexible spaces to shoot beautiful video.

Just this year, Ian and the video production team renovated the studio space at Vimeo HQ, which was previously occupied by the creative minds at College Humor, from scratch.

“We had this big, white, empty room to work with, so we set to work designing what the perfect space for a video production team would be,” he says. The most important element? Having a modular space that accommodates different types of video shoots.

“We’ve seen pegboards and stage flats used a lot in other studios, but we’re still in Manhattan,” Ian admits. “As much as we love this space, it’s not as big as a lot of professional sound stages.” To create maneuverability in the space itself, the team built the studio walls with French cleats and retractable backdrops.

Catch a sneak peek of the studio’s modular elements in action:

With an intentional approach to the studio build, Ian and the video production team can now create starkly different types of videos in the same cozy space, like:

Regardless of your video team’s size — or if you even have one at all — investing in a foundation for your video strategy is crucial. Whether that means investing in a studio space or purchasing equipment, having the right tools will get you off on the right foot.


For any size team, investing in gear is crucial, because you want to build that foundation. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Getting that basic toolkit is super important, especially if you’re a small team.

Ian Blau Video Producer, Vimeo


No video team to build that foundation? Vimeo for Hire is a great starting point, too.

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