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You can flag inappropriate clips!

Jake Lodwick
November 16, 2005 by Jake Lodwick Alum

We added a much-needed feature today: you can "flag" clips that you feel don't belong on Vimeo. We all need to work together to keep porn off the site, and now it'll be much easier to let us know when someone uploads some to the site.

When you're watching an offending video, simply click the "Flag as offensive" link underneath and fill out the brief form, if you'd like. We'll remove offending clips immediately.


j ren

umm u dont have this option for pro accounts. just type in the word panties and you will see tons of porn here. not good

Kathryn Erskine

it is not there on the "plus" account i have been wasting my time trying to find it

Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal Plus

Hi Vimeo staff, do you care to comment any further about this "flag" option. I can't see it either.

What's worse is that even when you search something as innocuous as "video portrait" after page one, most of the links and thumbnails contain sexually explicit material, which clearly violates the Vimeo Guidelines. This happened to me when I was trying to show samples of video portraits to a client and I brought it to the attention of your support staff already and the response was to "flag" it, even though that "flag" option does not exist.


WTH Vimeo??? Free porn on Vimeo right on the HD guide without even signing in?? What is wrong with you and why the fuck isn't the FLAG video option even available or working?


soooo basically Vimeo allows falsely advertises that content can be flagged and removed if it violates terms and conditions but doesn't allow any way for you to flag something for a user that has a plus account? Ha! well guess who's going to be tagged as pornographic on OpenDns :-)

seriously, fix your site vimeo, aka the myspace of video sharing.

dru dri take this down X-rated with no warning, my 9 year girl and 10 year boy saw this, nude images


I can't see the "flag" option either. I finally had some time this weekend to "flag" the sexually explicit material (that clearly violates the community's stated terms & conditions) that I have encountered in the past, but couldn't find a way to do it. I followed the directions in the FAQs, to no avail. Is it a browser issue? Please advise.
Thanks for your help!

P.S. Thank you for supplying the "flag" option. It seems like a wonderful way to empower the Vimeo community and to help it stay on mission.

Peter Namron

Where is this invisible "flag" button and why do you make it so inaccessible? It's not where you state it is.


You have to be logged in to see this annoying flag. Don't know why no one on the vimeo staff did not mention this on any of the posts.


Hi can you guys please remove this video I've flagged it for a week but it's still up. Thanks in advance

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